End is near

Sups! Sauri here.

I wanna just say that I apologize since I screwed up when I posted my last update. I thought I posted everything of Chapter 3 but then realized I didn’t.

So now I added what’s left and added all the missing illustration which was supposed to be present at that time. I also cleaned everything there with my notes becoming a sore to the eyes to read and turned them into footnotes instead. Now it looks much cleaner… xD

Just like what I said from the last post, Chapter 4 and Epilogue will be released together and not in parts so as to avoid cliffhanger and such.

One thing though is that Ter is dropping his TL project. He’s busy with college preparations and I fully know well how much of a pain that is. Translations will be continued by Pengu Taichou. Let’s give our support to him! xD

So see ya soon. Back to working now… xD

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  1. Subject: twintail LN series. Checked ur PDF collection. Did y seriously skipped 2-4? And stopped?


    • hahahaha…. xD

      First, I need to update my collection soon… I have other stuff to put in there but didn’t had the time since RL stuff… xD

      Second, I didn’t TL those. Contradiction did Volume 1 in BT and Woods Runner did Volume 5 on his site . All I did was make the PDF for it… xD

      Hope that answers your question… xD


  2. Thanks for the work. I also want to point out that the links for Fairy Tale chapters 2 & 3 redirect to chapter 1. Please fix it when you have the time to. Thanks again.


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