Intermission – The Start of the Worst

“……. I’ll entrust the luncheon meeting to you…..”

“Haha! Please do leave it to me.”

While bowing his head and the greedy minister’s lips rising up, the two of them noticed.

The luncheon meeting had a scheduled diplomatic exchange. There’s no reason for the royal court chef would go missing on it.

No matter how many look at Thealis with disgust, she is still a royalty.

Nevertheless, it was hard to pass on the royal family’s command. Just like before, it totally fell down to that situation. It’s to have no intervention from someone personally.

It is clearly an act of treason from a retainer.

In other words….. That’s how much the third princess, Thealis is hated.

Right in front behind the black curtains,

“I….. I am lucky……”

Right in front of the black curtains, they did not understand it. The fact that there was no one to rely on, Kirika gritted her own teeth.

In front of Kirika was her best friend’s face not moving.

Even with such insult, her friend’s “Mask of Smile” twitched a bit…. she still smiled.

She was stuck there…… with a frozen heart.

However, the scenario in the black curtain did not end there.

That event will happen during the luncheon meeting.

“How was the taste for you, princess Alicia?”

“Nothing much. It was the usual…. for me.”

Referring to the meal, princess Alicia said so with a poker face making the whole room freeze over. Before Kirika started following earlier, princess Alicia’s knight retainer interrupted and shouted.

“What disrespect! Is this an insult of Elmont to the flame country?! Our master thinks of this food as “Unappetizing”!”

The voice of the knight was raised exaggeratedly. A voice of anger resounded in the hall.

“The princess of our country was invited to such gathering, is princess Thealis challenging us to a war?!”


Kirika could not believe what she heard.

“Why does Tear have to be blame by this such plain blander?”

Kirika cannot hide her trembling nor can act. After that, this country’s minister blurted out something surprising.

“We are very sorry. I was the one in charge of this luncheon meeting. Everything was prepared in hurry….. Everything of it was my responsibility…..”

Upon hearing his words, Kirika finally connected the dots. This minister was related to that knight of the flame country.

They should’ve known that the organizer of the luncheon meeting is the third princess but, in reality,

Everything was prepared by the minister. It all comes down to the minister to solve problems with the foreign countries.

Tossing out the third princess away out of sight because she’s “Good-for-Nothing”.

Under such situation, he himself then followed with such appeal.

Kirika bit her own lips. The smiling minister’s apology was accepted by the knight scornfully looking at him.

“No, I was exaggerating too.”



“That bastard! The perpetrator of the sabotage just impudently……”

“Kirika….. it’s fine already …..”

That feeling of hatred Kirika feels, Thealis interjected it.

There was no feeling on it. It was cold or more like, indifferent to it…..

“Tear….. What are you saying…..”

“I am…. “Elmont’s Good-for-Nothing” after all…..”

The ruin to all started. The princess which is the vital point, gave up. At that time, the fool have started to clap.

  1. i wonder when the next chapter will be ready… will it be a christmas present, or later than that?


  2. The hell is this? Still thanks


  3. Yehey!!! Thanks…~


  4. REad from the beginning, it was glorious!!!!! Thank you VERY MUCH for all your hard work!!!!!


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