Coming to say Hohoho~

Sup! Sauri here… xD

Currently, I am still busy with stuff IRL but I did something quick just for you guys (a three hour rush work). Might as well call it as my early Christmas Present for you guys… xD

I’ve been a fan of Himura Kiseki since the start of his series of Twitter post that became a hit and a meme in the Japanese community.

Yeah… I’m talking about Getsuyoubi no Tawawa or Tawawa on Mondays.

There’s currently uploaded chapters of them in the internet, you can find it in batoto.
But it’s missing a single extra and I decided to do a quick job on it… as you know… I’m not that good at it but I gave my best on it (on a hurry no less… so I had no time to review what I did)… xD

Yeah you can get it here: HQ | Low Res


Updates somewhere around this week. Both Fumetsu and Fairy Tale… so see ya in the next update… xD

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I'm all fluff and filler, I'm a savage killer.

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  1. Good job for your hard work.


  2. found an error on it and will fix it sometime when I post the updates… xD


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