Chapter 4 – The Greatest Strategy 『Entertainment』


“Good morning everyone!”

Thealis greeted the cleaning maids with cheer.

The clueless maids turned towards the cheerful princess. Then they replied towards Third Princess Thealis in a flustered manner,

“Go-……… good morning!!”

“I, I, I, I’m sorry! We did not pay attention!”

Seeing an impatient royalty turn sour was but a trivial thing to see. However, the maids felt different towards the all smiling Thealis.

“……Thealis-sama can also make that kind of face.”

“True…… She would usually have ‘that’ smile though……”

The maids were perplexed towards such impossibility. Thealis of recent was not using the Mask of Smile she uses.

Around this month, she was working alongside that gardener.

In notion towards magic, her view towards societal hierarchy have changed since she started to hang around with that gardener. The Head Guard Kirika was happy with her current situation but that got her started to think.

“Kirika, let’s get going already! Kou-san’s waiting for us.”

“Yeah, yeah…… I’ll accompany you.”

Kirika then chased the princess who’s in a euphoric mood. There were then two men can be seen appearing on the corridor.

“My, my. If it isn’t Princess Thealis herself in good mood.”

“You’re quite early today……. Minister-dono.”

That man was the minister of the Elmont Kingdom. The greedy minister had wore his clothes unembarrassed which was full of ornaments. It was sparkling towards the morning light.

To be blunt, it doesn’t suit him. (TLN: Savage author dissing his out character… xD)

Kirika was acquainted with the man next to the minister. He was the commander of the Fifth Knight Squadron of the kingdom, Cucuole.

“Not really. I was just having a talk together with commander-dono……”

As he said so, Cucuole bowed.

“No, if we do not receive guidance from the minister-dono himself, my soldiers might not receive constant help.”

“Hahaha! I see, is that so!”

What a blatant butt-kisser…… Though Tear did not change how she look, Kirika’s were in plain grim.

At that moment, the minister started to speak.

“By the way your highness. It seems that you always meet with the gardener.”

“…… Of course I am. He’s been working hard for the luncheon meeting three days from now on.”

Due to Tear’s answer, the minister’s smile disappeared and went into silence.

“Are you alright with this? I’ve never heard of any magical achievements from that commoner. If something does happens……. well, we would be worried.”

No magical achievements.

People along the class of the minister speaks to Tear in an impolite manner without knowing it.

Implying “Would you incompetents even give result?”. Something along like that.

At that, Tear answered in a dignified manner.

“There’s nothing to worry about. He’s someone to be trusted.”

“…… Is it so? But, I could always give an arrest warrant if you say so.”

Smiling while silent, the minister bowed down unpleasantly.



They prepared for the luncheon meet for a month. Now it will happen after three days.

The advance preparation for the venue have ended. The preparation towards to the most trifling part in the menu are also done.

At the usual meeting place in the early morning, I, who was yawning was greeted at the entrance of the garden. I can see the figures of Tear and Kirika.

Most preparations are already done. In order not to dirty her maid clothes, Tear wore a blue one-piece. You can clearly see the figure of this princess.

Kirika-san was in her usual light armor, wearing the sword given to her by the royal family.

Their faces can’t be clearly seen because of the morning fog but gradually, I can. I raised my hand and greeted.

“Good morning~ You two are early today….!!!”

My feet froze the moment I saw her.

“Good morning……”

“…… Morning.”

It was not the same Tear. Though her face makes a bit worried, The problem is Kirika-san who’s near her folding arms.

“Morning” she said as those words were filled with blood lust. Completely showing displeasure on her face.

“…… What’s wrong Kirika-san? It’s still early in the morning……”

“Nothing…… Don’t mind it.”

Basically, Kirika-san is a sociable person but right now, she’s being cold and turning away from me.

I approached Tear next to me.

“Did something happened to Kirika-san? She’s making that scary face when she arrested me back in the castle.”

Tear lowered her voice as she sent glances towards Kirika-san.

“Well~ Kou-san…… we told you that we were childhood friends right?”

“…… Yeah.”

“To tell you the truth. Back then, it wasn’t just us two but there was another person with us. Long time ago, we three would always sneak out together. He is the Commander of the Fifth Squadron, Cucuole…… You know him right?”

“…… So you two met him?”

There was that one knight who butted in to my and Kirika-san’s conversation.

“Kirika got seriously angry after he turn into the minister’s henchman after not being able to enlist himself in the military.”

“…… I see.”

“Earlier, we had a small chat with him and the minister…… and then”

Clearly, the minister’s our antagonist for the upcoming luncheon meet in three days. Such setting is just unpleasant.

“…… Those two. I’ve been friends with them for so long…… those two were so close……”

That lonely look on Tear’s face. I can clearly see that she’s reminiscing back those old days of them three.

Kirika-san can’t hide her peevish emotions. She clearly wants to forget the old days.

“Career over friendship huh?”

I really can’t deal with those kind of people. But, at least these two girls might be really sad if that guy didn’t got his knight-ship image.

While I was thinking about that but in an instant, something flew across my face. It was stuck to the nearby tree.



Me and Tear had late reactions but we did confirm an arrow flew past us. We did fell down to our butts.

“What the fuck was that?! An enemy attack?!”

Kirika-san panickly guards Tear as she surveys the surroundings.

However, the next attack didn’t came.

“…… What… was that? Was it an attack aimed for Tear……?”

“!!!! Kirika-san, that arrow…”

“Hmm?! This is!!”

Kirika-san also understood what I said. There was a letter attached to the arrow.

“Yabumi? Who on earth……” (TLN: Yabumi are letters attached to arrows for long distance stealth messaging… xD)

Kirika-san had a perplexed look on her but when she opened the letter, her eyes went wide.

“No… No way! This is!”

Tear also had a strange look at her when she took a peek in the letter. As if she was astonished really.

“Eeee!!! For such thing, if so……”

“Just what happened you two?”

I also took a peek inside the letter but just then realized that I can’t even read their letters.

Kirika-san and Tear, with a paled look on their faces, answered me.

“The Beans of Ricetree won’t come… it says…”

When she did say that, whatever she said, my comprehension didn’t digest it. But, when I did understand it, I raised my voice in such state of emergency.

“……The rice…… won’t come?!”

“Is this info true?!”

Kirika-san clenches the letter in her hand. Her fist was shaking.

“…… I don’t know who’s the sender but, this info seems legit enough to believe. Apparently, the supplier for the Beans of Ricetree supposed to come today but, there has some kind of transport issue they’ve come with……”

Kirika-san who was in-charge of stocking up supplies felt horrid towards herself. She felt responsible for it.

“Dang it… It ain’t coming huh…… Sure it is a fact that Elmont doesn’t produce Ricetree as much they do so exporting some will do take time……”

“…… But from whom this information came from?”

I don’t know who’s this sender of this letter but, the one who sent this knows well what I’m aiming for.

“This info was sent to us in secret, probably someone who allied their selves to Tear.”


Tear had an indescribable look on her face.

Within the walls of the castle, Tear only had Kirika-san as her friend. Speaking of which, since from one month ago, Tear did gain many supporters.

Well, she herself might be thinking the wrong idea but she gradually have felt it.

“It may have been an urgent stocking up task but, we can’t now entrust this thing from the express company… There might someone who may get in the way. Pinning on who might have done it is already late for us.”

“So…… What will we do?”

Tear felt shaken hearing that from Kirika-san.

The transportation route might have been destroyed…… I can’t think of a thing but,

“Can’t we transport it by ourselves?!”

Kirika-san gulped towards my suggestion.

“…… Just like Daichi said, we can’t trust the transporters right now. That suggestion might be the only solution…… however……”

“The place where Ricetree are grown, Hanona is located at the distant northwest part of Elmont. Farther from the country of flames even. Even using a winged dragon will take three days just to reach it……”

As Kirika-san continued to explain, Tear had more and more hopeless look on her. For a place that can only be reach by three day travel, it will take six days for a round-trip…… There’s no way we could do that.

All of us went pale.

What the fuck is this? This, this compulsive drive to deliver ruin……

The one probably involve in this is someone from the national administration. They seem to really want to bring this country towards destruction!!!

As if, I was thrown towards this world just to be laughed at.

No matter how we struggle, me or Tear even, is there nothing we can do?!

Cold sweat fell down like a waterfall. My legs felt weak as I fell down to my knees.

“A-, are you okay Kou-san?!”

Tear had a worried look as she asked me. That face overlapped with the face from the one the goddess showed from her future.

Everything was destroyed with only one facing such destruction.

Yet, why did that warrior smile to me?

That terrible future, it’s aiming against me.

“Just ten more minutes.”

Don’t fuck with me…… Don’t fuck with me…… I said don’t fuck with me!!!

I’ll never acknowledge you! The only one I know is this girl called Tear!

Like hell I’d let her become the “Bloody Wind War Princess”!!!

“Kirka-san, exchanging questions and answers are just useless right now. Anyway, let’s hurry towards that Hanona village. We can go straight there without rest right?”

Talking about not being able to reach that place will not change. However, I urge Kirika-san that she had a clouded look on her.

“Daichi, I know how feel but…… That’s impossible. A dragon, a winged one at that can’t just be controlled by an amateur. More so when doing a high-speed flight…… Nobody in Elmont’s Dragon Knight Corps can even do it.”

“That’s right Kou-san,Let’s just think of other ways……”

What’s with your easygoing talks? If this goes on, this country will. You will……

“Now that you’ve said it, those winged dragons are just on those barracks right?! I’m going there for a moment!!!”

I was about to run towards the barracks where the winged dragons are sheltered. However, Kirika-san pinned me from my back and Tear cling to my arm as to stop me.

“You dolt! Stop right there! Don’t be so rash and do idiotic acts!!”

“Calm down Kou-san!”

“DAAAAAA!!! LET ME BE!!! IF LEFT ALONE, the lunchtime will……”

“What the hell are you guys fussing about?! Can’t you people shut up……?”

At that moment, we heard the voice of a girl.

It still felt like the other day but this time, it seemed like it had more emotions of shock in her voice.

“””Princess Alicia?”””

There, was the princess who have too much time in her hands, the princess from another country, Princess Alicia.

“What? You got some stocks that you guys can’t reach?”

We got discovered right away. It’s something we can’t just speak openly about.

At first, we didn’t intend to talk about this with the invited guest but we spoke about this with Princess Alicia.

At that moment, Princess Alicia sent deadly glares towards Tear.

“Fumu…… Someone used their power to sabotage you guys huh.”


“Why…… would they do that?”

As expected of a princess from the other country. So someone did some obstruction. But even so, Princess Alicia sent murderous glares towards the surprised Tear.

“Why are you getting so shocked for? We are royalties, aren’t we? Talking about this shady stuff is just normal for us.”

Princess Alicia spat those words out like its normal.

“Wow…… So manly……”

“What rudeness…… I, myself am a girl……”

To me who firmly applauded towards Princess Alicia, she brilliantly retorted.

…… Unexpectedly, this princess, seems to be a good person.

“Now…… What will you do……”

“A winged dragon will take three days for it to get us go there……”

“Haven’t you thought of doing alternatives?”

As this princess for another country said that, we began to worry once more. We have never thought of a solution so far.

“My goodness…… This is why commoners are so……”

Princess Alicia raised her voice in amazement as we wallow in our situation.

“Take this gardener.”

“Eh? Oh, you’re talking to me?”

“Who am I even speaking to? That ingredient is an indispensable one isn’t it?!”

“Eh? Yes…… It is important.”

I replied while staring directly towards Princess Alicia’s eyes.

“Even if you get it, I cannot even think that you can even entertain me.”

“Wha-….. Fine, you’re on!!”

As I said that Princess Alicia took out a whistle which was shaped like a dragon from her bosoms. She then played it.

Such sound coming from her whistle doesn’t sound like for those of birds and beasts. But, that sound itself sounded like a cry.

“That’s…… the cry of a dragon……”

“Cry of a dragon?!”

Of course I wouldn’t know about it since I came from a different world.

Kirika-san who noticed me began explaining.

“Yeah, that’s what the dragon knights use to call their winged dragons…… However, the Country of Flames’ Princess have definitely a specific one……”

At that moment, we got interrupted by something huge approaching.

Appearing from the skies whilst flapping it’s wings. I only gazed at it with pure admiration.


That huge winged dragon was Princess Alicia’s beloved dragon, Glantz the Fire Dragon.

The usual dragon already have their appeal but with her dragon out here, I stood frozen before it.

I let out a miserable cry as I leak out a praise to it.

It didn’t made a noise when it landed and pushed its head near to Princess Alicia. She then adorably patted its head.

“First thing, I don’t want to have any misunderstandings Head Guard of the Third Princess. This one’s Glantz will not be borrowed by you. It will let itself be borrowed when it hears the story of your life just like how my friend offered its life to me……”

In response to Princess Alicia’s words, the dragon acted as it understand. Kirika-san honestly apologized to her.

“Pardon me. Now that the princess have said it, there’s nothing left to say……”


Calling upon her friend, her beloved dragon, it may mean something more than that.

“…… I can boast that my friend, Glantz is the fastest among the winged dragons. There’s no other winged dragon that is hundred times faster than him, is there?”

“Pri-….. miss princess? Could it be…… you’re helping…… us?”

Honestly, I thought of Princess Alicia as some kind of “Last Boss Chara”. She really left a good impression on me. I couldn’t imagine that this princess will offer us her help.

Princess Alicia turned towards her back as she looked away from me.

“Hmm… lending our strength to the powerless people is a royalty’s noblesse oblige, am I wrong? Also……”


“If its to please your guests, then this is also fine…… Well, that’s what I think……”

“Princess Alicia!!”

Tear have kept silent till now then she clasped her hand slowly.

“Thank you very much! With this, we’ll be able to finish the preparation for the luncheon meet! I, I will do my utmost best to entertain you!”

As Tear thank her with all smiles on her face, Princess Alicia turned her face away with a blush.

“…… Don’t… don’t bring your face near mine……”

I see…… So this is what Ruchie meant by a follow-up.

Even though she’s showing hostility towards the little sister of a Queen of Flames, albeit being taste-deaf, she doesn’t seem like a bad person.

Her winged dragon is assumed to be the fastest one in this world.

If in case war might happen, how many dragon knights would it take to defeat her?

And so, speaking of winged dragons and the charms and status it has, men might have yearn to have it as their occupation.

But this fire dragon is an exception of exceptions.

Not only it would not generate wind when it flaps its wings to fly, aside from its large build, as it name suggest, a fire dragon is an evil beast that can spit fire.

It can fly up to certain heights others can’t and when it folds down its wings, it can flung itself down like a fireball.

It would be far easier to understand to liken it to a comet. The general speed of a winged dragon is not a problem however, travelling with the fire dragon to a place 3 days away from here will only take us half a day.

We then arrived at our destination at the Hanona village without much of a problem. That unknown speed made me give a shout to my personal experience as a youth.


“What sloven man you are. To just have ridden a dragon…… This is why commoners are……”

Princess Alicia turn to us three with an amazed look on her face.

“Who… do you…. think… that is… getting… cocky…”

“*pouts* What do you mean by getting cocky?”

Princess Alicia rose her upset voice in protest.

“Listen here…, we are truly grateful for taking us out in this ride but…… why do you keep doing turns, spins, and barrel-rolls in the sky?! It’s no different from a Jet Coaster!!”

In the midst of our ride, Tear said “Wow, this is so amazing!” and Princess Alicia proudly went “Is it so? My Glantz can do more amazing things than this, you know?”. And so, the sky acrobatics began from there.

“…… Hmmm yeah…… Mom, it’s been a long time desu~……”

“…… Tear…… that’s bad…… don’t cross that river……”

It was the day when Tear once more meet her bereaved mother. Aaand Kirika-san stops her from crossing the line. As someone like Princess Alicia who was quite ignorant of safety measures, she awkwardly scratched her cheek.

“My bad.”

Let me correct myself…… This princess is a good person yet she totally gets carried away easily.

The Hanona VIllage is the only place in Telgilgeass continent that produces good ricetree.

However, there isn’t that much done in cultivating it. Since the demand is obviously low.

But then we heard from the village representative that the harvest season for ricetree went completely on halt. We felt the impact of learning that the harvesting stopped.


“Yes…… A little bit earlier, probably a week ago, some people with personage who came here bought all of them. There wasn’t that much demand on the crop. There wasn’t that amount since the start and only have a tenth of what we have since last year.”

Kirika-san seemed confused from what the village rep said.

“…… That rascal of a minister…… he probably pulled a secret trick in hindering transportation from this place…… damn it!”

Kirika-san unpleasantly clicked her tongue.

We can’t do anything if the place where it came from can’t do anything.

“Do you people have any stored? Like the ones kept by the farmers. Even if you only have paddy seeds……”

The village rep shook his head upon my inquiry.

“I’m very sorry but buying and selling of ricetree beans is strictly prohibited…… We can’t just sell it when it was just bought……”

“Wh-…. at?”

I became speechless from what the village rep said.

The people in the higher up totally imposed such trade restrictions with such pressure to them too. Just by seeing the village reps’ attitude, it was clearly from being pressurized by the people above.

“I don’t know what those officials are thinking but, we are mere villagers with life. Disobeying them is just…… something we can’t do……”

Seriously? To that fool? I didn’t notice he had done so far due to my foolishness.

Even Princess Alicia felt unamused upon hearing that. She then told Tear “It’s unfortunate……” with a tap to her shoulder.

However…… I’ll never go back with an empty hands.

I have no more cards to play but first, I hit Tear whose face is turning blue.


“Don’t get depressed yet! Fight’s is just starting now.”

I put my hand on the town hall’s table with a bang and said to the village rep.

“Village rep, lead us to the ricetrees!!”

We were then led by the village rep towards the cultivation area for the ricetrees.

It’s my first time to see a ricetree personnally, but it does closely resemble a willow tree. To be honest, I’ve never thought of it for once.

“As you see, It’s impossible to harvest a single grain from it.”

I looked at the tree if what he said is true. Tear’s depression is more visible. A totally heavy look on her face.

“Kou-san, we clearly have no way of averting this crisis. We can’t do anything since the harvest season have…… ouch!”

I poked the head of the even more depressed Tear. This princess’s abjective attitude is totally something.

“Tear-chan,….. Have you forget something? The magic that only YOU can use……?”

“Fue? My 《Plant Growth Magic》? But……”

Tear looked up once more then sighed.

“Perhaps that may be true. My magic might certainly be of use but…… It’s not that much at all……”

It seems like Tear did not get what I meant by what I said. Oh yeah, I’ve never told her that far. Her magic’s usefulness clearly not limited to seeds.

At that moment when I decided to tell Tear what I meant.

“Get down!!! TEAR!!! DAICHI!!””

Suddenly, Kirika-san shouted as she pushed us down.

Immediately after that, a fireball just passed before us and suddenly, the long cylindrical ricetree tree got caught in fire.

In addition, the nearby trees also got caught in fire.

“What the?! Was that magic?”

Kirika-san and Princess Alicia immediately stood up and surveyed the surroundings. We then followed suit as I extend my hand to Tear, we then stood up.

At that time, our surrounding were then filled with malicious smiles. They were kind of men that you don’t want to make a friend. They appeared with their bustling weapons.

“What are you doing?! This ricetree is the only thing we can use for trading!!! So what are your intention?!”

Village rep was panicking. Seems like he’s not acquainted with these people. However, the guy who looked like their leader replied with a smile.

“How strange village rep. Didn’t we were prohibited in trading with the outsiders?! With you being with the strangers here, isn’t that a violation of contract?!”

“What did you say?!”

“If we ever notice such suspicious actions in the village, we ought to burn the village right? Trust is a fickle thing ain’t it~”

The perplexed village rep was drenched in sweat. I see, it was like this. Certainly, it should be impossible for the village rep to choose between the village or the crops.

“In other words, you guys are the one hired by the mastermind behind all this…… Now I get it.”

Princess Alicia unsheathed her sword while Kirika-san went into guarding stance.

“Pardon for the rudeness Princess Alicia but perhaps this place might have been planned by the mastermind since the start… Reap the village from it’s goods then burn it down like its nothing.”


The village rep noticed what Kirika-san said.

From the very start, these guys planned in burning down the village.

“So the one whom we can blame for all those ingredients we’ve waited for are these guys. Even if we didn’t visited, they’ll still going to burn this place down.”

“What did you say?!”

From the village rep getting shocked by the facts, the leader-like man smiled even more.

“Nice thoughts there onee-chan. That’s right. Typical of people from the higher ups right? Burn the village down and see it fall~”

When the leader-like man said it, the men behind him heartily laughed out. There really are people who can smile and laugh upon the misfortune of others.

At that moment, Kirika-san and Princess Alicia poised their weapon once more.

“…… Hmm, then I don’t need to be reserved.”

“Seems like it……”

“Hou~ What can you girls even do?”

He made fun of them with his unvigilant attitude. I could not help but pray for that man with my entire heart.

“Yeah, it’s like that huh…… whatever world it may be, there’ll be always death flags everywhere……”

Next thing happened, Kirika-san was already on top of two hoodlums.

“Aah? Gah!!”

She instantly vanished towards in front of them. at that point, one hoodlum raised a voice of confusion then got the back of his head hit.

“What the hell?!”

She was not there the moment they looked.

They looked up towards the sky, she was then already behind their backs. Seems like they have difficulties in following her movements. One by one, Kirika-san brandishes her weapon hitting the backs of the heads rendering them useless.

…… I also received that attack. It was truly painful.

Hoodlums numbering to five got taken out when she stopped moving.

“What the hell?! Was that…… was that the 《Inferior Magician》?!”

Kirika-san was offended by what one of the hoodlums said.

“Don’t be mistaken. I’m a Magic Knight. 《The Magic Knight》 Kirika F. Lilac! Carved it down to your numbskulls!!”

Wow, it seems that she’s really pleased with that name…

“A Magic Knight you say?! Don’t fuck with me……”

The leader-like man was displeased and ordered his men.

“You guys! We only need to burn down the trees! Incinerate it completely!”


The leader-like man, together with his henchmen fired fire magic all around.

“No way, if this goes on!”

Tear’s shout didn’t reach enough. The ricetree tress was set ablazed.

However,…… “Glantz!!!”

Princess Alicia who passed on her judgment called out her partner’s name, Glantz. What appeared from the skies is a red dragon with a huge frame. It then sucked all flames it saw. Nope, it ate it.

Surprised by the very scene unfolding, one of the hoodlums fell down to his back.

“A fire dragon?! Leader! That has to be a fire dragon right?! That means!!”

“I don’t fucking know!!! We were only tasked to burn down this place!”


It suddenly and totally became a one-sided game. One can see Kirika-san non-stop attacking others and Princess Alicia who is being carried in the shoulder by Glantz was already in the front of the leader-like man.

“Guh… If it comes to this!”

The leader-like man groaned towards us and fixed his gaze towards Tear. He might be thinking of getting a hostage in this situation.

He ran towards us with a bloodshot eyes.

“Tear, watch out!!!”



Tear was unable to move due to fear. I picked up a nearby fallen tree branch and stood in front of the panicking Tear.

“Tear!! Use your magic on this tree branch! Hurry!”

“EH!? But…”

“No buts! Do it!!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about but sit down and stay still!!!”

The leader-like man was not able to speak after that.

In front of me, the piece of the tree rapidly grew up…..

Staying down like that, Tear used her magic without much thought to the current situation. Her eyes were half-wet from crying asking an explanation from me.

“Kou-san, this is?”

“In planting, you can grow a simple branch from a tree. Taking care of plants is really a pain in the ass but Tear, your magic can instantly make them grow……”

“Haah?” (TLN: Even I had this reaction)

“What I mean is that even without a seed, you can still make them grow.” (TLN: Tear is Euki’s acestor confirmed… xD)

After that, the hoodlums were restrained by Kirika-san and Princess Alicia by their own hands.

Later, they will be formally handed over to the kingdom.

However, Kirika-san who finished the work sighed deeply.

With the ricetrees burnt down into charcoals, Tear had a disappointment look on her.

“I… am really but a good-for-nothing.

I don’t have power, I always cause lots of trouble for others……”

She feeling responsible for the attempted arson in the Hanona village.

“Yare yare……” (TLN: Daze… desu~)

I queue up next to Tear who had a sunken look on her face, handing over a single bag.

“??? Kou-san, what is this……”

“Paddy seeds. Village rep gave it……”

“Eh?! But this is……”

Tear had an impossible look on her face. It was no doubt that the village was almost been burnt down to the ground. I then handed the bag of paddy seed to Tear.

“Village rep left a message. [It may be obstinate of me but, do make sure use this.] so he said.”


Tear silently grasped the paddy seeds.

“Besides, if you say that you’re a good-for-nothing, wouldn’t me be also one?”

“That’s wrong! Kou-san is not!”

Tear denied my words and got angry towards my self-loathing.

“Because you see, during the fight earlier, I’ve been useless as I can get, didn’t I? If I didn’t managed to reach Tear at the last moment, it might’ve been……”

“Not at all! That was Kou-san’s idea after all! And I’m just someone who can’t do anything by myself……”

“What’s with you? You’re just finally catching up?”


Tear looked at me with a blank look on her face.

“One doesn’t have the power to do everything alone. You might be worried alone but you definitely can’t carry burdens by yourself. What’s more when I myself can’t use magic?!”


I smiled and laughed. I pointed towards the paddy seeds she’s holding.

“That’s why I told you to say this, “I need your help!”, The only question is who will then help?”

I urged Tear with a gaze through her eyes but then there’s Kirika-san at the side with a bitter smile which I didn’t notice. At a distance, I can see Princess Alicia sighing with a “Fuun~” while looking away.


I hit Tear’s head lightly.

“Even I, I would need help from time to time.”

Before I noticed, Tear was already crying in tears. The hell. Did I acted cool too much?


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    Nurture it and share it to others.

    As time will definitely heal you.


  5. Thanks for the chapter~!

    Welcome back! May all things go well for you from now on.


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