The Dungeon’s Demon Lord is the Weakest (Dropped)

The Dungeon’s Demon Lord is the Weakest/ダンジョンの魔王は最弱っ!?

Written by: Nichiyou 日曜

God had left a dungeon in the hands of one boy as Demon lord. After receiving multiple blessings from God, let’s start my life as the Demon lord!!……was how it was supposed to be, but God messed up and created the world’s weakest demon lord ever. To continue living the new demon lord has to continue making dungeons.

This is a story about a bit idiotic protagonist, a lonely demon’s child, an undine who doesn’t live in a lake but in a bathtub, and a princesses who fell in love with the demon lord even though they are human, this is a story that unfolded during a bath.


I am TL it an that is it. It isn’t proofread, edited or anything so if there is any mistakes point them out.

This is a Web novel.

The Chapter’s name may be spoilers or may not be so Meh.

I like the word meh MEH MEH MEH.

Another thing I will post at least once every other week,. I could post more but i have school and student council stuff so no promises.

Raw here



Project dropped and now continued by Pengu Taichou

  1. Is this drop?


  2. I seen that you haven’t update any chapter so can I take over this project?


  3. The reason he’s the weakest is because his stats other than HP and MP are insanely low, I imagine? Yeah? 0 in Magic, too, so maybe no chance of him gaining magic stat even if he levels up.


  4. will the protagonist lose his stats?
    thats what i uderstood from the info


  5. Thanks for the translation.. Keep up the good works..


  6. 理屈と屁理屈は紙一重っ
    The difference between reason and quibble is paper thin


  7. good luck and Godspeed for this project you chose…….weird synopsis but still its got nice…..LOL storytelling


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