Chapter 2-God’s Request


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The voice’s owner replied in an amazed tone.

[This place isn’t the place you use to live at before. It’s not Earth but a different world. This world’s gravity, composition of the atmosphere, the size of the stars, there are many traits that are similar to Earth. This place like, Earth also have sentient life-forms. This is the world like Earth called {Im Navaare} . But at the same time the way of life here is very different than on Earth.

I mentioned it earlier; you were born in to this world by me. So I have a request for you.

Ah, you don’t have to be so worked up about it. Since you were born into this world, you are officially now a resident of this world. Just in case, if you don’t want to listen to my request, you can go and live life the way you would like to. I in the end am only “watching” over it all.

Of course if you do want to listen to my request, I will reward you. This is just in the end a request and not an order okay?

Now then, how about I explain what is going on starting with your situation. You were born as one of the thirteen Demon Lords who reign over this world. Ah, don’t give me that look. Seriously you are.

These thirteen Demon Lords own pretty much all of the world, and fight over the land, is what the current situation of {Im Navaare} is at the moment. The Demon Lords and their clans never ever befriend any other races, so the Demon Lords are constantly at war and their lives are always aimed at.

Oh, now you’re a bit scared right? But don’t worry, I won’t request you to go “Go wipe out this race” or “Go attack all of the women and children of a village” or something like that.

Oh, I’m sorry for suddenly frightening you.

What is my request? Well before that, let me explain where this is.

Approximately in between the place where the humans live {True Continent} and where the demons live {Demon Continent} there is a place where most of the history of the demon clan’s history reside, also known as {The Demon Lord’s Bloody Tear}. You and your brethren will live here and create dungeons here was what I was thinking.

Um, were you scared?

Don’t worry too much. Of course you will be targeted by both influential powers , but with the power I give you, you will never lose to those who target your life.

Oh ho, you have a rather troubled look there, huh?

There is no need to worry; you aren’t going to have to persuade all the leaders of different nations and Demon Lords, or something like that.

I wouldn’t request you to bear the burden of such a difficult task. I did say it a moment ago that you and your brethren will be making dungeons there.

Do you remember me saying that {Demon Tears}  which is in approximately in the middle of {Ma Continent} and {Demon Continent}? If you build an impregnable dungeon here it will serve as a buffer for the two continents.

The areas surrounding, since it is near is near the pole (TL: North or south it didn’t say though), the atmosphere is extreme and the sea currents are hard to navigate, so getting there is very difficult. (TL: You might not understand what the map looks like from this description but that’s what the author did. Sorry)

Now then, about {Ma Continent} and {Demon Continent}. The distance between the two on ship requires a voyage on the level of Magellan’s voyage.

What, you don’t know Magellan? You haven’t studied enough. Oh yeah, you don’t recognize names. That way you won’t be surprised when you see the people here.

Magellan was a famous person who was the first to go around the world. What!!? Egg people??? You really need to study don’t you???

Now then do you understand my request?

If I could I would like to teach you the history of every country, but it would take too long. And time is important.

Eh? Why do I have this request?

Let’s see??? If I were to put it in to a few words “It would be bad if I didn’t” I guess?

This will seem abnormal to you with your knowledge, but this world’s people die quickly.

Guess how long the average life-span is here?

Its 32 years old! Seems impossible right?!

Because of wars people keep on dying, and anyway the people who work still aren’t able to completely support their selves . But because there is a need for more workers, the birth rate is increasing.

Then the leftover  children become soldiers, and end up losing their lives. And what’s more in this world the medical science is very low. But it’s okay since they have magic.

Um, oops I accidently said it?

I was going to wait and scare you with the fact that there was magic in this world.

Well whatever, there is recovery magic and it works perfectly on injuries, but does nothing against illnesses.

That’s how many children die, and causing the life-span average to decrease.

But yeah, it is like this.

From my point of view, having to guide so many dead souls has started to become a nuisance. (TL: Is that okay for a god to say?!)

I was hoping that through the dungeons you make, we would able to divide the work. That is the request.

Now then do you have any questions to ask?]

I have decided on what my question will be. But before I can ask the question, I have settled on an answer already.

[Are you God?]

[Un (TL: yes)]


Magellan is some dude from Europe.

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  1. Wow, no wonder the god screw his gifts over, with that one-man-show i thought the author was drunk a few times and how the heck is a dungeon that many people dies in gonna solve the dying problem in this world?
    Ive never seen a setting like this before, this will either turn bad soon or grow interesting over time. ^^


  2. Magellan was a famous person who was the first to go around the world. What!!? Egg people??? You really need to study don’t you???<- That should be "the egg person", and is a reference to the Egg of Columbus (MCs mixed up MAgellan with Columbus).


  3. Wow…..simply….wow


  4. jeez Ter… Magellan is a Portugese guy who proved that the world is round. (Got killed by Lapu-Lapu though and didn’t make it back to Spain)


  5. please don’t shove tl notes in the middle of the text, add them before or after the chapter.
    it takes away from the reading experience


  6. If you look at the furigana above “真大陸 (True Continent)”, it reads “しんたいりく (shin tai riku)”. The two continents don’t have the same name. Don’t overly trust the machine.

    Also for the world name, shouldn’t it be “Im Navaare”, with two ‘a’ rather than two ‘v’? The line in “イム・ナヴァール” would repeat the ‘a’.


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