T_T Hello T_T

Hello there. It’s been a long time.

I’ve been gone out for a long time now, 5 months even.

The first half of 2017 was not really kind to me. I’ll be brief on it and pretty much move on.

In Feb and in March, I lose two close people to me. That pretty much killed my motivation on anything. I’ve been trying to distract myself. Playing game kinda did the trick. Even now, I’m still lamenting over them.

In May, terrorists attacked the city near where I live. Whole island where I’m living is currently under Martial Law. As much as I feel safe with it being implemented, there are still rumors going on where the terrorists can be seen on other cities, inciting anxiety towards safety. But still, nothing happened so far. Currently being cautious at the moment.

So yeah, that pretty much it. Part 1 of Fairy Tale Chapter 4 is up. There are only two parts left and Epilogue to do. Been trying my best so far to do it faster… ūüôā


Sup! Sauri here!

I’m only up for two things:

Character Page for Fairy Tale Chapter three is fixed… Thanks to Dark Jackel

Fumetsu Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 2 is up.

That’s all… see ya later… xD

First post of the year…

Sup! Sauri here!

So yeah, I couldn’t keep to my promise last time… internet got killed for some time… got killed even more when the Low Pressure Area thingy hit us… Floods everywhere people, floods everywhere… xD

So without further ado, here’s the update:
Fairy Tale Chapter 3 – Complete





I’ll try my best to update in January 1st or 2nd… xD

Happy Holidays~

Belated Merry Christmas to everyone!!! Sup! Sauri here!

I know I said that I’ll do an update last week but RL stuff got to me so I had no time to post update at all…

I’m quite open now so I’m posting updates!!! xD

Here they are:
Fumetsu Volume 2 Chapter 1 – Part 1
Fairy Tale Chapter 3 – Part 2

Coming to say Hohoho~

Sup! Sauri here… xD

Currently, I am still busy with stuff IRL but I did something quick just for you guys (a three hour rush work). Might as well call it as my early Christmas Present for you guys… xD

I’ve been a fan of Himura Kiseki since the start of his series of Twitter post that became a hit and a meme in the Japanese community.

Yeah… I’m talking about Getsuyoubi no Tawawa or Tawawa on Mondays.

There’s currently uploaded chapters of them in the internet, you can find it in batoto.
But it’s missing a single extra and I decided to do a quick job on it… as you know… I’m not that good at it but I gave my best on it (on a hurry no less… so I had no time to review what I did)… xD

Yeah you can get it here: HQ | Low Res


Updates somewhere around this week. Both Fumetsu and Fairy Tale… so see ya in the next update… xD


Sup! Sauri here!

Firstly, update here: Fairy Tale Chapter 3 Part 1

Yeah, I was kinda out for some weeks since I need to take care of some financial crisis in RL… (f***ing relatives making me pay for the bailbond of my uncle when I’m totally broke myself)

X-Mas is coming… I’m totally unprepared for it. Crap… I may not be able to celebrate it… T_T

See ya in the next update…

Fastest update yet?

Sup! Sauri here!

First of all, here’s the updates:

Fairy Tale Chapter 2 – Complete
Fairy Tale Intermission Chapter

So yeah…. fastest update I’ve ever done yet? xD

Seriously though, after watching episode 5 of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid I have this kind of urge to translate despite totally not in good condition.
Maybe because he was the fastest KR protagonist to snap in anger like that? (At least he doesn’t have Ghost’s bullcrap attitude… xD)

So here it ends for now… see you in the next update… xD

Date with the Maid, Date with the Knight

Sup! Sauri here!

First of all, Fairy Tale Chapter 2 – Scene 1 is available you to read. Click here to read it.

I think this is the fastest update I’ve done? Oh well, time for me to go…

Since I can walk fine without too much problem now, I better go back to exercising again. Though a pimple suddenly appearing on the edge of my left eye’s eyelid definitely gave me a headache and irritation… xD


Sup! Sauri here!

First of all, Fairy Tale Chapter 1 is done! Click here to read the rest of it!

Still going slow but I’m getting there. So next updates will come as soon as they are done…

One thing though, I’m editing Volume 1 of Fumetsu, changing all “Fake Swords” to “Replica” since volume 2 onwards have the furigana “Replica” and volume 1 didn’t…

Typo on their side perhaps? I dunno… xD

See you in the next update… xD

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