My name is Sauri and welcome to my TL page. A leecher who likes to be your friend.

Here’s some FAQ:

Q: Who are you?

A: I’m Sauri who really loves harem/comedy/dark stuff.

Q: Is your Japanese skills good?

A: TBH, no… but I’m still learning… hoping… (*looks away*)

Q: How fast are you?

A: Too slow… much, much, slower than a snail. (RL loves to screw me D:)

Q: What tools are you using? Do you use MTL?

A: I prefer not to use MTL stuff like GT (’cause they confuse me). I mainly use dictionaries like Tagaini Jisho and ZKanji to do stuff. But hey! GT’s auto-correct feature is useful. 😀

Q: Why there’s only one series?

A: Given how slow I am, doing two or more stuff only gives more headaches to me. But there’s lot of series that I want to TL given how s***ty my TL. Promise. If I ever have more time, I would TL all day long. But seeing how much of an a**hole RL is…

Q: Is there any way to contact you?

A: Here’s my business e-mail: exort4496@yandex.com          If there’s anything you want to inquire you can send me an e-mail.

  1. Are you still with us? There hasn’t been any lifesign from you here for more than 3 months already.


  2. No e-mail ✔
    No other way’s to contact ✔
    May I use your translations as RAW?
    English ⇒ Spanish


  3. ooh kinda rare now day seeing someone jump to LN rather WN, anyway thank and welcome to Translation world (well i am just leecher here lol)

    Liked by 1 person

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