Chapter 3-Cheat Get!?

more boring stuff in my opinion. And for those who see this I will be removing most of my TL notes, and only putting them in when i get stuck on a translation or there is something i have to clarify. I would like to thank everyone for the comments. Well then go read.


I understand what the voice’s owner (God) is trying to say.

But hold on? If I am to accept this request, wouldn’t I have both powers (countries) become my enemy?
I took a look at myself.
I have normal hands.
I’m just a normal human. Up until now I have never gotten in to a fight even once, so no matter how you look at it I’m just normal.

Now think about it.

[Okay from this moment on, you’re going to kill others]

How would that feel?

I was told,

[From now on, you will be turning the world into your enemy]

so please tried to understand how I feel as of now.

Anyways something like that I couldn’t possibly do. If I did it be like Fre*za-sama vs Dod*ria-san. The outcome would be decided before the fight.

Yep, impossible!

I’m thankful for the careful explanation, but my life is very important. That kind of request should be asked to the immortal Co*ler or Jo*rian . Eh? They’re the same person?

Ah, I’ve been referring to characters from stories haven’t I? There are more from things like from Mangas or Light novels. Copyright laws? What’s that? Is it edible? I don’t have memories so I don’t know.

I’m sorry to say this, but I think I will withdraw from this request this time.

[Of course, you can refuse, since it is a request after all.]

As if reading my mind, God’s voice echoed throughout the room. Iya, maybe he really can read my mind. I mean the other party is God after all.

[I said this earlier, but you’re a Demon Lord. It doesn’t if you want to or not, you can’t change that fact you are the world’s enemy. If you wish for a peaceful life-style this is the perfect place for you.
Well, it’s not like I can stop you from leaving can I]

Un, you’re not letting me go are you, God-sama

[But if I stay here I will be murdered won’t I?]

Yep. In the end I will be turning the world into my enemy, so hiding or running would be the right choice. If I do stay here, the possibility of the nation’s army will come (TL: the word used was Tsukkon which means to thrust into. Interpret the way you like, but I think it’s a insertion joke) is very likely, and I’m scared that the Demon Lord’s natural enemy, the hero, might come too.

[So that’s why, I myself will be bestowing upon you a gift. You’re getting a gift from me personally, so this is a great service you know]

Hmm, so to sum it up God-sama will give me a cheat to make me unparalleled. If that’s the case, it might be good. If possible I would like an easy-mode cheat that can defeat the hero. It’s different from a game where you can’t die.

[Ok. Now before that, I will show you the control method for the dungeon. This should be pretty fun. Please take out the smart-phone in your breast pocket.]

[Are? (TL: Way of saying hmm? or huh?) I was able to bring a smart-phone in here?]

That just destroyed the other world feel. Well whatever, let’s just check the phone first.



Somehow the talk about the request has moved on hasn’t it?

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  1. Hehe, a smartphone holding demon lord


  2. This series seams differnt, but it’s too short and gives only pits and pieces. I’ll wait and see has you translated to give my thoughts


  3. I know you’re new to the translation stuff, but your tl notes are a little excessive. You don’t have to tell me to deal with your style choices, just leave it there and let me deal with it. A little quieter (?) reading experience is appreciated.

    BTW, if you’re going to leave interjections in Japanese, italicize them or something. It would be less confusing when it also looks like an English word (e.g. “Are”).


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