T_T Hello T_T

Hello there. It’s been a long time.

I’ve been gone out for a long time now, 5 months even.

The first half of 2017 was not really kind to me. I’ll be brief on it and pretty much move on.

In Feb and in March, I lose two close people to me. That pretty much killed my motivation on anything. I’ve been trying to distract myself. Playing game kinda did the trick. Even now, I’m still lamenting over them.

In May, terrorists attacked the city near where I live. Whole island where I’m living is currently under Martial Law. As much as I feel safe with it being implemented, there are still rumors going on where the terrorists can be seen on other cities, inciting anxiety towards safety. But still, nothing happened so far. Currently being cautious at the moment.

So yeah, that pretty much it. Part 1 of Fairy Tale Chapter 4 is up. There are only two parts left and Epilogue to do. Been trying my best so far to do it faster… 🙂

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I'm all fluff and filler, I'm a savage killer.

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  1. What about Soshite Fumetsu no Regunare


  2. will you keep tranlating soshite fumetsu regarune
    Welcome back

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  3. Pinoy confimed

    PAPA duterts will protect you.

    PAPA duterts will get revenge for you.

    And remember PAPA duterts love you.


  4. Condelence to your lose. Take care and be careful, even if the maute were kinda suppresed for now, there are sightings of remnants so be on proper lookout.


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