Aye~! Hello~! I’m still alive~!

Heyo~! Sauri here!

Chapter 1 is finally done! With Part 2 added to the already existing page for Chapter 1. Feel free to read it now. (Accuracy is kinda off.)

On the other hand, can someone help me extract the texts for Chapter 2? If someone can, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Moving on.

I have my eyes on four three LN at the moment aside from Fumetsu. Which I was wondering whether to pick one from them and make it as my side project. Currently I have:

Fairy Tale of the Strategist from another world


“You were summoned but not to live on this world!!”
One day, Daichi Kou, a jack of all trades was led by a mysterious voice when he suddenly ends up reincarnated on an another world. Somehow, he began to work at the royal palace as a gardener, comfortably living with the clumsy maid Tear and the beautiful guard Kirika.
And a little girl proclaiming herself as a goddess said “You’re the messiah that will save our world!”….!?

My reason why: Kirika is just… too moe for my eyes… xD


Maken no Gunshi to Niji no Heidan / Maken no Gunshi to Arks Legion / The Odysseus of Magic Sword and Arks Legion


Those guys said “A legend that must not become a legend”
「Maken no Gunshi(Strategist of the Cursed Sword)」— due to his craftiness and bravery, was the nickname given to the genius strategist Giulio Rossi whose name was carved in the history. However, the real him was quite different from the one written in history books. And then those who gathers under him, the 「Rainbow Corps <Arks Legion>」 were heroes unparallelled in the history—– The Nun Ran, The Golden Lion Tristan, and The Woman of the Holy Bow, Rossweisse, were his group equal to him. The land of the ruined country of Trent start to rise in revolt against larger countries, that is, the most 「outrageous」 miracle in history done by the Maken no Gunshi(Strategist of the Cursed Sword) and his comrades, the “Legend that must not become a legend”. The genius’ present to the fantasy military history is now revealed!

My reason why: Silver-haired ninja, busty nun… such good H materials… xD


Masou Gakuen H×H / Hybrid X Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia


Being summoned by his sister, Hida Kizuna visits the Tactical Defense Academy where girls operates the Magic Armor 《Zeroes》, there he meets Aine Chidorigafuchi. There he saw Aine removing her clothes….
“Don’t look pervert!”
“Isn’t it you!?”
Kizuna was baffled by her abusive words.
However, there was an important mission when his sister called him. And it was—–to grope Aine’s breasts!?
Apparently, Kizuna doing H things to girls would power them up and with that otherworldly power of his, it can be used for the future!!



I will release the teasers for these LNs soon… and then, a poll will be started on which one should I pick as my side project… xD

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  1. Hum, taking a side project when the older projects were abandoned and the “main” ones are not exactly active might be more than you can chew.

    Granted, I don’t know you personally, but a lot of translators got burnt by trying to translate a lot of things at once, it rarely ends well, and more often than not, they quit in the middle of every project.

    All props to you if you manage to translate multiple novels all the way to their end though.


  2. mmm arent Indra already take that Ninja Vs Dragon ?
    well i didnt know if he still continue or not thought


  3. With Undecent Translations hosting Game Guard, it is now removed from the selection.


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