Chapter 1 – Frozen Smile

Before I noticed, I was already in some gloomy place.

No, I expected it already. Before my eyes is a room surrounded with moistened stone all around with some grills attached to it. The toilet is also in the same room and stinks really much. Now matter how I think about it, this is definitely a prison.

Anyway, that’s my current situation.

Right now, I’m really angry.

I dare say last night, I trespassed to whomever’s mansion. I fainted when the female knight threw her spear to me….. Earlier, I witnessed an impossible scene beyond human understanding. However, I have also thought about it. I don’t want to remember it.

Well, perhaps it was inevitable that I was thrown into a prison. I, illegally trespassing was a fact. The bad one might be the one on my side.

That’s why I said that before I noticed it, I was already in the prison.

Me right now has such an angry heart.

No, I won’t forgive them! The cause of my anger, that’s because of today’s breakfast.

“You pricks! You call yourself in-charge of food!? Know some shame!”

I was shouting to three soldiers who had sat straight in the lattice.

The food in-charge today wears an old apron.

The usual position between the relationship inside the prison was opposite. Not that I really care.

“First of all, the cutch value in this bread!”

I took a bite from the pan. A grinding sound came from bread with a breaking noise.

“Did you truly ferment it completely!? Did you properly do the secondary fermentation, hoy!”

“Se-…..secondary fermentation?”

The soldiers were baffled upon hearing an unfamiliar word from me.

“And what’s with this soup!? Though the ingredients were small and good but the problem is that the flavor went flying!”

“Flavor? What flavor?”

They really didn’t understand what I meant by flavor. I grumbled telling it for them to understand.

“And what’s also with this apple!? There’s no sign of any flavor at all! A sour one might not be good but-!”

Yes this apple. It was the cause of my anger. Reason of my shock is this apple.

For me whose parents’ family is an apple farmer, it would be natural for an apple to be delicious. Personally, I, myself witnessed with great effort on how to produce a delicious apple. I grew up with it.

“Even the grade of stocking, the grade of cooking, change this shoddy chef now!”

“Umm…. no. A prisoner can’t just criticize the flavor of his food…..”

Timidly but politely said by Soldier A.

Well that’s exactly right. Naturally, an imprisoned criminal in jail can’t get an offer of a delicious meal instead, there must lot of people who can recognize that it is food by its smell.

However, such reasoning, I (a Japanese), does not accept this.

“Silence mongrel! To create something delicious is foundation of the spirit of a chef! Bastards, apologize to the ingredients and also to those farmers right now!”

“””Hiiiiiii! We’re so sorry!”””

“Now go make a delicious breakfaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!”

At that time, my soul was shouting out when a husky voice suddenly interrupted.

“E-excuse me for impoliteness you.”

The main cause of remembering last night’s fear is because of that person.

“Here……………….. Here she comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

I forgot about my anger about breakfast and sprung up.

“What a rude man you are. Is that how you should supposed to react towards a lady?”

To the interested words towards my opposite reaction was the female knight who’s somewhat has a face that was about to destroy me.

However, that smile of hers, honestly was really scary.

“Hiiiii! How do you even call a lady who knocks down a non-resisting adult man!”

“In the royal palace, moreover, inside the princess’s room. You’re the one who invaded it, so what should’ve I done? To call that lady as kind is plenty enough on letting you live don’t you think?”

“Le-….letting me live you say…..”

I had cramping feeling when she said that as if killing was natural to her. There, the female knight uses the key witch clanking sound on some lattice. The prison opened.

“For now, get outside. Right now, I will have to investigate you.”

“Eh…’re gonna……investigate me……?”

I forgot to retreat back to the wall of the prison. I clung to the wall as I turned blue.

The wall that I cling to was forcibly tore off by this one troublesome female knight. After that, I’m thinking that I will become miserable so I pretended that I didn’t…… I was then led somewhere akin to a reception room.

“He’s not a criminal.” is not what the girl would say in the interrogation room prepared like this.

In addition to me being dragged away by the female knight, there’s another person standing there.

“How do you do?”

It was the princess (with the air of) that I met yesterday. She stood up from the chair then bowed down with a smile.

“Oh…. Hello.”

Her actions were of that of a nervous one but, I have remembered an uncomfortable feeling.

Was it just my imagination? Yesterday, when I met her for the first time, she had a different facial expression.

“This person here is the daughter of Elmont Kingdom’ King, Gracis. Elmont Kingdom’s third princess…..”

Whatever the female knight’s saying, it didn’t reach my ears for some reason. And before I noticed it, I was already being glared in a bad way.

“Are you listening?”

“Ah….. I am.”

Rather than whether I was listening or not, I don’t want to say it bluntly. I can’t accept this reality. Did she received my feelings? The female knight says with a sigh.

“Doesn’t matter. My name’s Kirika. The magical nation of Elmont Kingdom is located in the east of the Telgilgeass Continent. I, Kirika is the exclusive guard of the third princess.
Pleased to be acquainted to you.”

To my enemy who introduced herself with courtesy, I replied with empty eyes.

“I’m Daichi Kou.”

“Daichi Kou….. what an unusual name.” (TLN: Kou’s name is usually written in kanji but mostly from here onwards, it will always be written in katakana. Also, Kou’s full name means Cultivated Land.)


Is that so?”

“Very well. Then Daichi. This is the best time to say it so listen well. Right now, this country faces defamation from the words of others.”

Kirika-san said that for no special reason but, I decided to listen to it.

“Soon…….your reputation will be gone?”

With me saying that seriously, the two beautiful girls stared in amazement.



“Soon my ass! Reveal your secret trick! I’m shock, which TV station is this!? As expected of the production team! Be sure to separate my reaction okay! 『What’s with you mou~』 Is that good enough!?”

In my experience here, to whatever I shout earlier in instinct did not come true at all.

Kirika-san once again sighed. Raising her right hand before my eyes, she declared.

“……….Wind Bullets” (TLN: 風弾 means Wind Bullet/Ball. It just read the same with the furigana. just english in katakana)


I took a direct hit from that clump of wind from her and made me fell down to the chair. It was unmistakably reality that was shoved to my face, the power of magic.

Instead of being surprised and rolling down along with the chair, I sulked. Kirika-san looked at me with a complexed feeling.

“Calm down. Anyway, are you done making up stories?”

“………rojer—–” (TLN: He actually meant “roger” but then, he’s sulking. Maybe he was pouting when he said it.)


“In other words, I got caught up on some mysterious magic and got summoned to this world…..?”

“That’s right. We’re so sorry about that. You’re the one who got dragged into this so you’re obviously the victim here….”

I don’t think that this gentle looking Kirika-san apologizing to me is the same from last night. Even though I was knocked down by her with all her might, to see her straightly admit her fault makes my stomach sour.

“No….. It’s fine. Somehow or another, I’m still fine…… In the first place, to find a man in the private room of a royalty would definitely lead to that reaction.”

“If you say it like that then we’re grateful. Honestly speaking, my judgment was clouded at that time…. that was the only restraining action I could think of….”

“……Your judgment was clouded?”

Last night, Kirika-san momentarily acted without thinking. She already pointed the tip of her spear under my throat before she even have noticed.

Just remembering that sends shivers to my spine.

“First of all, the anger I felt from you is because your body didn’t carry the air of a martial artist. However, your legs do carry quite some physical strength…. truly gave me an odd impression.”

“Even though you say that, I was eventually been caught. Actually, did you even think that I can run on walls and the ceiling?”

I said then Kirika-san realizes something then said with a laugh.

“Oh, you mean that. That was just me applying wind magic.”

“Magic!? That was just magic?!”

Kirika-san answers my question. A small flame approximately the same size of a lighter appeared in her palm.

“Yes. This world have magic. Everyone out there has one whether it’s big or small. There’s Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Thunder attribute out there……”

Kirika-san saying that from the palm of her hand. Water erases Fire, Earth swallows Water, Wind disperses Earth, and then, Thunder erases Wind.

“It’s the basics to learn in thaumaturgy. With this much, everyone can use magic.” (TLN: ‘thedummy’ gave an awesome suggestion thank you… xD)


I let out a voice of admiration. Kirika-san generated magic in her hand then went pa~pa~.

“However, to be able to use magic, there’s only one specialized compatibility. Water magic triumphs over Fire due to their poor compatibility. Those who have good magic have a wide variation of standards.”

“In other words…. Each person has their own field of expertise….?”

“That’s right. My magic constitution is Wind that I like to use. By the way, does Daichi’s world doesn’t have magic?”

“There’s no magic in my world. I mean, constitution for magic? Is magic by chance, by genes?”

“Inheritable?” (TLN: Some kind of hard to TL joke. Basically, what Daichi meant is that it’s “inheritable through genetic stuff from lineage”. Kirika possibly hears the word for the first time or thinking that it’s inheritable by passing it like a material stuff.)

Up to now, I’m the only that keeps questioning. Kirika-san inclines her head sideways to what I said.

I just realized her reaction.

This world might possibly don’t posses the common sense that the earth has. That is often the case in fantasy worlds. The word 『genetically』 might not exist in here.

I was plainly hesitant on saying it.

“E—–rm. I mean inheriting the talent from the parents?”



……..Uh? What the…… not only just Kirika-san in front of me, the princess by her side also emits a different atmosphere while being silent.

“Excuse me. Did I perhaps said something I shouldn’t….?”

Taken aback, Kirika-san responses back to me.

“Ah….. no, no. Sorry, sorry. It’s nothing. Erm. You said that inheriting your attribute……. from your parents right?

It feels like she’s plainly trying to smooth everything up. Let’s just try to pretend.

I think I might have stepped into a landmine.

“Inheriting the same magic attribute from your family is not necessarily true. Because people’s field of expertise becomes different.”

“…..And also, their constitution.”

Kirika-san deeply nodded.

“To say, your soul is basically your magic power. It is said so as it’s nature in one theory….”

“Seriously?….. The world is so much like a game….”

I reflexively changed my line of sight to the princess next to her.

“Then, what could the princess’s attribute could be….?”

When I was summoned to this world, the first I saw was a beautiful sight. If it was really made by this girl. I curiously listened to it.



U-uh? She once again kept herself in silence. Could it be this pattern again?

“We-well, it’s fine if you don’t say it. More or less, the people in this world do carry magic.”

I speak to Kirika-san. A kind of expectation begins to sprout on me.

“H-hey, her Kirika-san. Can I use magic too?”

“Huh? Well, everyone do have magic power with them…..”

Kirika-san said it like that and then, I started to stare at her. To measure my magic.

Magical battles in this fantasy world. A man might have once delude his self in this.

Flame shot from his hand. Freezing the land with Blizzard. Breaking his enemies with Thunder then blowing them off with Explosion. In my eyes, that kind of sparkling archmage. I dreamed of myself being cool in that way.

Saying signature words like “Is that the only extent of your power?” Something like Envoy of Justice…. No. Should be like a Dark Hero going 『Time to destroy!』 like that!?

While waiting the words of Kirika-san, the seal to the door of my chuunibyou have opened.

“Eh? No way….”

“No way…. I can’t believe it!!”

I was ordinarily staring at Kirika-san who had her eyes opened wide.

The princess next to her floats up a priceless smile. Her face expresses that of an astonished one.

Could it be….. There’s really magic hidden inside of me!? A royal road trip to this other world, is this the action movie of the adventure of the summoned hero Daichi!?

“Amazing! From head to feet…. your magical power….. is non-existent!”

“…..Truly….. there’s nothing…..”

The princess and Kirika-san let out words of disappointment. The door that started to opened was completely welded shut till next time. Maybe there’s no need to open it again.

“Non-existent? My magical power is?”

“Yes. It doesn’t….. not even a fragment.”

“…..even if I learn it?”

“That’s impossible. Originally, the amount of magic you have doesn’t change throughout your life. To begin with, 『Non-existent』 is just already not good….”


To become a mage is already impossible. My heat for this fantasy already turned cold.

Even if that’s the case, my heart was excited. I was chased by an attack magic. Real weapon was thrust on to me. I even saw a huge dragon. I was even driven in to the prison…… Everything happened after I came to this different world. Even my fear been rid off from my common sense.

Everyone who goes to a fantasy world must have a desire they wish. Even I do.

However, if I was calmly asked 『Do you want to go there?』 things might have been different.

The answer will always be a………. 『NO』.

Honestly, I think dragons and magic are just part of the common sense in this world. I don’t have the confidence that I can live on it. Even my talent on magic is zero. I’m afraid to say that the confidence of the level one hero was already been killed…….. I’m just getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

“Then it’s fine…… Just return me to my previous world…..”

I just thought of that like it’s natural.

However, having me said that, Kirika-san had a blank look.

“…..How so?”

“Umm…. Kirika-san?…… You could not possibly be joking right? I don’t think answering a question with a question is a good thing but……”

I pretend to be calm but my sweat already poured down like a waterfall. To read the mood is what the Japanese people can boast to the world. It’s a national trait of one’s mind to forecast the worst to come.

With that troubled face, Kirika-san have a very heavy air on her.

The princess cast down her eyes.

I just heard the information about the 『The unknowns of magic』. Even so, the legitimacy of such information have not yet been proven.

I tried to listen to Kirika-san with a smile.

“…….Kirika-san. May I hear about one thing?”

“Yes…. what could it be?”

Kirika-san tries to smile as much as she can but, her voice betrays her so.

“There should be way to……. return me to my own world right?”

“….. To begin with, I have not thought about a world besides this world…..”

Smile, smile, smile, smile…….

“Certainly….. there must be a clue…..”

“…….Even the archmages have not yet succeeded in 《Space-Time Transfer》…….”

“Natural way to return……”

“I think that way is impossible…..”

Smile, smile, smile, smile……

“In other words…… My return to Japan is…..”

Asking my last question, I look back to the princess. However, the princess who have mostly not changed her expression, was a bit sad. Her mood seems to be pitiful then she answered.

“I am so sorry. We don’t know any way to do it….”

In other words, it was impossible to go back. The shock from the truth was different from last night. The mental pressure itself have overwhelmed me….

“Daichi! Are you okay?! Hey! Get a hold of yourself!”

Kirika-san’s voice steadily becomes distant. I saw the gazing princess staring at me without a change in her expression.

“…..Your magical power is non-existent.”

That was the last faint mumbling she said. My consciousness have blackout.

That’s why at that time, she was somehow different from being expressionless. If I had to say so then, she had a face in delight. I didn’t managed to hear the questionable words spoke by the princess.

“….Just like me….『A good-for-nothing』?”


I woke up in this world for the third time. The reception didn’t change in the slightest. Apparently, I fainted from the shock of not knowing any possibility to return for some minutes.

A constructive story. Kirika-san definitely said that.

Then, I shouldn’t have fainted at that time. If you think about it constructively, you can collect information from everywhere. There should be a possible answer.

I already faint from shock once. The confusion in my head had cleared up.

“……Is there really no possibility to return the summoned being back to its former world?”

To my words, Kirika-san and even the princess pondered about it, “Ugh~” in a raising groaning voice.

Magic may not be that versatile as these two say. They should make it clear whether they can do it or not. There are also fairy tales in this world about great earth magics summoning faeries and dragons. To this world, chances of achieving that is next to none.

“An 『Uknown』 place and an 『Existing』 magic. Truly dreamy-like…… However…..”

“However!? What do you mean by ‘however’?! No matter how small the chances are, it would be fine!!”

Bracing myself for it, Kirika-san said with a difficult face.

“……….. It may not be a possibility

…….. To make it worse, I don’t know if the magic of ‘That place’ may grant your wish…..”

Possibility. Unsure. Kirika-san said that with a very serious face but the lady next to her partly close her eyes.

“….. On the East Continent, The World of Spirits you mean?” (TLN: 魔界 means hell or the World of Spirits but I don’t believe everything are demon over there so picking the latter)

“In this world….. are there boundaries too?”

The two have started talking with each other arbitrarily, I butted in and Kirika-san said with a sigh.

“So to speak, The World of Spirits is commonly known name located in the eastern continent.”

“Are there chances if I go there?!”

As I was excited, Kirika-san have once again, made a deep sigh.

“East Continent’s Demi-humans and West Continent’s Humans have split from one another and are at war with each other for approximately a millennia already…..”

“…………………. Just how dangerous is that place?”

“Figuratively speaking, when I was capturing you back in the castle, make that ten times. Especially they would hunt you all day and night.”

……. I’ve imagined it for a moment. Ten people like Kirika-san chased me last night running on the ceiling. Just the scene of them coming at me at all directions…….

Yeah, I’d die ten times.

I, who sincerely accepted that prediction have a smile floating in my face.

“*Exhale*…… Kirika-san, I….. Don’t underestimate this Japanese me!”

“……. What do you mean?”

“You see, we Japanese people have our history unbroken and keep going on. We have the overwhelming methodology of ours to choose the most effective decision in every kind of situation!!!”

“Methodology……. you say?”

The taciturn princess was the one who reacted first.

“No way….. for you, who doesn’t hold a single inch of magic on your body have a way to fight the demons?!” (TLN: Earlier, they say that in the east continent have ‘Subspecies’ living there. I which case, I TLed into Demi-humans temp. Now, they specify it with demons existing there.)

I may be powerless against a demon but, there’s only one thing to do!

“*Exhale*…… Let me show you! The supreme country Japan’s highest and ultimate last method!!”

This method requires sensing magic. At my back, I can feel lightning streaks. (Just a feeling)

“Saaki Okuuri!!” (TLN: サーキ•オクーリー its a bad pun I tell ya.)

….. To my voice that resounded throughout the room, it took a while for the princess to take a protective pose and Kirika-san into a defensive posture.

“…… What? What kind of method is that? Right now, we’re…..”

It seems that my methods wasn’t completely understood by the dot-eyed Kirika-san.

“Just like I said, Saaki Okuuri. Have you never thought about it?”

Kirika-san and the princess have repeated what I said in unison.

“”…… Saaki Okuuri? …….SakiOkuri……Postpone………Postponing it?”” (TLN: The pun is ‘Sakiokuri’ which means Postponement…. xD)

“First of all, there’s a need to look after your own life so….. is there any place I can be hired with?”


The princess who finally get what I meant by my method have instinctively spat out.

Not to make things worse, I have to 『Postpone』 future problems first and secure my own safety.

It’s not really being a coward but, I would certainly die if I just marched on without necessary preparations. Truly an idiotic act.

“Daichi? Don’t you want to return?”

To the words of Kirika-san, I put my hand on my chest.

“I want to but I don’t want to die! Even if I want to go to the World of Spirits, I want to go there where the dangers to my life are lessened are able to travel with assurance!”

With my stately oath, Kirika-san thought with a scornful eyes.

“….. Ha, I see.”

With such stuff happened, I, a second year high school student seek employment in the royal palace.

There were insufficient people for this assignment, the 『Elmont Kingdom’s Garden Manager.』

In other words, a 『Gardener』.

I, who hailed from a different world have no home to live.

I consulted the troubled Kirika-san. Luckily, she manage let me be a live-in employee and live in the tool shed in the corner of the royal palace’s garden.

The garden is only limited to be entered by the royalty. For me to have somewhere to live, it was decided that I am to be in the tool shed that is behind the trees in order not to ruin the garden’s scenery.

At first, I was like “I’m gonna endure the rain and wind without complaint.” but then me, a Japanese living in the modern era, began to show dissatisfaction in my current living style.

Living here for several days have made me realize, the civilization level of this kingdom is on par with medieval Europe back in Earth. In other words, gas, electricity, and infrastructures here are hardly developed. It also not surprising that the internet doesn’t even exist here.

And instead, the existence of magic in this world are just the norms. To induce flames and to draw out water, everything here are done by magic. Well, so to say, not everything are solved by using magic powers. That’s why there are igniting tools and wells present here.

By the way, I don’t have any magic powers. It takes a magic power to operate these 《Magic Tools》 which makes it inconvenient for me. However, the inconvenience of these technology is not a waste.

That is, meals.

At the beginning, the taste of my meals in jail were quite peculiar. It was bland I thought. Speaking of this world, their food culture never advanced. Their meals aren’t delicious. Of course, it doesn’t mean that it’s not edible, it is just that there’s no taste on it.

By all means, my patience ran out. it turn out to be where I decided to get ingredients by myself to make meals for myself. Of course, I was not allowed to use the royal palace’s kitchen. However, there’s a space for employee service though. Moreover, these ingredients are no different to Japan’s so why is it that the taste differ so much?

Oh well, this is the first time I’ve went to find a job after half a moon passed. (TLN: 2 weeks have passed) Wanting to eat a delicious cake, I made a homemade eggbeater from scrap materials and made a rustling sound from mixing the ingredients. Suddenly, several maids started to surround me.

“Wha-! What is it?! What did I do?!”

Only one maid stepped up in response to my voice.

“Please excuse us. I am the head maid that serves for the royal family. My name’s Alice. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Together with a bow, her straight indigo hair touches her cheeks. The glasses maid gives an impression of seriousness….. however, her stretched hands and legs was charming. And most above all, her chest that that would almost burst out of her maid uniform. Truly outrageous.

“Oh…. I’m Daichi Kou.”

Her tempting formal language made my mind in disarray. Her words were kind of straight-laced sexy boss.

My greeting wasn’t that lively. Alice-san then pointed to my hand and said.

“Well then Daichi-san, what are you currently doing?”

“I was thinking of making a cake so I’m beating the egg whites?”

To my answer, Alice-san and the rest of the maids murmured with one another. Eh? Did I say something weird?

Silence, warn by Alice-san while clearing her throat. She then asks me again.

“I’m sorry…..Beating you say…… What do you mean by that?”



“I… I wonder why…. The zealousness of women towards sweets…. doesn’t matter what world it is.”

After all, I have done a temporary cooking class. I decided to instruct these maids to make a cake without the use of magic.

Well, after listening for a bit, it seems that the people’s cooking here gathers the ingredients that are needed then use magic to make it. Simply done.

Whether they are aware on how to make meals or not, it is really unknown. That’s why the food they make are really unsatisfactory. Chances of eating of not delicious food is numerous.

They only just collect the ingredients. They don’t know how to make it into a delicious food.

With that said, turning back to me teaching them how to make a cake. With magic as their core principle, 『Beating』 was not developed.

Me making a cake deeply moved them though Alice-san and the rest of the maids thought “Cooking is the pride of the newcomer gardener” and have diversified thoughts of it. After making cake with them, 『This time, we’re gonna make another kind of sweets』 and have caught the attention of the maids.

To these girls, it really feels identical to the girls in Japan that I taught about dishes.

I might be alone in this another world but, I was happy having conversation with different people here.

But, whatever world it may be, they’re just talking to me because of my 『Skills』 and not on  『Me』, myself.

Moreover, I’m the only sole male here in these wave of girls and it makes me lonely. Won’t you be?

Being assaulted by such feelings, I was walking staggeringly on the corridor within the royal palace when I suddenly remember a malicious memory.

Right now, I am currently walking alone in the corridor.

……..Nevertheless, are those I hear footsteps and voice in the corridor?

Though I face my back, there was nothing there.

“? Was it just my imagination…..”

With that as my conclusion, I walk again for the second time. However……… *step, step* This time, aside my footsteps, there are clearly footsteps and voice.

I got impatient, I immediately turn around with haste.

At that moment, I noticed a shadow that immediately hide in the nearby pillar.

…. Is something there?

Just to make sure, I hid myself secretly in the nearby pillar.

Several seconds later, as I was making sure, the silhouette that was following me came out and was confused as it lost me. While looking around restlessly, I can see its figure. It has the same figure as the one I thought during cake making. In other words, a maid.

“…… Is there something you need of me?”


Suddenly appearing on her back, the maid-san in question released a strange voice.


What appeared to me was her long light-green braids. Though I can’t see that much because of her big glasses, I can tell that she’s really surprised.

Somehow, she was dressed very simply enough. Despite how simple she might be, I can tell that she’s a very cute girl.

Though at first I sneaked up to her and then she trembled, she regained her composure and started to speak.

“Um…. If it’s okay, I want to talk….”

I then said as a guess, “Was there something in the teaching that confused you?”

“Oh, did you miss something? About the ingredients? Or maybe, about the frying?”

“N-, no! That’s not that case….. umm…..”

Maid-san who was frantically shaking her head, hesitatingly put up a smile.

“Umm…. I wanted to know Kou-san…..”


Wait. What did this girl just said?

『I wanted to know Kou-san』, certainly she said that!!! Could this possibly be Happiness Flag despite me being summoned to this world without anything with me?!

However, my expectations lasted only for a moment. The words that she said next crushed my hope.

“Did Kou-san…… umm….. came from a world without magic?” (TLN: That’s a big ouch right there… xD)


The moment I heard that, I forcibly closed her mouth, carried her, and started to run.

Maid-san seems to be resisting but I did not mind that.

I brought her to the royal garden palace.

“What are you suddenly doing abducting a woman?!”

Inside the groove of mixed trees where no one can see, maid-san that I let go of her restraint said in dissatisfaction.

However, I ignored her and I shouted.

“Why do you know that I came from another world?!”

Besides me, the only people that knows that I’m from another world is Kirika-san and the third princess. That’s how it supposed to be.

Kirika-san also said, “People knowing that you came from another world might bring big danger. They might use you as a sacrifice for magic experiments.” as a warning. Currently, we’re sticking with the 『Gardener who hailed from a far away country』.

In other words, it will be an emergency if a third-party knows.

“Spill it out. Who are you and where are you from, spill out what you know!”

Experimenting on a person from another world, I don’t to be sacrificed for that. However, despite me being flustered, maid-san didn’t lose her smile.

“Ah, is that how it is. Actually, I was cleaning at that time.I was next towards the reception room that time. And then I heard about that……. I’m sorry if I surprised you.”


I was dumbfounded by her words. This country’s crisis management ability towards privacy was really questionable. Shouldn’t they drastically need to review their management systems?

But, I must deal hurriedly with the third-party that knows about me.

“Umm….. Please! It’s just…..”

“…… I understand. I will not reveal your secret. I also have no intention to tell anyone……. There’s no way for them to believe me even if I tell them.”

She spoke the words that I want to say to her.

I felt relieved a bit knowing that.

“Is….. that so?”

“Yes” said by the maid-san with a smile. For now, I can only trust her.

“Thank you so much…… it helps me”

“Not at all. It was also sudden of me. I’m sorry. Then, well…… I’m not really someone of interest but…… I want to know Kou-san.”


My heart throbbed to her words. It’s because, I’m not hearing it wrong this time.

She wants to know me? She’s that interested in me?!

That’s just, that’s just the first time I’ve been told in my life!!! Could this maid-san be my…..?!

“Kou-san, this country doesn’t know nor heard of any cooking and cooking utensils to work with. And then….. even making that delicious cake.”

“Ah…. So that’s what it was……”

My expectations withered away rapidly at that moment. What is this. Are you saying that you didn’t participate in the class earlier? I fell down on my knees heartbroken. “Umm…..” Maid-san called out with a worried voice.

“Well, it’s fine…. My name….. how did you know? Your name’s?”

“Ah! I’m very sorry! What am I doing…..”

This girl bowed politely panicking.

“My name’s Theal-….. no, Tear. I am Tear and the one in charge of the meals.”

“Tear…..-san is it. Oh well…. nice to meet you.”

Within the groove of mixed trees, the gardener and the maid shook their hands.


“……So, back in Kou-san’s homeland, 『Science』 is the foundation of your people’s everyday lives and have never used magic?”

“It’s not that we never used them. It’s just that it never existed. However, we have airplanes used for flying and cars to ride on instead of horses….”

“It’s not a living thing yet not also having magic. A flying contraption is it?…… That’s so…. Amazing Kou-san.” (TLN: In the original line, she said machine but considering the kind of civilization they have, wouldn’t contraption sound better?)

Within just a short amount of an hour, me and Tear have became indulge in talking about my old world, Earth.

Tear-san, whose eyes glittering while being deeply moved suddenly became embarrassed.

Perhaps I should say that her gaze is painful. It’s not really me praising that 『Earth’s Civilization』 is the best, I’m not even the one who accomplished those feats. (TLN: advancement of the civilization)

“….. No matter how much I’ve said, I am still an ordinary person at best! There’s nothing special about me!”

However, even when I was spouting words of denial, Tear-san had a sullen face as if offended.

“What are you saying! There’s no one here that can replicate the techniques of your old world!”


“Besides……. I was able to enjoy hearing your stories. That in itself, made me happy. Moreover, with a man too.”


“Even if Kou-san doesn’t think of himself as special, I do however, think that you are special. So I’m not forgiving you for saying that.”

She was blunt. To be able to say it that far which someone wouldn’t be normally able to had her me praise her.

“Ah……. somehow……… Thank you.”

As expected, she was embarrassed.

And then, she was somewhat happy.

“By the way Tear-san…”

“Tear is fine too, Kou-san.”

To call a girl by just her first name, it made me embarrassed but I did accept her offer.

“Well…… Tear, are you listening? I will soon go home by going to the eastern continent….”

“Eh….. Eeeh? I think that’s a reckless plan to do…..”

“If it’s okay, can you tell about different stuff? ‘Cause anyways, I don’t know anything.”

For a moment there, Tear’s eyes blinked and then looked at me with curiosity.

“Hmm~ Where should I start?”

“General stuff first. I want to understand the common practices in this world first…..”

For the sake of returning to Japan, I shouldn’t jeopardize myself. I must first gather intel beforehand.

“I understand. I will first talk about this world……”

With that said, Tear squatted down to the ground and drew something with a stick coming from the tree.

“Long, long time ago during the ancient times, this world used to have one continent. There, different races used to mingle together. From the demons’ side, there are the 《Dragon Race》, 《Elven Race》, 《Ogre Race》, 《Hunter Race*》, as well as 《Human Race》. They all live in symbiosis.” (TLN: Hunter Race = Winged Races. Not just limited to harpies and the like.)

From what this girl is saying, it looks like as if the 《Demons》 were just natural beings that exist, she’s not even denying it. She was speaking clearly non-stop.

“However, 《Demons》 and 《Humans》 became in conflict and started wars with one another. These wars made the spirits weep in grief so they decided to split the continent in two. The Western Continent of the Humans, 《Telgilgeass》 and Eastern Continent of the Demons, 《Hell》…. That’s what it says according to the passed on legend.”

Tear drew an egg-like figure that was divided into two.

“The splitting of the continent according to the lore, it is said that Humans and Demons mutual hate for one another caused them distanced from one another.”

“Hmm…. So why did the humans and the demons started hating each other?”

“The Demon Race have naturally greater magic then the Humans. Because of that, humans have feared that they might rise into domination. Though they have said that they would rise into domination,……. I actually don’t really know.”

“I get it now. In other words, 『Ken-chan sprints so fast it makes me jealous.』 to 『I’m also fast at sprinting so listen to me!!!!』 that kind of stuff?”

“…… That really sounded terribly childish.”

With how I show it, Tear drooped her shoulders in disappointment.

“I guess difference in principles or opinions?”

“Though it’s not deniable……. A thousand year have passed…… There’s no known communication between humans and demons at present time. There’s no way knowing what’s what in the demons’ side.”

“I see. So the friendship between the two isn’t totally broken.”

“Excuse me Kou-san but can you stop with that thought? My country’s history was just deplorable…..”

“Is that so?”

Tear cleared her throat with an “Ahem”. She then sat up.

“With that said, many countries were made on the 《Telgilgeass》 continent. With our country as one of them, that is the 《Magical Nation of Elmont Kingdom》.”

“Magical Nation?”

“…. Saying it as a magical nation for it’s major doctrine is having magic supremacy. Primarily, the top guys, nobles and royals have so much magic they are called 《Mages》. And then, they sought a King for it who has 『An overwhelming power to protect it’s people』.”

“Ah… In other words, the one who has the highest magical power is the one chosen?”

“Yes. The King of the Elmont Kingdom is the hero from the great war whose name is famous in the neighboring countries…..”

He did such act that exceeds my imagination. I remembered the CG movies I’ve seen. Thinking that this is real made me shivered.

“Whoa…. Can you even do it with the magic power of one person…..?”

“……It’s possible. They are the Royal Family……”

Tear unexpectedly stood up and looked faraway.

“In addition….. there’s the first prince, the 《Raijin》. The hero whose magic is that of a lightning. The first princess has tremendous fire magic, praised as 《The Queen of Flames》. The second princess is able to heal anyone’s wound, saving their lives, worshiped as the 《Goddess of the Battlefield》.”

Me hearing that much, I noticed that her explanation was insufficient.

“Wait a moment, didn’t this country have a third princess?”


With me pulling out that question in a flash, Tear was left at loss with words.

At that time, there were voices coming from two middle-aged men who seemed to be nobles in the garden’s footpath.

“However…. Prince, Princesses, even though their magic power is high, why is that the third princess’ magic power is so low?”

“I don’t know, must be a fail product of her parents. No, perhaps a failure from a mistress!”

There was no public eyes to notice so these two people smiled to each another and raised their voices.

“Oh well, if she’s useless in the battlefield, maybe then in diplomacy? Political tactics and the like.”

“Can you even use her? That useless thing for diplomacy? Even if she’s a royalty, she’s just plastering a smile. A woman who 『Puts on a Mask of Smile』 like that inviting a man to her sleeping bed?”

“Oh yeah, the possibilities of that is high…. What? She’s definitely has no use whatsoever!”

With the way the nobles laughter goes on, Tear averted her eyes and said,

“In other words…. just as they said.”


“As if she’s from some unknown land, even those royalties……All of them has the same opinion to her…. That’s how it is.”

I recalled the first time when I was summoned to this world.

At that time, that girl spouted an illogical statement…. At this point, I understand what she meant.

『Even the royal family doesn’t recognize her so they sent an assassin to kill her.』

Their true motive to that girl, in other words, it’s like that.

“…..A Mask of Smile is it?”

“The princess accepted that she’s a good-for-nothing. After that, she finally lose her smile….. that’s how it is. You can’t normally distinguish her displeasure in her smile….”

Am I misunderstanding something here? It seems like Tear is speaking in a frantic way.

“But, it cannot be helped. Someone who doesn’t have magic power is dead to the royal family. To avert her eyes from the truth, she put on a mask. It was as if the natural fate for her….”

Just like that, Tear also smiled. As if clinging to that expression.

I have understood everything after seeing this girl’s face. At that time, something made a sound inside me.

“….In other words, this 『Mask of Smile』 is the last desperate attempt of the princess to protect herself.”


“Being talked about like a laughing stock by the guest earlier, of course she would feel being cornered! That was her defense plan from being a laughing stock!”

“Kou-san? Why are you mad?”

Tear who heard my angry tone of voice was filled curiosity.

Aah, just quite so….. bluntly speaking, I was more of feeling irritated.

“Whatever her reason is, the fact that the princess’ last line of defense is her smile. She was desperately sticking to that smile of hers despite being talked ill behind her back by people!”

“Eh? Umm…. What are you saying?”

“Tear,…. Come with me for a bit!!”

The two middle-aged nobles who were chatting while walking in the middle of the passage road frowned upon seeing the pile of dried leaves formed like a mountain.

“What the hell….. is this?”

“Was this done by the gardener? He can’t even do a simple cleaning job? What a guy….”

While they did have a friendly chat, the stopped and they were immediately displeased.

Even though I say that, there’s only stone pavement path ahead of them. They could just walk pass by on it,

While the two were grumbling their complaint, they took a big step and made a detour around the lawn…. suddenly, the ground went missing.


A big hole was dug up on the ground and the two who fell in screamed. Those two adults fell in, furthermore, it was deep enough to hard to climb back.

“Al-…….. whoops, whoops, whoops! Damn it! What’s with this fucking hole?!”

“What’s the gardener been doing?! Leaving this big hole here?! Even the “Princess in Mask” have better uses than him!!!”

Albeit the two of them have said so much, their fate was already sealed.

“……. It’s punishment.”

I cut the cord tied to the jute bag and threw it down the hole above them.

“…..Umm, what was that sack you’ve thrown?…..”

Tear timidly watching as the jute bag moving strange, she asked,

“Hmm? Oh that’s…..”


As I tried to explain, I was interrupted by the two people inside the hole.

“Screams of agony?”

Tear’s impressions were right on point. Thought I don’t really understand the screams these two spouting.

Though for me, I just floated up a conniving smile.

“The work of a gardener you see is to grow different kind of plants…. Also extermination of harmful insects.”

“Is that so……”

“Pruning them is also part of the work, that’s because there’s so much caterpillar coming out after all.”

After hearing what I’ve said, Tear’s suddenly got the shivers.

“Could it possibly be….. that…..”

“Well…. “Exterminating Harmful Insects” is one the basics in landscaping…” (TLN: I’ve studied Horticulture…. that’s not how it works dude… xD)

Understanding what I meant behind my words, Tear and I donned up the same identical face.

“…… That’s splendid yet unforgivable isn’t it, Kou-san?”

That smile of Tear was far more attractive and charming that the one she had earlier ago.

During that night, it was already 2 in the morning in my wristwatch that was placed beside my pillow.

“….. What should I do with my current life….”

Suddenly, a bell-like voice sounded resounded inside the hut.


“The reason you were summoned is not to settle down in this world!!!”

I slightly opened my eyelids. What appeared before me was a long silvery hair as if it was the moonlight. The woman that wore a long dress looked at me scornfully for some reason.

That’s not it, calling her a woman was somehow a stretch.

Now matter how you look at it, that long dress disrupts and won’t let me the person herself. Well, it must be because it was actually a little girl.

“Who are you?”

With my half-opened eyes, the little girl threw a tantrum as if wanting to say something.

“Naming myself in front of this human is just…. well, whatever. This one’s name is Ruchie! This world’s most absolute being! The symbol of peerless beauty! The Goddess of Moonlight, Ruchie-sama! Oh~hohoho!”

“This kid really did pull an “Oh~hohoho” laugh at me…. first time in my life.”

Ignoring my retort, this Goddess(Little Girl) pointed her finger and declared to me,

“Good day despite you unknown of your duty to fulfill! Spending your days without care! For I, the Goddess have descend before you! Kneel down before me! Prostrate yourself before me! Be thankful for me letting you grovel down! And then…..”

“What are you little lady? Can you please tone it down….. for a moment?”

I was murmuring. Ruchie scowled at me in displeasure.

“….What’s with you?!”

“…..Just what do you think the time is? It’s two in the morning you know.”

I showed her my wristwatch, it was quite accurate with the time of this world. Totally speaking, it’s still in the midnight.

“It’s night time… you might wake up the landlord with noise…. do you get that?”

Ruchie once again, threw a tantrum at my words.

“Hmph, just who do you think I am? I’m a Goddess…. the only Goddess you know? As if I have the same moral values as a lowly human being, I’m a higher being with the title of a God you know?”

Surely, from her oppressive existence, she might be a god. Ruchie’s words makes me wanna submit in instinct. Normally, I should have been overwhelmed.

But, As if I’m going with just this, I was not called the “Mother of Ginsoku” for nothing!

I hit my fist on the wooden floor with a bang!

Suddenly surprised by that, Ruchie’s small body trembled.

“Wha-…. what is it?”

“….. A superior being is it? In other words, you’re the same as the humans but like a “Boss” or a “Parent” kind of being. Is that what it is?…. However, you look like that….”

“….. You might say so… Oh well.”

As I glared on her, the self-proclaimed goddess agreed on me.

“If that’s the case, to the goddess above, can’t you set yourself as an example for the humans below?!”


She might haven’t received any rebuttal in her entire life. Having look like as to not have expected it, Ruchie cuts-in with her own words.

“I’m a god that serves as an example! Visiting at night. It’s not a 『Late Night Impoliteness』 if I just come in someone’s house just to talk! That’s what I’m getting at! My actions is just myself! Aren’t you looking down on the existence called God?! Have some shame!!”


Ruchie’s oppressive attitude faded quickly.

If I say so myself, the only religious thing I’ve done is clasping both of my hands together, lighting some incense sticks, and going to Shinto Shrines. Typical stuff for a Japanese man.

That’s why, this person’s self-proclaiming attitude is annoying!



“No talking back, seiza!”


For someone like me of a lower stance as a being, with my eyes pierced Ruchie, she laid down in seiza postion in reflex.

“Don’t think that you can just go in and out of someone’s house like that!!”

After reprimanding her for ten minutes, a little girl’s sobbing can be heard inside the hut.


“Listen here, courtesy is important above all humans. Even if you’re god, that’s still natural. 『During the time of harvest, rice bows down their head.』 Do you get what I’m saying?”

“Yes…… You’re correct…..”

I handed my handkerchief to the sobbing Ruchie.

“Be careful next time okay?”

“Yes…. My most apologies….. Well then, excuse me…..”

“Ooh… Take care going back home okay.”

Ruchie, completely dispirited, exited the hut while bowing down.

“That kid wasn’t bad at all but…..”

I sat cross-legged above the futon while seriously nodding. I wonder if the elementary school teachers put up with this kind of mentality? When I was still a brat too, I made troubles too.

“Now then…. time to sleep again….”

“That’s not it!!!”

The door was once again opened forcefully and the goddess returned. It seems like my world is going back there once again.

The girl said with a book she obtained with the title of 『Understanding Japan’s Mannerisms – Elementary Level』.

“Hmm…… you see, 『I am terribly sorry for visiting late at night, I am the Goddess of Moonlight, my name is Ruchie. Because of urgent and important matters to be attended to, despite it is already your time for slumber, please excuse my rudeness and kindly listen to what I must say?』 There! Satisfied?!”

“O-….. oh. You passed.”


“First of all, look at this.”

Ruchie places her small hand on the floor, a video image reflected from the surface.

“That’s awesome. Hologram?”

“It’s neither Hologram nor CG…. It’s the 《Spell of the Time Seer》” (TLN: 《時見の魔法》 is what it says… can’t really make up of a good TL for this)

“Spell of the Time Seer?”

What reflected on it was a lone, single female.

With small opening behind her hair were her sharp eyes. Even though she look beautiful, she looked hard to approached. Wearing a lightmail, she wields a rapier hanging in her waist. I understood that her eyes is that of a warrior. (TLN: 軽鎧 means Light Armor so something along with Chainmail or something)

I can see her firm muscles despite her armor goes down to her arms and legs. She had scars all over and that in itself draws my attention. There were three on her face, that is a wound that will never fade away from her entire life.

In addition, on her left shoulder, there’s some kind like a mark for punishment. My first thought was “Scary” and “Totally awesome”.

“….What’s with this awesome nee-chan?”

“Her name is Gracis. She is also known by the name of 《Bloody Wind War Princess》. (TLN: wow…. I shall turn her into a waifu) Due to the blunder of this country, she loses all her friends and family. A mere shadow of what was once the 《Elmont Kingdom’s Third Princess》….. That’s how she will look like ten years later.” (TLN: She was indeed the waifu… xD)

“…..What did you say?”

My ears cannot believe what Ruchie said. Right before me, intensely seeing this video image, came to mind was the princess who was attached with her “Mask of Smile”.

I can’t remember that much about the princess’ face but her mood is completely that of a different person.

“In order for her to not turn into that state, I brought you here in this world.”

“….In other words, you’re my master for summoning me?” (TLN: Saber: Are you my master?)

“You’re right but not entirely.”

The little girl in front of me became serious.

“Do you…. want to go back to your old world?”

“Can you send me back?!”

Arching my body forward, Ruchie nodded a little.

“Ye-….. yeah. If the terms are met.”

Ruchie showing me the appearance of the 《Bloody Wind War Princess》, she then said.

“Elmont Kingdom’s Third Princess. From here on, that kind of life will occur to that girl if the blunder of 《E’s Lunchtime》 would not be thwarted……First of all, start there okay?” (TLN: I’m serious, it says 《Eのランチタイム》 in the raw)

“That’s….. are you saying that this is related for my return to Japan?”

Ruchie answered my question. With a serious look.

“Your key is the Third Princess. First of all, her safety is out of the question. However, if this goes on, the 《Bloody Wind War Princess》 Gracis, that girl will die. And then, the clash between the hero and the demon king will bring this world into ruins. If you want to return to your old world, you need to save the Third Princess.


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