Chapter 3 – The Two Princesses


“Kou-san~ Good morning to you~”

Lately, I’ve been taking breakfast together with Tear. Her bright, cheerful voice can be heard as she knocks on the hut’s door.

“? Should I go to sleep again?.”

With my response which is quite worried, the door was opened as she turned the doorknob.

“I’m opening it…… Kou-san, are you awake?…..”

The moment Tear found out what state am in, she halted.

Did she felt something?

I didn’t answer but Tear just stood in front of me, staring. That gave me the unpleasant mood.
“U-…..umm…. Kou-san?”

“Can you….. sit for a moment?”

“Eh?….. Okay.”

My mood is that of being totally complicated. It’s obvious that I was nervous but, Tear sat in front of me.

After confirming on how she looked, I started to speak.

“There’s something that I want to confirm right now. No, I will have you confirm it for real.”

“….. By confirm, you mean?”

Tear cocked her head with a blank look. She was still acting like her own self so I should not let myself get carried away by her intolerable cuteness.

First, let’s make her hear the thing she might not want to know.

“…..Tear, no, her highness, Third Princess Thealis E. Calvados.”


At that moment, Tear’s eyes opened wide in shock.

“Wh-….. wh-….. why….. when…..?”

“I’ve just discovered it last night…. That’s because of the crest you have on your shoulder…. That is the proof of you being royalty…. I’ve just learnt it yesterday.”

Tear covered her left shoulder at once as if to conceal it.

What’s in her shoulder is the Phoenix’s Crest. It only appears on Elmont Royal Family inheritors.

Her knee starts to tremble, Tear started to break in tears. That was the face that I don’t want to see. But, to confirm it there was no choice. (TLN: HAH! PUNS!)

“There’s something I want to hear from you.”


“Why is the country’s princess comes in a disguise just to meet up with me?”

“Tha-… that’s….”

Tear was hesitant to answer so I decided to push more questions on her.

“Were you interested on me because I was a Good-for-Nothing?”


Tear had a pale look on her as she faced herself to me.

That face of hers. That confirms my expectations coming from her reaction.

Last night, in order for me to prove that she is the third princess, I need to confirm her reason for her rendezvous up with me.

Being ridiculed as a Good-for-Nothing for having no magic, furthermore, a useless existence. If I found that out sooner, it might have given me sense of relief. Now I just felt insecure.

“That’s…. not the reason….”


I felt resentful from that but I bitterly held that down from leaking out.

There were so many girls that came up to me just for my skills. In the end, it’s not me but my skills is where they’re interested in.

Even here in this parallel world, it did not change for me.

Although I’m not that dissatisfied.

But, this girl………… Tear was different.

“That really…. hurts me.”

“I’m so……. sorry…..”

“After all, even you yourself is just after my skills not just because that I have no magic whatsoever….”

“Tha-…. that’s not true at all!”

Tear who was being upset by my words looked to me and protested.

“And how am I wrong then?!”

I roughed up my voice towards a girl who was being miserable.

However, even though Tear was scared by it, she spoke up.

“Just like what you said Kou-san, that was my reason from the start. After finding out someone who’s on the same boat as me…… I felt happiness for the first time. Being always ridiculed as a good-for-nothing for so long, to finally find someone that knows my burden….”

Tears flowed down from the her eyes while she spoke.

“I…. I’m the worst kind of princess….”

Crap…. I made her cry. (TLN: At least you admit it… xD)

Just during those times is when my angers fades away.

“But! After meeting with Kou-san! I can’t feel any superiority complex from you at all!”

Tear said so much after breaking down to tears.

However, she squeezed out her voice while enduring her tears.

“You… You have given me happiness and deeply moved me emotionally. That’s just it!”

“Eh….?” (TLN: I loved how Lingoes gave me “Food” as translation for this line. No, I know he was bewildered but I was making a report while on work. I have to make use of hard words…. xD)

I gasped from the unexpected words from Tear.

“About your hometown not having any magic at all. Not to use any magic at all to make delicious meals, and then your attitude of not having to rely on magic at all…. You, who’s a normal person who came from a parallel world is the one that I admire. You are my ideal person! Kou-san, what my reason was when I first visited you was true. But!…. The reason that I kept coming here is different.”

“….. Then tell me what is it.”

Tear shriveled back but she steeled herself and said.

“It was enjoyable. Talking about you. Eating together with you. About what you do… Everything of it! Because I can be myself whenever I am with you!….”

My heat felt a throbbing pain.

There was no lie to those words said by that face. First of all, she was not the type to be able to lie. With that said, I myself can understand her reason for being here everyday.

I…… I should’ve….. understood that… sooner.

The princess that wears the Mask of Smile is bad at lying. If it’s the me of before, I can unmask her.

I would be able to tell their intention just by their lies.

For I have been relying on resentful emotions, I was ashamed of myself.

“I am not good with magics nor the sword. I’m cursed to not be able to. At my current standpoint, I’m literally next to useless. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve seen you in the same way…. Much to my disappointment though.”

Add the painful throbbing in my chest.

A world with magic as the premise. A friend of hers called Kirika-san also takes the same pain but Tear definitely takes the cake here.

And then, speaking of Tear being cursed, I somehow understand that.

Even those girls back in Japan, I’m just “Useful” they said. Not that it is a bad thing to consider but, when you compare it to Tear’s, it pales in comparison.

But, I only kept going on with good will in mind. I have always been seen as someone that has an all-rounder skills.

No one ever did…. No one did saw the real me.

This girl, Tear might be a princess but, what would be the basis of my shock?

“You are… You are totally not minding about royalties nor magic powers. I… In the eyes of Tear, I’ve found someone that who is like that for the first time. You are the person that I admire.”


That exactly makes me wanna sympathize now. For I feel the same as her.

Even if there’s only one out there.

If someone called out to me, not because of my skills but recognizes the “me”,

I would definitely treasure them….


And for a short while, Tear continued to cry. Standing up, I faced her and bowed my head.

“….. I am really sorry”

The moment she lifted up her face, I was prepared for the worst.

There’s no tears already in her face, donning that mask of hers.

“I will never ever come here again. Please do excuse me….”

Said Tear as she turned back exiting the hut.

If this goes one, she’ll just leave.

She’ll never come back here ever again.

Won’t come here again? You, who don a sorrowful face? You, who wears the “Mask of Smile” will be your last visit here?

For the very first time in my life, you were the very first that admired me….

No way…. I don’t want that!!

The moment I thought so, the growing bud of guilt inside me was blown away.

“Wait a moment you dumb girl!”

“Ye-, Yes!?”

After being screamed angrily at, Tear turned back with a perplexed look on her face.

“Just who do you think will let you go home?! Don’t you know how happy it was for me?!”

“Huh?….. Eh?”

“I always look forward for the maid Tear to come here with that smile of hers! I’ll never forgive you if you go back wearing that sad smile of yours!”

Blurting out those selfish words of mine to her, at first, Tear was bewildered by it. Then, she eventually started to speak again.

“So….. So what if it doesn’t feel well for you??! Saying something about a the face a woman have is just impolite as it can get!”

“The hell you mean by not feeling well?! You’re not coming back again? To hell with that!! I’m definitely make you go back with a good look on your face!”

And then, we kept on barking on one another. An ultimate lese majesty in a way.

“Just because I’m a Japanese, don’t expect me to go full respectful to your “Princess” or your “Your Highness” bullshit! Because I’ll keep calling you what I call you!”


I stared blankly on this princess. This one who is part of the important royal family…. I had a smile on my face.

“I will always call you Tear and nothing else!”


In my situation, there’s no way for me to change the way I address her. It was my complete declaration of companionship to her.

Understanding what I meant earlier just now, she started to once again have tears in her eyes.

There was no mask any longer to that face of hers.

She wiped off those tears of hers. Tear answered back to me with a radiant smile.

“Yes….. Yes!! If that’s how you want it, then I’ll oblige!!”

I dazzlingly looked up to the ceiling.

Maybe this is the right way to face that goddess.

“You’re so dirty damn megami-sama. You definitely left me alone with her on this perfect timing weren’t you?”

I slowly stood up, declaring.

“Though I don’t believe everything you’ve said, but I can’t help but worry about this girl…. Though I would prefer to just leave me alone though!!”

At that one-shot scream, I hit my cheeks.

“I hate tragedies. Might as well then…. make everyone smile with comedy!!!”

“…..Kou-san… What on the world are you screaming about?”

“…. Just talking to myself. Don’t worry about it.”

Tear asked with a puffy look and I answered as if nothing happened.

However, the next moment, the tool hut’s door was kicked down when an intruder suddenly showed up.

“Tear!!! What happened?! Are you okay?!”

It was Kirika-san panickly went in.

There’s no way this person would not consider it as a state of emergency when Tear is wailing and bellowing.

This Exclusive Head Guard of the Third Princess was Tear’s best friend.

The moment when best friend-san saw what the current situation looked like, she immediately glared at me while trying to conceal that fighting spirit of hers.

Ah… crap…. This is definitely a negative situation if you think about it.

A man and a woman opposite in one another. And then, the girl had a swollen eyes that totally cried for some time already.

Wherever you look, it definitely stinks of “Me making Tear cry.”!!!

“I’ve misjudged you, DAICHI!!!!”

Kirika-san kicked the floor as she shouted.

“Wait Kirika! This is not what…..”


At the heat of the moment, I can hear Tear’s voice protecting me. Unfortunately, the right side of my face resounded an explosive like echo. Kirika-san…. Nice punch!

Afterwards, I recovered my consciousness. The situation was explained and Kirika-san expressing her apology for tens of minutes.

“I’m sorry! I am really sorry! Tear was crying so I just suddenly lost my temper at the heat of the moment….!”

Kirika-san making an apology that doesn’t seem to be one. But I can’t reproach her about that. It was more convenient instead.

“…… No, let me thank instead. No matter the reason, I made a girl cry. That was my punishment.”

“How did you know that I was here Kirika?”

“I am more or less an exclusive guard of yours, you know? Knowing where have you been is part of my job.”

“It was me who told you. Don’t twist it.”

“Well… Tear is the pet name I use whenever when the two of us are alone.”

Maybe that time from another day when I told Kirika-san that “I’m getting along with a maid” was the clinching information revealing that she’s disguising. She may have been in alert mode all the time outside the hut.

Head Guard’s master and a man alone, but her master was just not visiting and that made her worry about her.

“You should’ve though hard about your aliases, don’t you think so, Meal In-charge Tear-chan?”

Says Kirika-san as she toyed with Tear’s forehead.

“What’s with you, geez!”

Tear held her forehead, pouting. That look that not only is pleasing but only shown to her best friend.

Not only Kirika-san being her Head Guard, but she also knows about her Mask of Smile to keep herself from being hurt by those around her.

I laid out three zabuton for three people.

I sat on cross-legs, Tear sat very girlish and Kirika-san somehow, doing a seiza.

“By the way Tear, how’s the preparation for the luncheon meet?”


Tear went blank from my sudden question.

Well that would happen. considering our conversation earlier, that was totally a sudden question. However, that wasn’t a very good question to be heard. By all possible means.

“The luncheon meeting that will come in one month? It’s going well….”

Tear said that while bending her head a bit. That gave me the shivers down my spine.

Damn it. Just like that goddess said, the situation of these two is vague.

No. That’s not it. They did not speak about their reasons. That is already, they’re preparing for that “E’s Lunchtime”, aren’t they?

“Daichi, if I remember correctly, I haven’t told you about this didn’t I?”

Kirika-san who noticed my suspicious look on me, had a grim look and asked.

“You’ve already told me about it being a luncheon meeting between leaders and something a gardener shouldn’t probe into. So why are you asking me if I didn’t hear it already? Or maybe….”

Kirika-san glared at me cutting me off of what I want to say.

“Just…. what do you know?”

“As expected of the Head Guard. You’re really sensitive when it comes to your master’s dilemma.”


Along with my words, the master of hers leaked out an idiotic voice.

“In one month, “Many Country Leaders are invited for a Luncheon Meeting.” I’m sure that someone will definitely try to get in the way.”

“Wha-, what do you mean by that?!”

Compared to the obviously surprising reaction from Tear, Kirika-san had a still expression. Seems like some expectation was in there to some degree.

“Daichi…. the information…. where did you?”

Kirika-san half-closed her eyes just like how she is the head guard looking at her master’s enemy.

As expected, I can’t say that I got my info from a goddess. Well, she’s like my information network. It wouldn’t be that bad if I try to twist some words here and there.

“I just happened to hear the murmurings of the maids. Also, there’s those royal chefs too have many reasons nowadays just to leave the royal palace.”

“The chefs you say?”


“Something to do with vacation, they said. Something like fleeing their debts at night. Something like being adhered to expeditions. There were various reasons and could possibly be just gossips but… If you think about it, why are the chefs gone when the luncheon meeting is coming near?”

“Oh yeah!!! That’s it! The dishes!!”

“…. I see. Next is that huh.”

Tear was surprised by the details and seems like Kirika-san is doing some thought processing from my words. The person that could be the one behind it must be listed down on her mind.

“Certainly, dealing with these troublemakers must be done post-haste.”

“But, without the chefs, how’re we going to cook….?”

“Kirika-san, How about we make complaints against the mastermind of this trouble…. is it possible?”

I had a vague look but my intention was clear. Kirika refused.

“Don’t make hasty actions. If the person I’m thinking off is really the mastermind, we don’t have any evidence to pin on that person. That person have indeed done many stuff already but seeing how that person already made a position. It wouldn’t be that easy.”

Yeah right. Sad to say this, but I’m of in the same opinion. Instead of “For that very reason”, that minister’s position is what she meant.

“If you poke untactfully, the royal family who distrust Tear already will make things worst.
Me and Daichi might get fired off from our jobs, then get imprisoned for the crime of slander….”

“Guh…. imprisonment huh… As expected, straight to the cells huh.”

It would be different for Tear, who’s a royalty or Kirika-san who’s from being a plebeian that went to head guard, I’m just a strange outsider.

The upper brass in the kingdom can just cover their crimes easy as pie.

“Even if you say that, having the royal chefs out of the picture when the country leaders are attending the luncheon meeting…..”

Tear showed dizziness in front of us three.

“First of all, this meeting is like having war with countries’ leaders. Anyway, the ones coming are just those damn bourgeois people right? An average cook can only make an average dish…. get where I’m getting at?”

“That’s right. We can hire cooks from the castle town using the maids. By the way, there’s really no need for those royal chef right?…. It may be an odious scheme but effective.”

On this conspiracy of ours, we, in unison let out a groan of “Un~”

…. Ah. Not good. I also had this kind of mood back in school.

It’s like when the class prez go “Any opinions?” and everyone just go silent and nod.

At the end of it, no idea comes out and get a mental block.

I, too did understand that.

I stood up and said it to those two.

“Let’s take a break for a moment. Let’s have some tea.”

After a few minutes, I presented tea-cakes and tea to the two.

“Um…. Kou-san, this is yesterday’s?”

“What about the vegetables?”

The two who stared at the tea with confused look on them, I noticed the reaction of the two towards the “Tsukemono“.

“Ah… I see. You usually don’t have tea cakes on your teas right?”

The two once again, tilted their head in confusion. It was natural to understand that when having Teas = Sweet snacks.

“Sorry, sorry. In my country…. just a habit in my house. Unsweetened tea and tsukemono goes hand in hand.”

“Unsweetened Tea?”

This a different country in a different world. Black tea looks like just a tea.

Though the typical style of this country is to put aplenty of sugar on their teas, they are drinking my unsweetened green tea instead. (TLN: Sorry… that sounded very wrong in so many wrong ways… xD)

“Well… just try it. If it’s not to your liking then we can’t do anything about it….”

“Ohh…. Well then….”

“Let’s have… a taste then…?”

Sipsipsipsipsip….. munchmunchmunchmunch……

And then after a few minutes, you can say that the gardener, the head guard, and then the princess is sipping tea in their teacups and munching tea cakes together…. Truly what gave birth of this situation.

Especially Kirika-san who was conspicuous while sitting down in seiza.

“Hmm… It pass….”

“Really so. It’s a first for me to have a tasteless tea but…. it’s not bad after all….” (TLN: Dang… no TEARgasm here… xD)

Oh? That was surprising good comment.

“Not bad? Is that really how you think?”

Tear smiled and corrected her blunder after hearing it.

“Yes. I was in the impression of having a tasteless tea and sweets would be disgusting but…. it ended up pleasing me unexpectedly.”

Tear nudged at the tsukemono for the second time. Something flashed on my mind when I saw her.

Bitter tea and salty tsukemono. Customs of such different culture… Bringing the different customs of Japan.

Having my words going on a circle… And then, puzzling it all together, the words said by Tear yesterday resurfaces once more.

『Ahh~~ If Kou-san works in the kitchen….』


“Woah!! What is it?! What happened?!”

“Don’t just surprise us so suddenly!!”

Though Tear was surprised by me suddenly standing up and Kirika-san voicing complaints, I didn’t pay any attention to it and talked on.

“Unexpectedly delicious! We can do something like that!!”

“Wha-, what do you mean by that?”

The two gulped down their saliva, I then whispered. (TLN: I eat women for breakfast… xD)

“Japanese… Entertainment, the luncheon meeting will be done Japanese Style.” (TLN: Daichi used Japanese in the very beginning of this line then went back to Nihonfuu for Japanese Style.)

After a few minutes, the two had an uncertain look at their faces then gradually became unable to hide their excitement.

“It. It will be fine!! Let’s do it! Let’s do that!! Kou-san, there’ll be absolutely no royalty from the country will hear nor see about this!! The Luncheon Meeting is going to be a success!!!”

This conversation that suddenly raised it’s tension, Tear showed enthusiasm.

“….Certainly, you can cut off your old tricks but winning this with an unusual hand…” (TLN: I don’t know how to phrase this well but it means, stopping with your usual methods and do it with secret ace or something like that.)

In contrast to the excited Tear, Kirika-san is analyzing it calmly. There seems no rebuttal from the two of them either.

“Is it good? Are we gonna bet on it?”

“It will be fine!!! Let’s gamble on that! I will bet everything on Kou-san!!!” (TLN: The urge to make a meme out of this is high… xD)

This princess of a certain country suddenly blurts out unexpected stuff.

“Wait. Stop teaching our girl strange stuff….”

“I won’t tell her anything, Madam…”

Kirika-san’s scornful eyes of a mother made me straight back.

“Now then… One month’s not enough. Let’s quickly do what we can do…”

I said that just now. The high tension as of now suddenly changed when Tear turned gloomy.

“… What is it Tear?”

“No… nothing at all. Sorry for that. Even though I’m the host… I’ve been… useless all by myself.”

“The hell did you say?”

“… Kou-san, I am “Elmont’s Good-for-Nothing” for a reason. Two to be exact. Do you want to know how?”

“Two of them?”

First, it’s the obvious low magical power of hers despite being part of royal family.
However, I haven’t heard of the second one.

Tear discovered a flower’s seed on the floor. She picked it up and closed her eyes.

“The second reason would be… this.”


At that moment, the seed in her palm had a light shining on it. The seed break and it’s stem started to sprout and then, a red flower became in full bloom.

“This… this girl’s….”

At the time when I was summoned to this world, this is the first magic I’ve seen.

“Magical Plant Growth. I don’t have any magic to use but, I could at least use my magic at least once or twice a day. Moreover, I can only use it on one plant as a restriction…”

In other words, this magic of hers can’t make a single field bear fruit.

Certainly, that would make her be labeled as a “Good-for-Nothing”.

Tear quietly left that red flower on the floor and cast her eyes down.

“Not only my magic being useless in the battlefield, that in itself is the reason why I am Elmont’s good for nothing.”

I’ve heard it none other from Tear herself.

The royal family of this country wants to protect “Magic Power”, or so to speak, protect “Fighting Prowess”.

In other words, “Magic Power” = “Fighting Prowess” would be the general way of thinking about it.

This is the cause why she’s branded as a good-for-nothing…

Kirika-san pitifully stares at the dazzling Tear.

For her best friend to be called a good-for-nothing even also hurts her feelings.

I can understand the attitude of these two. Well, if you consider this world’s common sense then you can understand it… That’s why the mood didn’t lift up.

Tear had… Tear’s magic would only worth a thousand yen.


“This dumb idiot! You should’ve told me if you had this special skill from the very beginning!”

I excitedly took both and shook her hands.

“U-… Umm. did you listen? I said I can only use it once to twice per day. Moreover, only limited to one plant…”

After being praised like that, Tear started to speak her negative thoughts.

“And what are you saying?! Don’t you know how valuable that skill is?!”

Anyway, I have to say this clearly first. Next is to practice it.

My plan for this time— No. For this idea, I need to pick-up something necessary. Because I cannot write this world’s lettering, I had ask Kirika-san to do it. After she’s done writing it all, there were lot of sighing spat out.

Kirika-san also sighed after writing.

“Cooking from the start, dressmaking, clothing, carpentry work, engineering work, ordering materials, stocking up ingredients, it’s not that hard but…… definitely impossible with just the three of us.”


There was no time to grieve. Now if this plan get leaked to that mastermind, it would be troublesome. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that we need to gather talented people, we just need to someone to rely on cooking, carpentry work, and those who excel on specialized fields. There seemed to be lots of people we know of…

“Kirika-san!! You’re quite known locally right?!”

“Yeah. I’m quite acquainted with the locals in the castle town…”

“Good. We can ask for stocking up and men for work right?”


Even though Kirika-san agreed to it, there was still that “But” there.

“Even if we can secure ingredients, the problem would be workforce. I’m confident with the companions of mine but, they’ll mostly be attending the castle as military personnel.
Workforce is our problem. We have no one for special works.”

Tear haven’t said anything. To begin with, only a few people is intimate with her.

Tear turn her face away as if seem apologetic.

“I see. Kirika-san don’t have that much huh…”

At that time, I, who hailed from a different world suddenly hit off something and blurted something weird.

Speaking of job-related tasks, there’s an expert on those routines in his daily life. Someone who trespasses the princess’ room without permissions– that’s right, those maids. (TLN: I THOUGHT IT WAS YOU DAMNIT!!! xD)

It just that to ask for their cooperation, there’s something that needs to be done.

After reporting it to Tear, she paled and drew back.

“EEHH?! I… I’m to ask them you said?!”

That look on her saying “Why am I have to do something like that?” though I can’t feel the haughty attitude a royalty has. To begin with, if she were that arrogant, then she might not needed that Mask of Smile of hers.

“… Even if it’s me, even if I talk to them, no one would listen to me… that’s what you think right?”


Bullseye. Seriously. What a submissive princess…

However, for this reason, this is her weakness and also, her weapon.

I, who’s on opposite side held those shoulders of scared Tear. She a frightened look like those of a small animal and then she jumped in fear.

Guh… This is bad. I can’t really get this bold towards a girl.

I braced my legs. I can still run away! Then Kirika-san can point her spear’s end to my back! There’s no harm to do it!

“Listen Tear. Do you think, those colleagues of yours in the castle think of you as a “Good-for-Nothing” or the “Masked Princess”?”

To my ill-brooding question, Tear’s face had a gloomy look.

“Tha-, that’s… Isn’t that obvious? My magic is…”

“No. You’re wrong.”


I discarded her mistake completely.

“Certainly that might be the main reason but, to begin with, they don’t know that their colleague Tear is the princess of this country.”

“Um… does that mean?”

“Tear is only a human known through rumors. They don’t know ’cause it is only rumors. Even about the Masked Princess being a good-for-nothing. Even I only heard it first that way…”

My information source is Japan. Especially those remarkable ones in the TV. You can’t decide on an unknown information from unknown people. If there’s no info to it, then it’s just a rumor. First of all, there’s no internet here to confirm it. (TLN: Dude… Internet’s not everything… although it is also everything… f*** internet’s perfect in a sense… xD)

“That’s right. Nobody knows. Tear might be a princess masquerading as a maid, you ate with the gardener with chopsticks, laughed, got mad, and cried. That’s what kind of mischievous girl you are.”


At the back was Kirika-san blurted out weird voices. Tear suddenly got red.

“But! So what if it’s what you said?!”

Shamefully deceiving her, I told this girl who braced herself.

“It’s easy. They only have to accept it.”

“Accept it… you said?”

“With your own will. With your own words. Let them be aware of you. Princess Tear is this kind of fellow.”

“But… that’s~~~”

At this point, she might melt herself. Tear collapsed down on the floor.

With such appearance Tear is in, Kirika-san asks me.

“So? What will Daichi do?”

“I will produce. If needed, I’ll lead. Anyway, there’s lot of things we need to take care of… first of all…”

Once more, I grasped the hands of Tear, grinned and showed her. (TLN: Your D? xD)

“First of all, this girl has things to do. This girl has things only she can do…”

“… My tasks… that I can only do?”

Tear didn’t completely understand my schemes. Till now, she’s still down on the floor with blank look on her eyes. (TLN: Imagine Nepgya… seriously… that’s here name… xD)

“Yeah, but, there’s something you need to do first of all.”

“Me? What could it be?”

I put on a grin and Tear shrinked back, insecure of it.

“The True Japanese Spirit…”

“True… Japanese Spirit?” (TLN: Okay… Here’s where Daichi confuses me a bit. He used Japanese-English, Japanese-Nihon, and Japanese-Yamato. All three means the same thing but if I were in the shoes of Tear, that would be most confusing thing of all stuff Daichi blurts out.)

“Anyway. Tear needs courage right now. That’s why, you need to plead to the maids. Kirika-san and I will back you up. Definitely.”


“Now, now. You need to pick bones. Strike it and break it.” (TLN: definitely don’t have any idea what this line means.)

As for Tear, she looked cute as she lied down on the floor.


The next day, I put all my spirit in meeting with Tear.

My headband swayed around. The sarashi was coiled around my leather-soled sandals and on my leggings. I then have my happi coat with impressively written letter of “Kou” on the back.

This was the splendid work of a former Japanese who is now a gardener. Of course, it’s specially made by me.

“Ko-… Kou-san. What happened to you to have that look…”

“Does it not suit me?”

Turning up to Tear, my face turned red and my hands swayed left and right.

“N-…. not at all!! You definitely look good on it! So Kou-san, is this a dress in your hometown?” (TLN: That innocent reaction is painful… xD)

“Hmm? It’s quite antique but, I want to express my fighting spirit on this…”

“Fighting…. Spirit wait, Kou-san, is fighting spirit really needed? Right now, we’re…”

I felt dejected to that painful stare Tear has. I tried to look good in front of her but it didn’t suit me. Somehow, shadows appeared on the corner of my eyes. Well, I was not able to sleep yesterday.

That’s right. Today’s the day when Tear is going to ask those maids.

The important people now started to gather inside the tool hut. The long time head maid of the maids, Alice-san, my senpai gardeners at work, and then, the soldier companions gathered by Kirika-san. That’s all folks.

I don’t know how they gathered all in here but I am grateful to Kirika-san in actually gathering all of them here.

“So, what do you want?” As the jeering flies.

Restraining her hand, Kirika-san said “This one will tell you the details” as she passes the baton to Tear.

When the Third Princess suddenly appeared, everyone gasped.

“It’s Princess Thealis…”

“What does the princess wants with us…?”

Legally speaking, a princess can’t personally show up herself in front of the retainers. Even if it’s to issue a personal order  or a request.

That’s why, for this reason, Tear can use this place into a more meaningful act.

“U-…. um…”

Tear was flustered in front of everyone. She seemed to be at lost for words.

Eventually, everyone who had gathered started to whisper. Tear closed her mouth shut.

Her expression disappeared in her face. And instead, donned that Mask of Smile of hers.

“My oh my… There’s nothing we can do, can we…?”



A brought out a harisen and hit Tear’s butt with it. (TLN: What will you do when Tear starts to like getting spanked in the butt?)

The harisen had a nice ring to it. Strange voice came out of Tear.

“Do it.”

“Kou… Bas-…”

“Kou-dono! What are you doing to the princess?!”

Everyone was surprised… Well that’s expected reaction from them. Striking the butt of the princess, normally, that’s a crime with a capital punishment.

However, this girl’s number one protector of hers, the head guard Kirika-san didn’t budge one bit. She’s literally ignoring this. Equally, a sign of acquiescence… from her best friend no less.

“Thaaaaaaaaaat huuuuuuurts!!! What are you doing Kou-san!!”

That blazing anger in the eyes of Tear flared up as she glared at me.

Good. That’s the face you need first.

“Like~I~Said~ you negative of a princess… Right now, you have something to ask this people here and yet, you ended up that way again!”


“Because we are all good-for-nothings that do not posses magic, I would like everyone’s support! Please help us!”


“I never want to see that mask of yours again. The one that I destroyed already!”

“!! I-, I get it already!”

She replied back as she was concerned by the harisen that I have in my hand. This time, the light in her eyes shows her will, “Ei!” as she straightened herself.

“Everyone. Today, for gathering here despite being busy, let me express my gratitude. Today, I would like to ask something of everyone…”

Tear pulled herself together right now. About the potentiality that the luncheon meeting will get interrupted, and then, explained the amendments that needs to be done.

Though the reaction of the maids and the gardeners were varied, they cannot hate someone who looks pitiful in their eyes.

The luncheon meeting that she’s hosting is being targeted is her reason. The people of Elmont, some of them may already know about it.

That’s why, I urged her to it.

For a moment, mine and Tear’s eyes met.

Those were eyes of determination. I advice her through practice.

I also answered her determination through my eyes.

Go get ’em Tear! It’s fine even if you don’t overcome your weakness.

You can just use your weakness! No parent might stand for you but go!

“… As you have known, I am a useless royalty in this country. I don’t have the magic to protect the nation. I’m just a scoundrel born as a princess in the royal family.”


“That’s why, I want to stop the one targeting the place for diplomacy…… I thought that I owe the people of Elmont an apology.”

Many gasping voice can be heard.

Everyone would get like this. Everyone who lives in this country would.

However, for a princess to actually admit an apology, it was impossible.

“Princess… Please don’t! You don’t need to apologize to us retainers…!”

“Tha-, that’s right! Please stop it!”

Alice-san was enduring this for long and Jack-senpai from gerdening was confused.

The other coworkers are also bewildered.

Because her magic is low, she’s only a princess. She’d never done anything bad…

“No, I am really sorry… Now everyone. There’s some work this good-for-nothing princess has to ask of you…”

“… something to ask… you say?”

Tear nodded to Alice-san’s question with a face of woe.

“Yes. To be honest, we have a plan for the luncheon meeting but… just like what Kou-san said earlier, we are nothing but frail people with low magic power. This plan is needing something fatal for succession.”

The place got caught in silence. Tension around arises.

Normally, the princess would just place an order for this. Even she herself can see how own embarrassment.

“I beg of you. I may be a useless royalty but… I wish for everyone’s cooperation! Please!”


At that moment, a strange change appeared in the Elmont’s castle.

Though saying that, it was only a small unnoticeable change.

Somehow, the maids in-charge of work inside the princess’ room seemed to be decreased by one to two people. Generally, the maids are divided for work so there’s no actually any hindrance to their work. That fact was noticed by a single royal staff.

Every time, ten to twenty people suddenly gets missing.

And then, gardeners were generally few in number but it seemed that their number decreased a bit especially the new face working in the castle being unseen.

The Mask of Smile, the Third Princess Thealis was also shutting herself in particular by not going out of her private room… After calling herself useless in front of her colleagues, the greedy minister gave out a scornful laugh behind her back.

They don’t know where the third princess is and the fact that the head guard is absent is also there.

As such, it seemed like the people changed their work shift in different places intentionally. They were developing their strategy.

Wherein the important place in the royal garden, inside the copse, is the tool hut built not to be seen in the garden. In other words, my home.

Inside the tool hut is unexpectedly wide. Of course, for someone who lives alone, that’s to be expected.

Inside the hut, there are tens of maids gathered, all of them had a serious look on their faces while concentrating in work.

“Daichi-san, How’s this?”

One maid spread the cloth and showed it. The floral print with a vivid hue, the indigo colored cloth shine beautifully.

“It’s amazing. Now it can be used for special servings like in Japan.”


I shook my head upon her confused look on her face.

“Oh, just my rumbling… However, this is amazing. This can’t be a work of an average skilled worker…”

It may be impolite, but I thought it wouldn’t be done right away. I was thinking of going with plain colors for it.

By the way, this is our first manufactured prototype. The head maid Alice-san gave her comment.

“Could it possibly be, there are better design out there?” so she asked.

As you would expect, it might be impossible time wise, but I had Alice-san test out some beautiful designs by drawing on the clothes.

A variety of birds and flowers. She skilfully drawn them on the cloth as I gasped surprisingly.

“Awesome!! Just how are you…”

Alice-san placed her hand on her chest and told the astonished me,

“Fufufu. I may be a maid but I do possess my own special skill. Also, my household was that of a former nobility. They were clothes artisan in the town.”

“Clothes Artisan you say… This quality is just…”

Looking at the embroidery drawn in the cloth, the cloth itself was dyed in color.

“《Mental Printing》. That is a water magic used by sastres in dyeing fabrics skillfully.

Also, those called artisans who polishes their own artistry skill are highly valued.”(TLN: Nensha or 念写 as it is written meant Thoughtography/Spirit Photography/Psychic Photography and it is lame to TL it as such but I kinda went chuuni when I translated it. So feel free to hand out suggestion for a better name )

“… So this one can use magic too.”

As proudly as Alice-san declared, two to three among the maids have already done with what they’re told.

“With the poor treatment towards water magic, it’s completely useless for people who are not artistic enough. Though I can’t do everything that I want to do…”

In other words, this is the artistic technique of her magic.

Seriously. There really are limitless ways of using it. I’m honestly happy with this miscalculation of mine. There are infinite possibilities to work on it.

I immediately requested more Mental Printing work to these girls.

Speaking of Mental Printing work, Alice does give the feeling of a founder of such technique. This place is already filled with skilled workers.

“…… I’m really sorry for this Alice-san. For imposing so much work on you maids……”

So I said and Alice-san raised her glasses.

“This is nothing. Us maids serves the royal family with our body. Princess Theamilis-sama is a daughter of the said royal family. If she demands so, it’s natural for us to respond.”

“As expected of you guys…”

Alice-san who proudly declared that made me think that I should applause her.

“Also…… I’m a little bit annoyed.”

“Annoyed? From what?”

To my question, Alice-san’s glasses shined with a flash of light as she donned a smile.

“I won’t ask on who is this backstabbing person who plans on sabotaging however, the luncheon meeting will become a failure if the royal chefs are to be suppressed.”

“Uh huh…”

“We maids have no needs of things such as bribery.”

“Pfft…… kuku. I get it now……”

I reflexively laughed at what Alice-san said.

“In other words, even if they tried to bribe you guys by sweet-talking, it won’t work because you guys are maids?”

“That’s right. Well, we will not be shaken even by a small change?”

In any case, they will not accept any bribes……

I see her as a strait-laced committee chairman. I feel inside that I can get along with this unexpectedly splendid head maid.

Having such pleasant feeling while chatting with Alice-san, I heard a gloomy voice from my back.

“You seemed to be happy… don’t you Kou-san?”

“Woah! What the hell Tear. Don’t scare me like that!”

It was the usual Tear in her maid clothes.

Since back then, Tear went “I will participate with my utmost abilities!” and took the initiative to work together with the maids and gardeners.

Well, might as well say that I’m the one pulling the strings here.

Having brought the clothe that I asked of carried in her two hands, Tear somehow had a dissatisfied look.

“…… What happened Tear?”

“Nothing really. There’s nothing at all Kou-san. Aren’t you going next to the garden?”

“Oh yeah. That’s what next in line dang it.”

Tear poutingly placed down the clothe while having a displeased look on her.

…… I wonder if she’s angry at something?

“Well then Alice-san, I’m leaving this place to you. The marked target is 30 pieces.”

“Please leave it to us. It’s also troublesome for you going here and there……”

It was such a short conversation. Tear accompanied me back to the hut.

There are still lots of things that I need to do.

Outside of the place was Kirika-san with her fellow soldiers with her. My fellow gardeners have a scoop and pickaxe on each hand as they work hard on engineering stuff.

“Place that rock here. Digging squad, please do dig here in parallel to this line!”

“Right away~” “Roger~”

Energetic responses came after my direction.

Next to me, the totally displeased earlier Tear, had a look that totally sank awfully.

“Hey~ Princess? You’ve been making that kind of face for a while now……”

“Huh?…. Oh?”

To what I’ve said, both eyes of Tear opened wide in surprise. This girl really. Was that the “Princess in Mask”‘s pokerface?

“Umm… No… Auu…”

Tear had a strange voice while her eyes wander over.

“I’m sorry. I… I became hostile back with Alice-san. Back when I saw Kou-san praised her, I just……”


Tear had a deep red face that can be seen clearly.

“I am such a selfish person. Everyone was doing this for my sake yet, I became hostile to the one who cooperated with me……”

……In other words, she got jealous when I praised someone and now she had fallen into self-loathing. What’s with this girl. Such cute reactions.

“See here Tear. You see this engineering work? At first, I participated in it. Can you see why am I not part of it right now?”

Tear stared in wonder when I gave her a sudden question.

“Eh? I don’t know……”

I gave a sigh and just blurted it out.

“Because it’s a nuisance.”


At first, I thought I can do it so I participated in the engineering work but, with those soldiers having magic they can just use it in operating heavy equipment. Those who have earth magic can dig up those cotton plants. They can also just clear the blocking rocks with fire magic anyway.

I who have no magic is completely unneeded. Even the female soldier said so.

I am far more useless in physical labor than those girls can do.

“Honestly, I can certainly know how you feel Tear to a certain extent……”


“That’s why, umm, don’t worry about it. It can’t be helped if you feel inferior to someone when it comes to work. But you need to think about what you can do!”

I forcibly gave her a smile. Even Tear for a little bit of moment, smiled back.

“…… What a disappointment but, Kou-san’s really different from me.”


“I can’t really do anything at all. I haven’t think that way at all. I only lament on my uselessness. Then grew timid……”


“Kou-san. You would never stop at the same place as where I am.”

At that time, it felt like something inside Tear was changed.

I realize something. Something shining more.

“Kou-san, please tell me one thing.”

“What is it?”

“For someone like you who’s from a different world, why would you cooperate with someone like me?”

To Tear’s serious face, I put on a smile and said.

“For now, it’s a secret. Time will come when Tear’s gonna understand everything.”

The luncheon meeting is approaching in five days. It is the time where important figures are visiting the Elmont Kingdom.

So far in the skies, were swarms of winged dragons. Despite their wild nature, they were handled skilfully. you might think of it as if their migratory formation.

There were dragon knight squads in four sides. Amongst the blue bodied dragons was a huge shiny red dragon in the middle.

There’s a single girl that easily handled the said huge winged dragon.

“That’s…… Red Winged Dragon…… the Fire Dragon of the Flame Country.”

“Yeah. There’s no mistake. The princess that manipulates fire dragons, that’s certainly Princess Alicia!”

The dragon knight squad landed in the front of the gate without any disorder then the red dragon descended in the center.

In contrast to its heavy look, there was no dust cloud whatsoever……

The princess that descended down from the dragon, donning with a bold smile on her was greeted with salutations from the guards.

Her long hair that was tied into a ponytail attached to her back glistened. A suitable red hair for a person who controls a fire dragon. She wore armor as light as of those in the dragon knight squad. Signifying readiness in combat.

However, Eclair Kingdom’s crest, the crest of the dragon in her chest, shines like no other.

She was Princess Alicia of the Country of Flames. At the battlefield, she was called as the “Red Flame Dragon” and seems achieved great military efforts. The power to control flame dragon was also her being symbolized as an object of fear (or so the talks Kirika-san have heard).

“I shall trouble you with greetings. This one is the princess of the Country of Flames, Alicia Emonee. This one have come for the sake of partaking in the meet five days from now on.”

Princess Alicia stated her speech. Once again, the flame dragon soared to the sky.

“Oh…. Ooh….!”

The winged dragon that were similar to a ryusha lead to the soldier’s surprised voice. (TLN: 竜舎(Ryusha) all I get is Dragon Egg… so it must look like this or I could just be exaggesrating it…  xD)

Watching at the scene with delight, Princess Alicia smiled.

“Your worry is naught for Glantz is my partner. He will be just there until this one calls for it. However, he hates being tied down……”

“I…… I see…… So it’s like that……”

To the soldier who fell on his butt, the smiling princess only gave a half-hearted answer. There, a refreshing voice can be heard.

“For traversing such long way to come here, we welcome you, Country of Flames’, Eclair’s Princess Alicia.”

It was a visit of a princess of another country. Naturally, the one who will greet her will be of course Tear.

Kirika-san, who is the head guard accompanies Tear as she greets Princess Alicia. By the way, speaking of me, I’m also there with the military uniform that I borrowed from Kirika-san.

My reason was to see the face of the such said princess.

“Hmm… I take it that you’re the infamous Princess Thealis of Elmont……”

There was a blatant sarcasm towards her words.

『Infamous』 was the remark she added. It’s obvious that it means “Good-for-Nothing” in their eyes.

This bitch…… She just brazenly……

However, Tear knowing this already, had no change in her face and continued to speak.

“You must be fatigued from your travel. The luncheon meet shall start in five days time, until then, please do so take it as a time for relaxation. We shall prepare corresponding to it accordingly.”

“I see…… Well thanks for that……” (TLN: Still being sarcastic here… xD)

Princess Alicia just candidly showed a smile.

“Just where is your residence? Can this one have a look at it?”

Till the end, she’s still being unpleasant…… I get it. This girl is our Last Boss……

“Is this fine princess? For you to just……”

“I don’t mind.”

Princess Alicia who’s in the guest room took off her armor leaving only a one-piece dress. The accompanying maid poured black tea down like a waterfall, giving a look of relaxation.

“Still, no matter how much ‘that’ person is, picking a fight is just……”

Princess Alicia took a sip to her cup of tea and rebuke the provocative words of the maid.

“It’s bitter…… Isn’t it natural? Picking a fight with her that is.”


The maid instinctively raised her voice towards the words of the princess.

“I get it. I’m not trying to pick a fight with this country. I’m just picking a fight with her on a personal level……”

“Even if it’s just personal, if the princess of Elmont and Eclair have a fight, it will affect the relation between multiple countries. You should at least be careful that much!!”

“It’s just! That girl is the little sister of that 《Queen of Flames》 you know!!”

The maid was troubled by the enraged princess with an “Aah…… she started……”

Princess Alicia stood up from her bed, she begin to talk towards where the spotlight shone upon.

“The Queen of Flames…… Elmont’s Hero, Julia-sama…… She is the incarnation of flames, running on the battlefield was her divine appearance! She, whose magic is the highest ranked fire magic ever named in our country of flames…… I have admired, yearned and longed for that person……”


“That is the Queen of Flames! For that “Elmont’s Good-for-Nothing” to have her as her elder sister!!!”

Princess Alicia drank her black tea in one go and slammed the cup into the table.

“I will not recognize her!! For that girl who is contented in being a useless existence to be her little sister!!!”

As if flames were sprouting towards her excitement, the maid became worried.

“There is no other qualified little sister for that person except this one!!”

“……She pretty seem interesting person…… Princess Alicia that is.”

The long-awaited sense of defeat earlier have faded.

“Erm…… I’ve heard some rumours before but……”

“Amongst those people who fights for their countries, especially women, have admired the Queen of Flames.”

The guest room next to the guest room occupied by Princess Alicia was presently vacant.

In that vacant room was me, Tear, and Kirika-san. The three of us was listening attentively with one glass on hand towards the wall. As old fashion it may be, that was the current mood.

“Among those colleagues of Princess Alicia, in their mind, there is just Princess Julia inside of it. There are also lots of fan letter for her……”

“Fan letter?! This world have also things like that?!”

According to Kirika-san, fan letters came to be in this world as these fan letters were nothing but surprises.

“Yes, you could say that…… I’ve heard it from Princess Julia’s head guard but, even sorting out these fan letters is part of our job……”

“That’s awesome. Are you guys part of Takarazuka Revue performers……?”

Me who associated it with that word that I’ve said somehow predicted something and that gave me the shivers through my spine.

“Hey…… Let me get this clear…… Should I not pry what they contain?”

Kirika-san thought about it for a second then lowered her face down after looking at my eyes then said.

“……It’s something like “Will you please be my Onee-sama” like that?”

“…… That’s pretty light… and then?”

I felt that Kirika-san doesn’t want to say any more than that. That really seemed a crazy fan, that person was……

I suddenly felt some kind of fearful thing beneath my side. There, Tear was making a sullen face that did not fit her.

“What’s wrong Tear? Worried about something?”

“No….. It’s nothing sorry……”

Tear apologizes then started to speak word by word.

“Because of me…… My sister’s reputation as the Queen of Flames, I’ve only caused her burden……”

An elite person in a very close place, especially a family.

Even in Japan, within their families, there’ll be stories of someone who hold inferiority complex towards their family.

Much less, she’s a royalty. Not only her relatives but pretty much inside and outside of the country knows about it.

She might not have liked what Princess Alicia have said that much.

I lightly flicked the forehead of Tear with the glass.

“Ouch…… What is it?”

“Are you losing your confidence again? We’ve been preparing for this for a month already you know?”


“We have to outwit these kind of people. That’s what we have decided, didn’t we?”

“Geez~ I get it already……”

Tear showed an angry face whilst touching her forehead. Her sulky face was cute for a moment.

Even so, that princess is currently our last boss……

Now that we have great understanding towards her hostility…… Now then……

We have not noticed any special reason at all. We have squat down in the middle of the room with our arms linked with one another.

We looked suspicious to someone outside…… Pretty much like those delinquents outside.

However…… within it, Tear was strangely happy.

Somehow, this feeling of solidarity makes her happy I guess?

“Hey Kirika-san. Have you heard something or the like? The country of flames’ princess is supposedly taste-deaf person right? Is that really even true?”

“Taste-deaf? What’s that?”

Kirika-san replied with a blank look towards my words.

“I’ve heard that Princess Alicia of the country of flames hates party though……”

“I also have heard about it. Whatever party it is from any larger countries, she refuses their invitation…… Instead, some minister comes in her stead……”

Hearing Tear and Kirika-san’s claims, was the goddess information wrong? It really is suspicious.

“Then, why did she attend this time?”

To my question, Kirika-san grimaced and answered.

“For her to come personally that would be to see the Queen of Flames but…… I’ve heard the the fire country’s mines are getting depleted resulting economic loss…… She must be here whether she liked it or not just to do some diplomatic arrangements. Something like that?”

I don’t like this. Despite being a taste-deaf princess and known for hating parties, she came here for diplomatic reasons.

I can feel the signs of the cards that the mastermind have actually gathered.

For this luncheon meet, the ingredients to be use is not yet prepared.

It is necessary to make dishes to the luncheon meet’s very day however, there’s not much yet.

I encouraged the maids and my senpai gardeners with how the work is supposed to go in the corner of the garden.

Some of the men hit the nails in the lumber. They kept making these skeletal frames one after another.

However, even though there are different cultural sense in this orient, western culture, somehow, you can’t underestimate the arm strength of these workers.

“Kou,  does this one look good?”

Doing the carpentry work was my gardener senpai, Jack-san. He then pointed to the skeletal frame. I sat down in the joint square wood. I confirmed it’s flexibility by putting pressure once or twice in every part of the body.

“Yep…… It’s really, really sturdy! As expected of Jack-san. If it’s made by a manly man then it would be of those highest grade!”

“Of couse, I am! I, excluding women, will not fail….!!!”

“……That girl said yesterday…… That you were no good……”

“…… Don’t listen to her.”

Yesterday, he was exaggerating with “Finally! My spring comes!”……

The maids were uniformly making paper umbrellas. Umbrella made of red paper. The so called Coarse Oil Paper Umbrella which has the aspect of the look of a wandering swordsman. I wasn’t saying this to be impolite…… (TLN: Reference to Rurouni Kenshin)

However, the more they do it, the better it becomes.

Speaking of the production of the clothes, these maids…… aren’t they look like those kind of workers?! (TLN: Like an Overzealous Chinese Factory Worker kind of thing… xD)

Meanwhile, there was a noisy, rattling sound from something heavy being towed from the other side.

That is, there are several people pushing up some wheelbarrow. Some time after, one person came to me.

“Kou-san~ How many of these bricks should we bring?”

She was a maid who was dripping down in sweat while talking about transport stuff…… The look of Tear, as expected, surprised me.

“Hey, hey…… Even so, I did not say that a girl would do transport task you know?”

To my words, Kirika-san at the back who’s also pushing the same wheelbarrow said with an amazed face.

“Me and the others have been telling her so! This girl is just not listening to us……”

“I’m the organizer here! I suppose to take the initiative in doing the work!”

“Yeah……. that might be so……”

The sweating maid puffed her chest out with an ahem.

It’s not bad.

It’s not bad but……

“Should we just assumed that the country’s princess is enjoying transporting bricks?”

Even for me too in this situation. This royalty should be self-aware of being out of place.

But, for her to have a happy face despite soaking down with sweat while pouring down water gives me the complex feeling.

As I thought of that, I picked a placed bottle down from my side.

“Tear…… What you’re doing is a good thing.”

“A good thing…… is it?”

I thrust the chopsticks down inside the bottle. Then took out a red fruit out of it.

“You must be tired…… Here, aa~~hn……”

“Aa-, aa~~hn……” (TLN: A guy spoon feeding a girl. Rare to see this thing going on. It’s usually the other way around… xD)

Tear opens her mouth as she was told and tasted the red fruit. She then jumped around without letting it out from her mouth.

“!! Hrrm!! MM~~~~~mm!!”

I smiled to the Tear that was teary eyed.

“Ahahahaha! Is it sour? It’s sour right?”


“This one is a dried plum. It’s one of those tsukemono you see and it is eaten together with rice during meals…… Are you listening?”

“Mmnngyaaaaaa!!! SO SOOOOUUUUUUR!!!!”

Tear, after writhing for a moment, came to me flared up.

“You’re so mean!! Even though you know I hate sour stuff!!”

“Ahahaha! My bad. But your tiredness is gone right?”

Me and Tear were giving exchanges as if were in some kind of manzai comedy. The head guard Kirika-san and other people were looking at us with warm gazes. (TLN: Manzai Comedy for example, Boke and Tsukomi. D-Fragments is a good example of this… xD)

“Seriously, the princess of the country is having fun……”

It was said by one girl who couldn’t believe what she’s witnessing.

“……. What are you doing, Third Princess……”

It was Princess Alicia who came to attend the meeting.

Tear sits up panicking.

“Princess Alicia. I’m, I’m sorry…… Please forgive me for letting you see such scene……”

Currently Tear has the un-princess like appearance so to speak.

But, I’m glad that Princess Alicia have seen it.

Not being complicated not being angry…… is what her face right now.

“You are a princess of this country…… so why are you mingling with your attendants? What are you doing is what this one wants to hear……”

To Princess Alicia’s words, Tear had a puzzled look.

“What am I……? Preparing for the meet five days in the future?”


Princess Alicia was surprised.

Well, that’s what might be said. Such task should not be done by a royalty.

Normally, a royalty would say “On the meeting this designated day, prepare for it” and that’s it.

And right in front of her, the princess is doing manual labor. Something she can’t believe.

“You are a princess are you not?! So why are you doing a servant’s work?!”

Being told by that, Tear can only make a troubled face.

“As you might have already known but I am Elmont’s good-for-nothing. For a reigning country with tremendous magic, to protect it’s people…… I am not someone that can just say that.”

“….. That’s”

Princess Alicia look away to the words of self-ridicule Tear said.

Up to this day, Tear was a girl object of scorn.

It was unexpected for herself to say it. Perhaps this might not be bad after all.

“However,…… there was a person who told me something. That it doesn’t matter whatever anyone says.”

I looked at Tear who has holding the bottle of the dried plum.

The mask that the whole country knows is no longer there. It was thoroughly clear bright smile that wiped all kinds of negativity away.

“That person had no magic at all…… Someone whom I’ve thought that had the same problem as I had. However, that person dealt with his problem way better than I did. Upon seeing that person…… for me to grieve in being a good-for-nothing is just me making a fool out of myself.”


Being overwhelmed by Tear’s smile, Princess Alicia was left speechless.

“Even if my magic is low, there are things that I can do. That could also be handling transport duties. Showing hospitality as a princess isn’t the only thing I can do…… Even I didn’t noticed such simple thing.”

As Tear said with a encouraged voice, she once again pushed the wheelbarrow.

“Yep~ Time to work! Well, I am having fun you know.”

Tear shows a smile and once again, joined the circle of servants.

As expected, aside from me, one would get startled to see a princess doing a manual labor. “Princess, what are you doing?!” a raised voice can be heard.

How do you say it, she once used her Mask of Smile as her weapon……

Not knowing what in the world Tear was thinking, Princess Alicia was left there in bewilderment.

“…… Just where is that good-for-nothing? This is totally different from rumors……”

Princess Alicia walked towards me slowly.

“Weren’t you also there…… when this one is being received?”

I was puzzled when Princess Alicia suddenly questioned me.

“Eh? I did but…… You saw her earlier right?”

I was talking about when Tear sprung up from eating sour.

However, Princess Alicia smiled in self-ridicule.

“Somehow…… This one wants to admonish my self……”

Admonish? Are you perhaps mocking of Tear?

“? Haa…… If that’s the case then……”

I then handed her one dried plum and she immediately chowed it down in one go.

“UUooaaaaaa…. So-….. so soooouuuuuuur….!!”

Princess Alicia shuts her eyes down, embraced herself and writhe around.

“I’ve said it already earlier……”

My special deluxe dried plum was made according to my taste. Putting on sweet additives to it is really not to my liking. Sour stuff should be sour. With that thought in mind, my self-made dried plums are terrible and sour.

However, “Oo… Ooh…. But this… what is this thing? This RE・FRE・SHING feeling?!”


Princess Alicia looked up with a refreshing look on her face.

“One more! Can this one get one more?!”

“Ah…. Yeah. Please have more……” (TLN: Daichi and company may have win the War but Alicia won the Battle… xD)

Eating the dried plum once more, “OOOOOOH!!!” Princess Alicia writhes again. Our workmates were looking with odd looks on them asking, “What’s up?”

However, for me, Princess Alicia’s current look was totally different from what I had.

……The bitterness of the tea and sourness of the dried plum. She savored it properly. Does she understand how good the taste of this sourness of my plums?!

I was dazzled with my thoughts.

“…… Is this princess… really taste-deaf?”


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