Chapter 2 – Going to the Market


“What a strange dream….”

That was my conclusion towards last night’s incident.

The self-proclaim goddess who’s a little girl visited me in the middle of the night whispering that I should save the world…. It was such a realistic dream that I smiled wryly to myself.

First of all, not matter how you say it, that was illogical. The princess will turn into the warrior 《Bloody Wind War Princess》, the apprentice of the hero’s master will die for the sake of the future…… something like that.

“More like, what the hell is 《E’s Lunchtime》? Seems like this country’s lunch will be ruined…… Well that was really absurd dream…..”

I embarrassingly smiled on myself, I heard the voices of the small bird and pulled me back to reality. It is already morning.

Oh yeah, today’s a holiday.

Seems like Elmont Kingdom have their own holidays too. Speaking it in a way easy to understand, it’s what you call “Sunday” in Japan. In this country, they call it 《The Day of Beginning》.

For this country to call their holiday 《Beginning》, is this perhaps this country’s national traits of being carefree?

With that said, my gardening work is also at halt.

I made breakfast from a simply made stove made from stones.

Living my life here in another world for half a month, me and my fellow gardeners and maids, had a hotpot at nights. With nothing but a frying pan and knives. And with that kind of influence, nowadays I’m becoming more of a full-pledged adult living in this kind of environment.

In this quiet and silent garden, the only thing that can be heard is the splitting of wood and boiling noise. It feels like camping.

“……It really is…….. quiet……”

The usual open royal castle is now off-limits. Seeing that there’s no one inside of it.

Somehow….. I feel like an old mountain hermit looking at the garden in the morning mist. At one side, I can see the figure of someone coming.

“Kou-san~ Good morning~”(TLN: Imagine Horie Yui voicing Tear and saying this line…. such bliss~ xD)

This silhouette waving it’s hand despite it’s face can’t be seen in this mist, but with it’s voice, I recognized it instantly.

“Go-, good morning Tear.”

This girl who can be seen clearly now, is wearing the maid uniform the same as yesterday, carrying a basket in one hand.

“What could it be, being so early this morning.”

“….Even you too Kou-san, starting your day in spite of waking up early.”

“I just had some awful dream…..”

I was hesitant because I had a chuuni-ish kind of dream.

“Apart from that, you too Tear. Why are you wearing your work clothes despite it’s a rest day?”

“Eh?! That’s……”

To my question, Tear was hesitant and her eyes wavered around.

“Eh…. Erm….. That’s….. A lot of stuff….. going on…..”

“A lot of stuff….. Ah! I see!” (TLN: Definitely wrong there Kou…. xD)

I recalled the conversation with the maid-san during my training course.

“Albeit the work of a gardener is different, the work of the maids is to support the royals’ life that’s why they don’t have rest days but a work shift system?”

I heard their talk like, “This week’s shift is really tight…..” saying it as it is natural. Pretty much like “Changing jobs from convenience store to hamburger shops.”

“Tha-…… that’s right! Shift system! Because today’s the Day of Beginning, there’s no time to rest. Today…. Umm… Since I came really early, I was thinking of having breakfast together.”

As it is said by Tear, she opened the basket and showed me the inside of it. Eggs and vegetables, an abundant amount of bacon placed in between the sandwiches.

“How nice. It looks delicious. Is this also done by magic?”

“Eh?…. It’s not. I, umm… that’s…. I did it by my own hands….”

“OH! So there’s someone in this world that does it by hand! In that case, would you like to have breakfast together?”

I proudly showed her the hotpot that I opened.

Vegetables along seafoods that were cooked together. Truly something that would invite someone’s appetite.

“Yes, with pleasure!”

Within the corner of this silent garden, this old mountain hermit’s lonely breakfast turned into a happy, cheerful one.

“Umm…. The contents of that hotpot…. what are those?”

“Hmm? Ah. This kind of soup is pretty much normal back in my hometown… you curious?”


Tear inclined her head to the side to the way of my speech mannerisms.

I poured the content of the hotpot to the wooden bowl and handed it out to Tear.

“Here you go. Explanation would be faster by eating it. Go ahead. There’s a lot of it.”

Receiving the bowl, you can smell the good smell from the steam of the soup.

Tear, little by little, took a taste of the soup. And then, her eyes opened wide from surprise.

“So tasty…… it’s delicious!”

Tear whose eyes glistering, held her spoon in delirium. Probably, the taste is just first time to her.

For a dish that I made, seeing her saying it is delicious makes me happy. Seeing Tear eating happily, I happily helped myself.

But shortly after, Tear was gazing at the scenery of me eating.

Being looked at as you are eating, definitely makes me embarrassed.

“Erm…. Is something the matter?”

“*gasp*! Umm…. nothing really…..”

Being suddenly talked to, Tear herself noticed that she was staring at me.

“Erm…. Umm…. That’s an unusual way to eat, isn’t it.”

After being told, I noticed what she meant from what she had observed.

“Ah, this? This are chopsticks back from my hometown.”

“Chopsticks…. is it?”

“Yup. The mere usage of these chopsticks are…. to hold… to pierce…. and to cut……”

With that said, I showed her how to use it by demonstrating it in the contents of the soup.

“Well, that’s how you use it.”

“Wow~ That’s amazing~”

Somehow, Tear felt admiration to it and applauded though I don’t know why.

“In our common practices, we do not directly drink the soup to the mouth. However, Kou-san’s way of eating looked beautiful to me. Totally different from our “Decorum of Beauty”…..”

“Decorum of Beauty you say….. that’s exaggerating….” (TLN: Budol fight is the most beautiful way of eating…. xD but that’s just me… xD)

For a Japanese to be praised for doing something natural, somehow it’s embarrassing.

“If you would like, would you try it?”

“Eh? I would gladly.”

Inviting Tear over, I handed her another set of chopsticks and a bowl.

“Listen, to hold these chopsticks, hold this in your middle finger…. That’s right, place the chopsticks this way….”

“*pout* This is hard~”

Tear tried to imitate me by watching but, it was totally natural for her to have a hard time holding the chopsticks.

Seeing the sight of a hard working girl is somehow…. pleasant.

“Well there’s no need to hurry. You’ll be able to use them soon….”

“!! Is it fine for me to receive this?”

To my words, Tear looked totally astonished.

“….As you can see, it was originally made from wooden scraps…. that’s why it’s free.”

“Thank you very much! Alright! I’ll show you my mastery in magic~”

“Magic eh….”

After her persistent troubles with the chopsticks, I told her: “You can use spoon for today.” Then she went: “No way! I’m not done yet…..”

This girl called Tear seems to be more stubborn than she looks.

With that said, she somehow managed to eat the content of the soup and went “So delicious~”. Definitely worth the praise.

“You see, however….”

“Is something the matter?”

“Hmm~ Not really much? Honestly speaking…. This soup is quite unsatisfying.”

“Eh?! This delicious soup is still not complete?!”

Though Tear was surprised by this new flavor, for me who’s from Japan, the salty taste of the fish still not deep enough. That’s what I think.

Bluntly speaking, flavoring is not enough. Seasoning is too few.

“It’s amazing isn’t it? Kou-san’s hometown that is. Even I was totally surprised by soup….”

Tear shakily ate the vegetable from her trembling chopsticks then smiled.

“Someday, I want to eat food by using these chopsticks. This is… the taste of Kou-san’s hometown.”



“Now that she had said that, now I wanna do something.”

After eating breakfast together with Tear, I sitting inside my ever unpopular hut in the garden.

Her saying “Delicious~” “I want to eat more~” with a smile was the clincher. I guess that one moment was the one that made me make up my mind.

However, the absence of miso and soy sauce is something….. What to do with this is the current problem.

This world is kinda similar to the countries in the western hemisphere back in earth.

They do have “Sugar”, “Salt”, and “Vinegar” however, they don’t have “Soy Sauce” and “Miso”. “Soy Sauce” and “Miso” is the very foundation of every Japanese’s meal. I, personally, begin thinking wanting to “Drink miso soup” just like a Japanese working abroad.

Normally, one would give up on it and get used to foreign food but I don’t want to give up on it.

Pondering while strolling, I saw someone violently walking around the garden.

Bothered by wanting to see it, I was amazed by the violent movements and not touching the ground one bit.

“Eh?! It’s floating?!”

My surprised voice reached the other end. At that moment, the other person landed down on the ground and made clattering, light sounds. An innumerable amount of firewood scattered around.

With a hair bound to the back, green tanktop and a beige pants, that girl’s tanktop became discolored from her permeating sweat making me troubled on where to look.

Wiping off her dripping sweat, Kirika-san refreshingly greeted me.

“Morning Daichi! You’re early during holiday.”

“Morns….. Right back at you, what are you doing early in the morning?” (TLN: Daichi said ‘Hayassu’… tried my very best in interpreting that in english…. like no one ever was…. xD)

“Hmm?…. I am still a royalty’s guard so I can’t let myself get rusty so I was training.”

“Hah… Guarding duty sure is a hassle one.”

I naturally applaud to Kirika-san.

“That’s right…. Kirika-san, weren’t you just floating earlier?”

Answering to my question, Kirika-san beginning to make a wondering face. Then with an “Ah….”, she noticed something.

“That’s right. Something like a “Sky Dash” is not something normal for you…..”

“Sky Dash?”

After glancing at the confused me, Kirika-san toss three firewood in the air with her foot.

“This is…. “Magic” and “Martial Arts” training.”

With Kirika-san said that moment, the firewood that was toss stopped midair.

“Woah!? It floats!!!”

“This is using wind magic. making a whirlwind to let the firewood float….. And then!!!”

Kirika-san cuts her own words then, she jumped on the floating firewood as if they’re scaffolds springing herself up high. And then, repeating it horizontally, she used them as scaffolding, firewood after firewoods, without stop.


“This is my very own special skill, “Sky Dash”….. however,”

Cutting her own words, the firewood stopped after some time passed. Just now, the firewood was just pulled down to the ground by the gravity. Together with Kirika-san riding on it.

“My, my… it fell….”

“At advanced level of land magics, one could use a large tree to ride on alongside with other comrades but, at best, my magic can only float a firewood. At one point, it will fall down due to it’s weight. That’s why, I move them nonstop.”

“In other words, that also happened why I was slammed to the wall?”

“Hahaha! That’s right! That was the use of this technique.”

To my displeased face, Kirika-san remembered something and laughed splendidly.

“By the way….. Did you already get used to this world?…. Seems like it.”

I tried questioning back “Got used to it?” to Kirika-san’s question but I kept it in myself.

“Speaking of the maids,…. that stiff head-maid is quite renowned one…. that’s normally impossible you know?”

“Nah… That’s was just a fluke….”

As a matter of fact, Kirika-san have been supervising me previously.

Though the treatment of me is that of an foreigner…..

“I was expecting you to settle yourself in inside the castle. From what I’ve gathered from your fellow gardeners and maids, I didn’t get one bad impression of you….. Rather, more of a feeling of affection and respect instead?”

“Oh….. That…. Thank you…..”

“…. However, seems like the rest of them just buttering things up so be vigilant and watch your back okay? Something like “He’s probably a spy from another country!” that kind of thing.”

That’s news to me. Being recognized as a spy is the worst sentence, I guess. Along with that imagination, my back feels a chill in my spine….


“I know you’re worried about your future but you don’t need any needless fear…..”

Kirika-san cracking up a laughter definitely makes me not feel any sense of danger at all.

Albeit I wish to express my greatest gratitude to her, I remembered something to report on her.

“….Oh yeah, I’ve been in good terms with that maid girl recently.”

With those words of mine, Kirika-san showed a broadly wide grin from her earlier smile.

“Heh~ Daichi is also a boy huh.”

“Tha-, that’s not it!! She was just a cute girl and that’s something coming from me, who is from an another world… believe me…”

“What the hell?! And what’s that maid’s name?!”

Suddenly, Kirika-san’s facial expression turned dangerous as she pressed her face near.

“…… The girl in charge of the meals….. Tear…..”


Surprised by my answer, Kirika-san expressed it in a loud voice.

“Wha-…. what is it? So suddenly?”

“Eh?…. Ah….. Nothing really…..”

This time, Kirika-san seemed to brood over something. That serious look on her suddenly reminded me of the time I was being captured by her.

“Wha-…. what is it? Could it possibly be a friend of Kirika-san?”

Wiping off my cold sweat, Kirika-san answered my question.

“Hmm… well, she’s a friend…. more like….. best friend?”

That felt quite lightly. Normally, friends can become “Best friends” without uttering out one word. They might not be that close but let’s just not say it.

“Heh! Kirika-san and Tear were friends! What’s with you? You should’ve introduced her to me first hand.”

“Hmm? Hmm~ Well… that girl has quite the fear of strange people?” (TLN: Oh really now Kirika? xD)

Kirika-san giving out such bad answer, I can think of lots of answer. Somehow, I feel left-out by her muttering to herself.

“What’s with you Kirika-san? Are you two not best friends? Seems like my worry is useless…..”

“We-….. well…. don’t worry about it one bit…. you should already know it naturally….”


Once again, Kirika-san answered me vaguely. Though she really looked doubtful, I shook my head…. Well, forget it.

At that time, an idea flashed in my mind.

“That’s it! Kirika-san, do you have time today?”



Elmont Kingdom’s Central Citizen Market.

That place is what exactly you can say as the point of life for the people.

Fish and meat, even vegetables and fruits. Food ingredients are present. Clothes and accessories, pots and pans and other kitchen utensils. They have lot of selections for lots of stuff.

Even though it’s the Day of Beginning, there are lots of people here despite being holiday. Instead, lots of them took the chance to open a store and attract customers.

By the way, the fourth day since the Day of Beginning is like Wednesday in Japan.

…..With that said, it is more like a department store than a market.


“Everyone~ Cheap stuff! Cheap stuff!”

“What do you think of these clothes? It’s a made to order by nobles, a pure silk cloth! Now on discount sale!!”

“Mrs. Wife there, we have lots of good vegetables on stock!”


With the calls of shopkeepers here and there overflowing inside the market, that in itself feels pleasant to hear.

Naturally, the tension within is quite high.

“Haha…. It very feels like Tsukiji!”


Hearing that name for the first time, Kirika-san bended her head a little.

“Ah, yeah, in Japan…. the name of the market in my own world….”

“I see…. us here doesn’t really inclined on doing that.”

Kirika-san and I currently walking on the main street in the Elmont Market.

As a matter of fact, currently my position is that of “gardener” climbing from a “suspicious man invading the princess’ room” yet that dishonor still remains on me.

Of course as  a matter of convenience, the observation measure against me was called off yet I still can’t do as I please.

After all, the indispensable Kirika-san is my “Watchman in charge”.

Thus, Kirika-san accompanies me, going to the place where I can get food ingredients.

“….,Even so, sorry. It should be your long awaited holiday and I made you accompany me….”

“It’s nothing really. I don’t have anything special to do. Moreover, it’s just the local castle town.”

“Is it fine not doing your guard duty?”

“Hmm? It doesn’t really mean that I have to do my guard duty day and night. Even I need some time to rest, and also time to train.”

Kirika-san showed me a dry smile.

“Now then~ So? What’s the purpose of coming here?”

The target for today is ingredients. That’s because I need a few amount of it.

That’s right. Today’s goal is to gather ingredients for the sake of remaking Japanese food.

However, whether or not the things I’m searching for is present is something I don’t know. It can’t be helped that if by some slim chance, the name’s different.

“First of all, let’s look around. With that said, first is to survey Elmont’s castle town.”

“I see…. Well then! I will be completely your guide to this very place!”

Suddenly Kirika-san became more enthusiastic. She dragged my hand with a very nice smile. (TLN: Kirika route opened… xD)

“Well if it isn’t Kirika! Did the castle fire you and now unemployed?”

“Today’s a holiday you know! Boss’ greeting is bad as usual….”

It was an old man wearing an apron standing in front of his store.

What were lined up were multicolored fishes in front of the store. With that said, I do understand that he is a unique fish dealer.

Seems like he’s Kirika-san’s acquaintance for her to have light-hearted conversation with him.

Holding a knife on his one hand, this fish shopkeeper notices me and donned a wide grin on his face.

“So it is a man, is it? So that martial artist damn brat is finally interested in the opposite sex? Cooking for your man eh? Ahahahaha!!!”

“Ahahaha…. I’ll knock down some pegs on you, damn old fart.”

Kirika-san replied with danger in her smile.

“This guy is Daichi, the new gardener in the castle. Despite being a gardener, his cooking skills is quite considerable…. He might be a possible regular customer.”

“Heh? Now that’s something…..”

“Ah, hello…. I’ll be troubling you on in the future.”

I greeted him like a typical Japanese man with modest attitude. The shopkeeper excitedly tapped his shoulder.

“Think nothing of it~ From now on, you’re gonna be one of my regulars…. Take good care of me too okay? Here in Elmont have an array of stocks you know.”

With that said, he do have lots of fish in his storefront worthy to be considered as one.

Also, I looked at the fishes lined up in a row.

“Pilchards, Horse Mackerels, Mackerels, and Pacific Saury. It’s expensiveness comes with goodness too.”

“Oh! If isn’t the same name!!”

I remembered that merman show in the other world where the common practices are the same where they go “It’s fishy~”.

I was happy to see ingredients that are the same to that of Japan’s. Suddenly, my tension went high. However, it was too early to get relieved, I then realized that.

“Each and every one of these are harvested from today’s meadow freshly jumping around you know?”

“That’s great! Wait, freshly jumping around….. Meadows?”


My thoughts came to a halt and the shopkeeper just ignored it.

“Shopkeeper?….. This fish…. Where did you get it?”

“Hmm? I told you from the meadows. What? You have problem from where they are from?”

So that’s what it is. If anything, I’m a commoner that sticks to the price.

It seems like I did not mistakenly heard it.

I saw Kirika-san cut a slice of it and put it on a plate with oil.

“….This world’s fishes are harvested from meadows?”

Kirika-san then said, “What are you saying?” as if mocking me.

“? Of course it is. These fishes feed on the insects on the meadows. Moreover, Elmont’s nearby meadows, “Wind Current” is a place where there are abundant school of fish you know?”

“‘Wind Current’ you say…..”

It seems like this world’s “Wind Current” is the same as “Water Current” in the manner of meaning I mean. Seems like this country’s fishing area is inland as it can get. (TLN: Wind Current is written as 風流 which means Elegant, Taste and Refinement but taking a literal meaning from each kanji, it would mean Wind Current. I’ve decided to do it this way because of Ocean Current which is written as 海流. Notice the same 2nd kanji used here and it means Current.)

Puffing out her chest with pride, Kirika-san did not utter a single joke in there.

In other words, this world’s fishes magic is that of wind and uses it to swim.

With this success as proof, these splendid fishes swam to this place, immediately having the shopkeeper in a great rush in a scuffle.

“This guy! I told you they were fresh…. you!!”

With the fish skillfully swimming midair, eventually, the shopkeeper started to chase after it vanished in the sky.

“Ah!!! Wait!!! Today’s special product!!!!!”

The fish shop’s shopkeeper sad screams echoed.

“Whoah, the fish swam in the sky….”

This is definitely a different world. Totally gave me a piece of mind.


Thence, “This year’s cabbage is highly nutritious!” like that. “Have problems with rats? We have fine cats with tongues reaching three meters and can bring down prey with magic!” those kinds. Oh this world and it’s culture shock.

However, the best shock of all was the greengrocer’s massive pile of apples in the garbage depository. (TLN: Daichi totally triggered. Another chutzpah coming~ xD)

That apple I ate back in the prison cell, it was this world’s popular apple. In other words, this world’s apple is the “Very model of unappetizing stuff whose worth is that of food for livestock and prisoners” that’s what I thought.

Seems like there was a mistake for the stocks that’s why they’re for disposal.

After knowing that this is the common food for prisoners, the me, who hailed from an apple farming family, is totally disappointed right now.

“……Even though apples are delicious…..” (TLN: Chutzpah mode…. totally triggered… xD)

“What’s wrong Daichi? You have a complicated face you know?”

“Ahaha…. The fact that my common sense was that small for a human being just sank in into me….. don’t mind me.”

However, such meeting wasn’t just my culture shock alone.

Going on forward, I’ve noticed the abundance of ingredients and familiar goods I know. Some among them is something I haven’t seen yet and looked delicious. There were lots of goods I’m curious about.

After walking for several hours, I finally became familiar with the market’s atmosphere.

“I was surprised by how different this world is…. Like I thought, market’s the best place…. so vigorous isn’t it?”

“Well if you just said so, I would introduce you to some….”

I would be happy to receive info on the locals. Kirika-san smiled one after another.

Among others, there were men with swords and armors as a mean for weapon and protection, raising up my tension.

Swords and spears  that looked like was made normally from iron. The rude shopkeeper giving the feeling of “How much for a kill?” as they sell. What lies within is a place of Objet d’Art decorated with gorgeous swords.

There were no price tags on the things where jewels were inlaid in them. As for the swords, they had they blades curved making them not easy to use. Completely ignoring usability for the user, they only smell expensive price.

“Say Kirika-san. That sword decorated on that wall….. totally expensive isn’t it?”

“Hmm?… Ah, if you want to get that kind of sword, a private ranked soldier’s ten years worth of earnings would allow you to buy that.”

“Ten?! Ten years worth?!”

Thinking about their way of pricing makes it totally impossible so let’s do it the way a Japanese does it….. a fresh graduate’s salary amounts to 150000…. then simply, 150000 x 12 x 10.

“Eighteen million yen?!”

For it to reach that kind of amount, it makes me shrink back in fear.

Kirika-san smiled on me in reflex and then she said.

“Ahahaha… I can totally feel you there so it’s alright. Even if you earn that much money…. No, even I won’t consider that as a deal.”

“What do you mean?”

“That is a demonic sword that would be only useful on a person with a magic power high enough. It’s what you call an magical tool.”

“A magical tool?!”

“….After all, it’s an ornament so all other swords are unfit for that purpose wouldn’t it?”

Kirika-san’s words made myself think.

Speaking of this dangerous sword, it can’t do something like taking life. It’s form is not that for fights, however, kitchen knives can’t replace them either.

Seems like they are used for ceremonial purposes, I guess.

“Using magic, those who are called as mages use them as magical amplifiers. That sword too, that red jewel placed in there seems like an amplifier to fire magics.”

“Amplifier…. In other words, these are like magicians’ cane?”

Was my answer right on target? Kirika-san placed her hand on her waist and nodded.

“That’s right. If a mage use it to amplify, attack magics goes on a different level. Using a large magic together with other comrades, they can split the ocean…..”

“But Kirika-san, you can’t do such can you?”

I remembered the Kirika-san training in the garden.

“That’s why I told you, I’m just….. that”

Kirika-san’s smile was that of a self-ridicule.

“Do you think everyone in this world hold magic power? You see, a magician can call himself as one as long as they hold a handful amount of magic power. That’s why, Elmont kept that status. It’s a country where lot of superior mages appear one after another.”


“Just by having a magical tool, you can call yourself as a mage. And then, anyone who can use magic to a certain extent, learns martial arts….. just like me.”

“In other words…. a “Magical Warrior” is it?”

Somehow, I blurted out that popular name. In the stories in Japan’s games, you can clearly see that popular name now that I’ve thought about it….. Kirika-san who’ve heard me had her eyes opened wide.

“Magical….. Warrior….. Magical Warrior is it?….. That’s nice! Real nice!”


Suddenly, Kirika-san started to break the ice, taking out a long spear from the shop.

“I am the Elmont’s Third Princess’ exclusive head guard, the magical warrior Kirika F. Lilac……Up!”

“No…. not up….”

Me who is amazed in another way, Kirika-san let loose of a loud laughter.

“Actually, I can’t become a mage so I settled in a totally not cool title of a warrior. That made actually me a bit happy…. Up till now, I’ve always been called as a “Semi-Mage”, “Mage Wannabe”,  or even an “Inferior Mage”….”


Seems like the common sense in this world, different magic power determines your position in reality.

Just how gorgeous that sword looks, it is pretty much looked down upon by many.

It’s not really a crime to use a tool you see…..


Kirika-san, who has a pleasant mood guided me around the castle town supplying me information about it. She looks like she’s really enjoying it.

“Wow, this really look splendid. Is it because of the stocks and trades here the proof of this country’s flourishing?”

“Well, you might say that now….”


To my frivolous talk, Kirika-san up till now, had a hesitant mood guiding me in the local.

“Daichi… Speaking of this world….. The western continent have lots of countries in it. Do you know what divides them from one another?”

I nodded to the abrupt question of Kirika-san.

“Yeah, I’ve heard it from Tear… Speaking of which.”

“From Tear right….”

Somehow, Kirika-san smiled wryly to me.

“Currently, the state between the countries in the western continent is… how you say it, not that good.”

“Heh? Could it be….. wars?”

Quarrels between countries = Wars. I was raised in the peaceful Japan so it didn’t came to me. But, I do feel an obscure amount of fear.

“The tension between them doesn’t go as far as that. Actually, for more than ten years already, this country was not at war….”

“!! Isn’t that good?”

Kirika-san had a disagreeable look on her and glared at me with scornful eyes.

“There are still remains of fire somewhere. There are lots of countries where their technological advancements did not improve. Thinking on how to improve their war capabilities is still ingrained deep-rooted on them. Thus, even though logistics for goods seems lively enough, they tend to be missing in times of bringing supplies into war. Like Elmont’s fish catching, agriculture is something not popular here. With that said, when trade disappears, the market tends to go quiet.”

“Heh… So you guys are not only just in quarrel with Hell of the eastern continent….”

Kirika-san lets out a sigh of self-ridicule to my words.

“Truly, even though there’s no time for mankind to fight one another.”

At that time, at the store in front of me, I noticed the jute bags being sold in volumes.

“Ah…. Those are!”

“What’s wrong Daichi? Did you find something?”

Because of my voice going ahead, Kirika-san’s awareness came back.

What was inside the jute bags were small cylindrical white grains. Another one was light brown roundish grains. Both bags were filled with innumerable amount of them.

Right now, I found the most valuable thing.

“Yehey, I found it! So this world did have them! Rice and soybean!”

These were the Japanese common foods. I have kept dreaming of these ingredients for several days.

Though some of them were long and slender and doesn’t really look like that of Japanese rice, the fact that it does exist was something worth the fuss.

Kirika-san asks in wonder to the me, celebrating in merry.

“Rice? Soybean? From the hometown of Daichi is it? Is this how they were called there?”

“……Is it different in this country?”

It seems like they have almost the same name as that of those fish but, they’re not exactly the same.

Well… the fishes here swims across the sky you see…..

“Yes, the white one here is “Fruit of Ricetree”. Likewise, this one is the “Fruit of Beantree”. Either way, they are variants from cores of trees.” (TLN: Someone like me, who is in agriculture, calling a cereal and leguminous plant as nuts is just…. T_T)

“Trees?! Are you saying that these rice and soybean came from trees?!”

What I’ve always known is that rice were grown on paddy fields and soybeans on fields. This is the Nth time that I’ve been surprised by things today.

“But, Fruit of Beantree compared to Core of Ricetree is it is pretty difficult to eat. The problem might because of the climate. The production of it is not so high because it’s not that popular of a product….”

While Kirika-san was murmuring, I took out the rice and explained to Kirika-san.

Certainly, the Ricetree inside the shop have been taken care quite better.

More so, in regards to me coming to the market, up till now, I’ve never met one that’s why, it’s obvious from one look.

“Speaking of which, I’ve heard it one time that in the west, they see rice as vegetable….”

Rice in general was a staple food, commonly circulating around Asia.

There were lots of way of cooking this staple food in many countries, but this country doesn’t seem to know on how to eat this staple food.

Even though it’s an another world, this country do have the feeling of the old western country back in earth.

What remains you might say, the climates for rice cultivation might not exist in this country.

More like, aren’t these rice harvested from trees have different way growing them? That I don’t know.

However, for me, I would like to make meals in this country the way I like it.

It doesn’t matter to me even if these rice were fruits bore from trees.

There is rice! That in itself is important for a Japanese like me.

“Pops! This rice… I mean Fruit of Ricetree, I’ll take it all! Also Fruit of Beantree, I’ll take 10 bags of it….”



A day later, I and my fellow gardeners and maids are handing out large casks and bottles with each carrying the white “Fruit of Ricetree” and “Fruit of Beantree”, starting our own production.

Though I don’t know whether it was successful or not, by all possible means, I want to produce Japanese ingredients a success…. Well, it would be just Miso and Soy Sauce.

But, would it be an easy success after six months?

As the problem in fermentation, it would take a long time.

“If it comes to it, I just do something about the miso and soy sauce.”

I’ve repeated doing this work….. for two weeks.

“Kou-san~, I have come~” (TLN: Is there any Horie Yui voicebank for vocaloid?! I WANNA MAKE HER SAY THIS!!!)

“Oh, if it isn’t Tear…. I’ve waited for you…”

Today, I personally called Tear out. Nevertheless, I didn’t thought that she herself would come. My mind froze for a moment….. To that dress of Tear.

A blue-based thin cloth wrapped around with a sash, she totally looked like wearing a yukata from the hot springs. Of course, there’s no way for this world to have this clothes.

That was what I made from the cloth I got from the market. Since the other day, I assured her that such clothing would be “Easy” to wear. Oh, my first time seeing her wearing that clothes.

“It really is easy to wear, this clothe is…..” (TLN: Did you wear undergarments beneath it? xD)

At that moment, I saw Tear twirling around.

With her hair waving from her back, I can see her nape flashing in my sight. From the westerner look that she has, she surprisingly look suited to it.


Scratching the back of my head, I clenched my fist tightly.

Recalling a few years back, there was a girl that I got along with conversing a topic about mastering sewing which ended up in disaster. However, those memories don’t matter! I couldn’t possibly be able to make this work of art in the highest grade!


“Is something the matter?”

My behavior was strange for Tear, was she possibly praising my work and not me? But, I can’t help myself raising my thumbs up and say,

“No-…. not at all! Tear, you’re the greatest!!!”

“Huh? Okay…. Thank you?”

Why are you making a face like that?

I’m indebted to her for teaching me a lot…. First of all, speaking about foreign cultures and that Spirit of Japan, my mission is to spread it with my very soul…. Sorry, I’ll be speaking the truth.

I just wanna see it! I wanna see this girl wearing a yukata for god’s sake!!!

With that said, albeit confused about my delight, Tear and I went inside the tool shed, her eyes went wide from amazement.

“Umm…. This is?”

There was a wooden table set up in the tool shed. And then, a square futon placed next up to it. Tear was supposed to be surprised by this unknown things!

“This table here is a “Catalpa Table” then here is the “Zabuton“. My hometown’s most popular dining table. Well, it was made in haste so it still looks rough…. That kind of thing you know…..”

There is no culture in this world where you sit directly on the floor. I, myself have made this.

Rather than saying that I made it, it was more of an old table that I fabricated into a short one. “Catalpa Table-ish~” kind of. Let’s just skip on the details.

“Erm~ In other words, in Kou-san’s hometown, eating while sitting down on the floor is the norm?”

“Yep. Though not everything is true in there….”

First of all, Tear never knew any culture that involved sitting down. She spread the zabuton and slowly sat on it. It’s what you call, a girl sitting down.

With a steamy hot “meal”, with a color-varied “pickled vegetables”, and slowly golden-burnt “dried mackerels”, the wooden bowl filled to the brim with “clear broth soup” from clam extracts.

All of it were foods that Tear tastes for the first time.

“This is…. Kou-san’s hometown’s…..”

Not knowing all, before Tear’s glistering eyes is “Japanese food”.

“Wait a bit, let me get the spoon….”

“Ah, Kou-san wait…..”

Tear stopped me from getting the spoon. She took out the chopsticks from her pocket.


“After receiving it from Kou-san, I started to practice using it. Please see the result of my intensive training.”

Matching her hands while closing her eyes, she said: “Itadakimasu”.

In the beginning, this country didn’t have greetings like “Itadakimasu” nor “gochisousama” in their culture.

She herself was obviously got influenced by me. I can only close my eyes while smiling wryly at her.

Tear timidly held the “clear broth soup” and tasted it.


It was a close encounter of the third kind for her, the taste of the shellfish and vegetables’ flavor mixed together in the soup bringing out the saltiness of it.

The “clear broth soup” in complete harmony gave Tear the shock.

“Delicious…. It’s so delicious!!! I haven’t tasted such delicious soup in my life!”  “Wahahahaha! That’s makes me glad!”

Having that food cooked was accompanied by the greatest compliment.

Saying “Delicious” more than a Japanese person would do, she suddenly started to cry making me confused myself.

“He-…..hey now. Did it really made you cry?”

After hearing me, Tear suddenly noticed that she was crying herself.

“Ah…. I’m sorry. It was just so delicious….. besides…”


“I….. This is the first time I’ve had such enjoyable meal. It’s because I always eat alone….”


It seems that eating together might not that be of a first for her, besides, this time it’s good. Tear wiped off her tears and smiled.

“For making such delicious meal just for me even eating it so close together. It’s just that and yet…… it really makes me happy.”

Suddenly, that made me embarrassed.

“We-….. well, I’m happy to hear that….. I guess?”

Actually, it is also a first for me. This is also the first time I’ve eaten so close together with a girl.

I, myself know that, I also want to say it, that my cooking made a girl happy.

“Thank you for the food~”

“Ah, glad you liked it….”

She ended up asking seconds after all. Asking for larger portions of the cooked meal while I’m going to be broke for a while.

“Having her received what I made was worth it after all….”

The biggest compliment might be finishing off her plate. This time, I turned over and showed the completely emptied pot that I used to cook.

“Now then….. hmm? I guess it’s time to clean up.”

“Ah, Kou-san, let me do i-…..”

The bustling me have stood up and confused Tear. But, since because I was not used to her yukata, she pulled her own sleeve with her hand.

At that moment, her white left shoulder was exposed.


Panickly tucking up her sleeve, Tear blushingly looked up to me.

“……Did you see?”

“…. See what?”

I turned away and answered in a strained way. I can feel the pulsation of my own heart.

“I am so sorry…. for displaying such ugly sight…”

“No… There was just a splendid bird outside…. Ah—…”

In Tear’s soft, white skin appeared a “Mark in the form of a Bird”. That sight burned in my eyes. I stopped upon noticing what I’ve “Seen”.


I’m quite lucky to see the sight of the angry, shy Tear while embarrassed. Either way, both of us freeze for a moment of time. After a short while, there was a short, awkward silence between me and Tear.

“Ne-, nevertheless, Kou-san’s hometown cooking really is great. It’s the only delicious thing you can find here in Elmont Kingdom….”

She was forcibly trying to change topic. But then, I also just went with the flow.

“What are you saying…. You guys have something in this country too. “Something never been seen before” kinda stuff. I was just doing something different.”

“Fuun~~ But without Kou-san making it, it would be just the same plain old food.”

Tear said that to me who was trying to be modest.

“Ah~ If Kou-san was just part of the Kingdom’s Luncheon Meeting…..”

For something that Tear said so casually, it totally stayed in my mind.

“…..What is that? That lunch thingy?”

“Eh?! You never knew it?! It happens once a month in Elmont castle….. Every leaders from different countries meet together to mingle with one another on a luncheon meet.”

Many leaders assemble for a lunch…. a cold sweat suddenly flows from my head.

“Sa-…. say, I want to know something…. that luncheon meeting…. who’s organizing it?”

I was hoping for a different answer.

However, Tear’s emotions suddenly lost…. She said by putting up a smile.

“The third princess, “Elmont’s Good-for-Nothing”….”



“Any details about the luncheon meet? It may not be related to my gardener work though.”

I cannot wipe off that bad premonition from Tear’s answer, Kirika-san was the one who answered.

“What of it? Isn’t it just a lunch? This country have far more problems to consider……”

Anyway, I was hoping for an information to make ease my worries. Kirika-san had a difficult look on her face while swinging it left and right a bit.

“No. You can’t really say that. Despite it being called mingling between people, it’s a gathering of leaders. Can’t really say it big words but, it doesn’t mean that Elmont and their excellent diplomatic relations are part of it. Something like of a political diplomacy…. that kind of suspicious meeting.”

“Po-, political diplomacy….”

“It’s just demonstration of Elmont’s power inside and outside of the country. This much is what we can do.”

“But, if it’s just to demonstrate their power, aren’t they also have military advantage?”

Kirika-san smiles wryly to my question.

“Hahaha no way it could be. Showing off power through military power is not needed. Even if our country can splendidly prepare a place for the meals in advance, our country still can’t make delicious kind of foods which in itself, serving as a restraint. That’s why, food is an important factor for businesses isn’t it?”


“Yes. Because of this…. servants are just good-for-nothing…..”

At that time, a man’s voice suddenly interjected Kirika-san’s words.

He was a man with short hair carrying two long swords in one hand. During the time I was toppled down. I remembered this man.

“……Cucoule” (TLN: ククール tis his name…. Suggestions? :/ also, finally, the dickwad that we all been waiting for… xD)

Kirika-san gave a provocative glare, the knight in front shook it off with a sarcastic look on his face. Not being able to take it anymore, I interjected.

“What are you deliberately saying?”

“You don’t understand it, don’t you?….. This meeting has too many minus on it.”

This man called Cucoule, spreads his hands in an amazingly way.

“For argument’s sake, if this meeting was suspended, the reason would be that of food being unappetizing…… As soon as these foreigners sees this as an insult from Elmont, the worst might happen….”

I gasped in reflex.

“The worst…. you say?”

“Of course, first and foremost, these countries are not in friendly terms at all and that is to blame. That will become an insult and will turn into quarrel between them. Then… it will be war I guess?”


The sweat from my forehead falls down like a waterfall.

“Will they safely do it? That “useless” organizer? If so…..”

“Your anxiety is not needed. The fact is that it’s the Princess and that’s enough. If you have that spare time to chat here, why don’t you take care for the safety of that greedy minister?”

With such dangerous mood, Kirika-san and Cucoule-san glared at one another.

However, even for someone like me, I was not glad.

That dream of mine that I thought that I should just laugh off was something that I should “Not to laugh off”.



“Now, now~ Do you believe what I’m saying?”

“……Your shoes.”

“Ah, Excuse me….”

What appeared once again in my late sleep is this highly goddess as she panicky taking off her shoes. (TLN: Kou indirectly tamed this goddess… xD)

After my reaffirmation of her existence, I realized that last time was not a dream.

“……For the moment, so the one who called me from my old world was you little girl?”

Right before me was a disappointed goddess who sat straight.

“Yes. I’m the one that led you this world, this “Telgilgeass”….”

“For what reason?”

“Were you not listening to what I’ve said?! I’ve told you last time! This world’s “Fate to Ruin” for the sake of the hero erasing the demon king.”

Ruchie was diligently serious. There was no mistake that this little girl was not joking.

“…. Can you tell me the details?”

I prepared myself and asked Ruchie. Ruchie who was also messing around became serious.

“Thinking about the current situation of this country, you do know the Third Princess is being called as the “Elmont’s Good-for-Nothing” don’t you?”

“…..I do.”

Though her character evaluation was that of hate, right now I can’t let myself get the better of me.

“I’ll continue okay? Just what have been said earlier, if the luncheon meet continues, it will be bound to fail. It will destroy the domestic and foreign affairs with the foreign countries.”

“Domestic and foreign affairs is it?”

To me with a question mark in the head, Ruchie showed me a light coming out from her hand.

What was there was some plump noble man that you wanna hit the moment you meet him.

“This guy’s…. It seems like I remember him?”

Even though I just said that, I remember him a little.

Several days ago, he was that person that I kindly let fall to my trap filled with hairy caterpillars.

“This guy is this country’s minister, also goes by the name of the Greedy Minister. He will do anything for the sake of money…. First, this guy will be a hinder to that luncheon meeting.”

“?! What the hell? So this country’s minister will be himself the hindrance to it?”

If it’s the top brass in this kingdom, trouble with other nations will sure stir up.

To my words, Ruchie went “Well yes~~” then continued.

“This greedy minister, in other words, wants to get his hands on the national budget.”

“…..The budget?”

I felt a suspicious feeling from it.

From the historical records of Earth, there’s nothing good came upon touching the national budget.

“This minister wants to use the luncheon meeting by disrupting it. The minister will get his hands on the cooks the Third Princess will get. And then after that, the king will follow up, burrowed in debt in money.”

Ruchie nodded seriously while I was having cold sweat.

“You said the domestic and foreign affairs will turn sour right? If the domestic affairs will be ruined by this minister and the other top brass, then how about the foreign affairs?”

I strike Ruchie with a question. Given the situation, even a little bit of info would be helpful.

“Disrupting the foreign affairs….. Didn’t you heard me telling you that that person herself will ruin it?”

“……What do you mean?”

“The foreign countries will find fault in the “Luncheon Meeting” and then force Elmont to take on debts.”

Ruchie words made me confused.

“A fault you say…. Somehow, the future will be the minister achieving his plot during the eleventh hour in the luncheon meet? Naturally, that lunch in itself is edible right?”

“…..Well, that should be so. Even so, the guests would typically choose that way deliberately right?”

With that said, Ruchie once again used her Magic of the Time Seer and then, a figure of one person was shown.

With a long red hair, she seemed like a princess.

“This girl is the flame country, Eclair Kingdom’s only daughter, Alicia Emonee. This princess is the vital point in this luncheon meeting….,” (TLN: We’re going to get the -dere princess… xD)

The princess being projected by the Magic of the Time Seer appears to be cold. I can honestly feel a sharp glint in her eyes. Though I have no intention in judging someone by appearance, this princess seems likely the one who will find fault in the luncheon meeting.

“…..Is this girl really the one who will find fault? She doesn’t seem like it…..”

“Don’t mind the small details, this princess emits hostility towards the “Third Princess”.”

“Hostility?! Why?!”

Though I don’t wanna admit that it might be because of the third princess being “Good-for-Nothing.”

If the reason for her hostility was that of opposite, then I don’t know what reason it is.

However, to my question, Ruchie awkwardly averts her face.

“I told you to not mind the small details. Right now, face the bigger problem….”

“And that problem is?”

“Ever since her birth, this girl never tasted anything delicious…. She has no sense towards great flavors.”

“….. For real?”

Having no sense of taste….. Even though you would use high class ingredients that in itself would not make it “Delicious”. For this person called by Ruchie as “This time’s Vital Point”, she’s definitely part of those totally not good beings.

“The origin of Alicia-oujo’s hostility was from a public place. “It’s not delicious” she declared. That in itself will destroy the luncheon meet….. It will then be remembered as an insult to the princess of another country. Thus, the tension between countries will be born. Then followed by war…..”

“That’s so unreasonable…..”

“Even if it’s unreasonable, it will happen you know? The person wishing for this quarrel will benefit on it you know? Your country at one point did too, didn’t it? By chance, didn’t carving letter in the money was an insult and started the Daimyou’s Warring States period?” (TLN: Sengoku Basara!!! Oh call out Oda Nobuna(ga) too…. xD)

“Tokugawa Ieyasu is it? That in itself is not laughable….”

I’m not fond of finding fault on your enemies just to start a war. That was taught to me by the history teacher during history class time….. If you based it from something like that, this world’s “Animosity between Humanity and Demons” totally makes it as nothing to be laughed at.

This world and my old world, although there’s difference, and that’s they have done something regrettable.

“Just by remembering this forecast, it all ties down to the minister. Wanting to raise up tension between countries, he will prepare to do it so.”

“That will bring them to war along with those guys….”

No matter how you say it, it stems from money I guess.

The minister wants to lay his hands on the budget during the times of war with the other countries, so easy to understand.

“Shifting a large amount of war funds is easy. All the minister needs to do is to raise tension to start the war. However, acts of aggression to nearby human countries will get worsen, that’s why….”

“Humanity in the will not be able to rise up against invasion from the eastern continent…..”

“That’s right.”

With the little girl affirming my words, I gulped down my breath.

“Humans and Demons are alike in a sense where one village wage war with the others. Seems like there will be lot getting tied up, and the sparks will fly and shall be the beginning where one of the eastern continent’s villages will be set on fire. And that village, will be the Demon King’s mother’s village.”

There was no need for words. From now on, humanity will wage war just like in the forecast….. seems like it.

If this self-proclaimed goddess’ words to be trusted. However,

“If the Demon King’s blood relative’s hometown get burnt to ashes, his rage will be humanity’s downfall by the time he declares the western continent’s full scale invasion. At that time is where ordinary heroic sagas start to turn really dark.”

Ordinary heroic sagas.

That is the point between the tale between the Demon King and the Hero in said games. What was shown last time was “Gracis’ Final Moments” wherein that one scene was easy to understand.

That’s why it was “Ordinary”. Though what the goddess have said did not end there.

“Goddess-sama…. You said this earlier right? The Hero and the Demon King’s clash will bring ruin to all….”

Ruchie closes her eyes from my words.


“The Land embraces its fate to ruin. The Devilish black clothing will alight. The accompaniment by the Water being. The drive of that Flame. The rumbling Earth. The boisterous dance of Wind. The governance of the old large tree. To go against the magical power of domination is unforgivable. The time when everything sees, the Light and Darkness will dance. That Being. The Heaven’s shining red gem will be taken away….”


“The hell are you on about…”

“This world’s old Entrust of Destruction.”

“Entrust…. of Destruction?”

That sounded really dangerous….

“That’s right. The ones appearing on it is the “Demon King in Black Clothing” and the Being of Light, “The Hero” fighting. At the end, the Heaven’s Ruby is the “Sun” engulfed by the darkness.”

“Engulfing…. the sun?”

With me having a puzzled look, Ruchie said,

“For an earthling like you, a “Nuclear Winter” is something easy to understand right?….”

“Nuclear?! Was this world’s science at that level?!…..”

“Excuse me. It seems my explanation was not enough. A great explosion at the level of nuclear level is what I mean….”

Ruchie explaining it in an easy way to understand, but definitely wasn’t needed.

Even in films, dramas, mangas, or in animes, it’s the popular “Nuclear Winter” whenever the world’s to be ruined. A gigantic explosion beyond human understanding having large quantity of fine particles soaring up in the sky and in the atmosphere covering up the rays of the sun, then cold starts to spread…. just like that. (TLN: A LITTLE bit of sarcasm there Daichi… xD )

Speaking of that, whatever happens here in this world would be realistically imaginable.

In other words, if this goes on, this world will truly get destroyed.

But…. that doesn’t mean that.

“….Why….. why choose me?”

I squeezed out my fading voice.

“What could I ever do?! Selfishly dragging me here in this world saying that I must save the world!! There should be many other guys out there right?! How about you speak up for yourself huh, you self-proclaiming god!!”

I reflexively hit my fist on the floor and shouted.

“I know I’m being disrespectful here! But it can’t be helped right? Both my magic power and fighting power is zero! I’m just your typical Japanese guy you know!!”

“…. As regrettable as it seems, a divine being can’t directly interfere with those of surface. But because this world’s logic is that of a useless one, I summoned the one with the most potential in this world.”

“Potential you say?! Then why is it me? I have neither the power nor knowledge, I’m just too weak for the war so how can I stop the downfall of this world?!”

I bared my emotions towards the little girl that looked troubled.

“Certainly, I was the one that led you to this world. However, it is not I that chose you to be the saviour.”


Ruchie’s words had stopped my momentum.

“I only did the call. The world’s vital point to destruction, “Gracis” was the one that desired you. That’s just it. You are Gracis’, the one chosen by her.”



I then remembered.

During the time when I was summoned, what I heard was a voice saying “Save me”.

“And then at the same time, you responded to her. There’s no return back to your former world.”

At that point, the little girl pointed at me and said,

“E-, even if you say that…. Even if I did make contact with princess, what can I even do….”

As I was still arguing back, Ruchie suddenly grinned broadly with a smile. This little girl strangely looked like impish.

“Wha-…. what is it?”

“Fufu…. Nothing. Nowadays, even I am believing in the potentiality within you.”

With that, Ruchie placed her index finger in the middle of my forehead. Totally making herself that important.

“There’s no magic in this world that can break the “Mask of Smile”. Without feeling troubled, you can break that mask apart.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

I totally don’t know what she’s saying.

I do know that “Mask of Smile” = The Third Princess. It’s just that I’ve only met her twice since I’ve been summoned. Beyond that is something that I can’t remember.

“Jou-chan….. The hell are you getting at?…..”

Ruchie answered my question by having the light of magic on in her hand again.

What appeared was the “Bloody Wind War Princess”‘s heroic look from last time. The look of the The Third Princess in ten years time.

“Just what on earth….”

“Pay attention to her left shoulder.”

“Hah? Left shoul…..der!?”

The moment I’ve seen it, my mind stopped completely.

The left shoulder of this woman soldier, there was a wound there that covered a mark.

Whereunder what appears beneath it, made me remember something earth-shattering.

“You get it now don’t you? Now, you have seen a part of that disaster. What will happen will depend on you.”


  1. I can forgive the apples tasting terrible because that’s the default genome of apples, only a few hundred rare apples in the thousands of years of cultivation have been tasty eating apples. All the apples eaten today are grafted clones of these rare yummy ones. but the rest is all makes me want to facepalm. As a pro Chef who spent 5 years of her youth working in a nursery/garden center a lot of this nonsense is cringe worthy.


  2. i really like the loli goddess sama hahahahhaa tear is just the princess just as i thought she would be hahahhaha…still loli goddess sama!!!!


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  4. I’ve seen flying cabbages before so I’m not surprised with flying fish. yep.


  5. Um. Um. It seems kinda cliché, but it also seems blatantly obvious, so I’m just going to say it… Tear is the princess, isn’t she. 🙄

    Thanks for the translation! 😄

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