Chapter 4- Dungeon’s are Fun!?

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From yours truly, That bad Translator, Ter4005


[Too bad, that smart phone doesn’t have any information of your family or friends from your previous life. Of course it doesn’t have internet, so you can’t browse the web]

[What kind of value does this smart-phone possess???]

I murmured to myself, while tilting my head. [That is used to create dungeons since it seemed to be useful. Having you use magic to create dungeons all of a sudden would be troublesome wouldn’t it?]

[Hmm? Yeah that is true, but what does that have to do with this phone]

[There should be a single app there, right? Try booting it up]

I checked to see the app. There certainly is only a single app, and the name of the app is “DungeonMaker”. Is this ok!? But I was the one who said Copyright laws didn’t matter though. (TL: Copyright jokes anyone? Link here ) I ignored my cold sweat and booted up the “Dungeon Maker” app.

[You opened it, okay. The method of making dungeons is easy. Take that app, make a dungeon on it, and then save it. To modify dungeons, it is the same steps. It is troublesome but it is possible to make dungeons that change their layout as someone walks through it.]


On the phone there was a single white square shown on it. So the square is this room. Other than that there was “Custom”, “Save”, and “Status” buttons shown on the screen. It’s completely like a game.

[??? Isn’t this a bit too simple?]

I tried the “Custom” option first, and the option to make a “Passage” appeared. I took it and connected a passage to the room to see what would happer.
Nothing happened.
I knew it wouldn’t be this simple and easy.

[Well, the land you have received is very large. It wouldn’t be that simple to work, but it isn’t impossible. Ah, if you don’t “Save” the changes won’t happen.]

[Ah, of course I understand now.]

Do you think it’s possible for one person to build a wall, dig out a pitfall, and install traps??? Impossible! Thank you God-sama for this power.

Wait… huh?

I went with the flow and now I seem to be more biased towards actually participating (TL: Listening) to the request!!??

I tried tapping the “Save” button. When I did a confirmation screen appeared.

{Would you like to save?}

{Yes}   {No}

Well for now let’s pick “Yes”. It may seem like a pain, having to hit save every single time, but without it and you made a mistake and saved, it would be very bad. So from now on before I click “Yes” I will have to check for mistakes.

The room made of stone started flow, and a weird vibration could be felt. The wall slithered (TL: your interpretation) and moved making a hallway. Like, it doesn’t really matter, but….eww.

But really, this is too simple.
Is it okay for it to be this simple?

[If you want to check you can. The phone can show you the gifts that I bestowed on you. Oh and {Demon Tear’s} size should be big enough for you, but if it isn’t enough you can tell me. (TL: I think this is what it means. If it doesn’t make sense I am sorry)

Now then go ahead and open the first option “Status”]

I did as I was told and tapped the “Status” button. There wasn’t a confirmation screen this time and the status popped up.


Name: No Name
Level: 1

HP(TL:Stamina actually): 10/10
MP (TL: Magic Power): 2/2
EXP: 0/100

Strength: 4
Defense: 2
Agility (TL:Speed): 6
Magic: 0




School Uniform
Smart Phone

[It’s the same as a Game Boy!?] (TL: it’s this, 「ゲーム〇ーイかっ!?」 but I can’t tell what it means so give a hand. And another thing it’s probably a game boy emulator.)

And what’s more there is evidence. That gray screen and the purple trait, and there is a need for 4 AAA batteries.

Just looking at the hiragana and katakana you could tell that it was a low spec. There is probably a character restriction? For example the equipment column.
It was called a handheld PC, I feel like the smart phone will cry. (TL: hopefully the last tl note. Plz take this paragraph how you want but it is not accurate. Now back to actual TL)

[So it seems like you checked it. Now then I will bestow on you {Mana Fountain}]

When he said that, my measly 2 in ‘MP’ immediately rose to 10002. Yep. He’s God alright. The absurd amount is because of that. My status pretty much consists of one digit though. That means I have a lot of room to grow right? I mean I am a Demon Lord after all. This is fine right?

By the way in my “Skills” column “Mana Fountain” was added. In regard to this app’s words count; it is a bit worrying.

[Okay, it seems that you safely received the blessing.
“Mana Fountain” ‘s user can increase their mana, raising their mana regeneration, and store up mana to a certain degree. This skill only appears on average of once every thousand years, so it’s a ‘super-rare skill’ okay.
What’s more you received from me as a blessing, so you’re ‘Hyper-Ultra-Lucky’ you know.]

Are you a kindergartener?
But he is right; it does seem to be an amazing skill. Now then if I were to have a powerful magic spell, I wouldn’t have to worry about running out of mana. I could just constantly shoot my magic.

[Sate sate (TL: means now then, if you guys have better meanings tell me) the next blessing is called “God’s Divine Protection”. It means exactly like it says, you get my protection. This gives you a boost in stamina, an increase in regeneration speed, and damage reduction. This is the embodiment of the phrase ‘Cheat-Skill’!!

By the way, no one has ever received this blessing before. You’re the only one to have this skill. What do you think, amazing right?]

Uh, for some reason God is in annoyingly high tension.
It gives ‘This is the amazing blessing I thought up of’ feeling when he talks about it, I mean is that okay? You’re going to break the games balance you know?

Well then when I looked at my ‘HP’ and it had shot up to 100010, I was seriously happy.

???ku kuku. AhAHAHAHAHA!!!

  1. Doesn’t this mean I’m invincible?
    It was wrong of me to question God!! I mean I am having a lot of fun right now. Breaking the games balance? How could I skip out on being completely stacked with cheats!!?

This isn’t a game you know!!!
I need this to survive!!! I mean that is a given!!! For those who have complaints go try entering this world without tools or anything!! You won’t have a problem with that right!!?? You would have to be Umi-san or someone of the like to survive under those conditions!!

[God, what’s next, what’s next!!?]

[Fufufufu, don’t be in such a hurry. Now for the much awaited magic spell that I shall bestow on you!!]

[OH!!uu????OOOOHHHH!! You mean it? I can use magic!?]

[Ah, what’s more by having ‘Mana Fountain’, calling you the world’s strongest mage isn’t short of reality]

[Amazing???!!! God-sama, Thank you!!]

[No no, I was the one who requested you to do this, so it’s a given for me to do this]


Now that I think about me back then, I was swept away by the high tension mood, and acted a bit stupid.

If I had the power to travel back in time I wouldn’t give it a second of thought and come back. I would then take a bucket of ice water and throw it at me from back then.


From here on starts my life as the weakest Demon Lord



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  1. Sate sate = Now now? seems to fit the way shes talking


  2. I really like this! thanks so much for all your hard work!!! Also, I hated the Great Gatsby, HATED IT. Every single character should be shot. Every. Single. One.

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  3. Please update the translations asap


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