I’m back and some news too

Long time no see, Sauri here….

Before anything else, Here’s some updates:

Fumetsu V2 Prologue
Fairy Tale Chapter 1 Scene 2

So here I am…. not really in the best condition. My right leg is really not doing well ’cause it got ran over by a big boulder (Making house is not that easy I tell ya… T_T).

Right now, I can walk again but told by doc to not do any strenuous work. (Strolling is fine though)

Hell, I was also caught up by Summer 2016 Event in KanColle so yeah…. months have passed but I’m still salty not being able to get her majesty, Warspite.

So yeah…. that’s just it and I’ll just post the next updates soon…. or maybe later…. xD
(P.S. There’s a hidden link here…. that’s just a random bonus that serves absolutely nothing whatsoever… xD)

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I'm all fluff and filler, I'm a savage killer.

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  1. welcome back, hope your leg better soon


  2. Welcome back. However your novelupdates page for Fairy Tale strategist is setup so that four chapters are listed out but prolouge 1 and chapters 1-3 link to chapter one while chapter 4 links to this page.


  3. Thanks for the chapter!! i had already lost hope on this novel…. hope you get better (for my reading time muahahahaha) Kidding aside, safety first when doing heavy things


  4. Keep up the good work

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