Chapter 1 – Start of Preliminaries

—- The next day.

The students belonging to Takeru’s class 1-9, had a sullen look on them.

A lot of the students can be seen talking in loud voices.

All of them were talking about the preliminaries that will happen after school.

Everyone in the Academia were totally restless. The first day of the month have already arrived.

After the classes ended, homeroom started.

The homeroom teacher in-charge of Takeru’s class 1-9 is at the front of the blackboard.

The students who’ve heard of the preliminaries wishes to join. All of them had a mixed expectation from their teacher.

However, their super-extreme-shy of a homeroom teacher crouched in fear.

She had a honey-colored hair and a prettily-arched brows and eyes.

She raised up her eyes above the teacher’s desk. Carefully surveying her surroundings.

“U-umm… Everyone…… Today is the day for the zeroth preliminary examination for Velm Ramina.” (TLN: I’m kinda confused about this one 第零次予選 so I settled with zeroth preliminary examination.)

As the homeroom teacher said so, all of the students’ gaze was fixed at one point.

Being stared so hard, the homeroom teacher went “Hiiii!!! Haaa!!!” with a weird voice. She once again hid under the teacher’s desk.

Behind the teacher’s desk, her composed voice can be heard once again.

“Pardon me. Well, everyone. I’m sure you already know since you’ve experienced it already. This is, this Academia’s tournament in deciding on who’s the strongest. Not just Academia’s strongest but also deciding as the world’s strongest. Well, there’ll be expectations from different countries you see.”

The Homeroom Teacher kept talking.

“However, everyone’s still a student. Please do give your all. Do not be in fear. Fairly push yourself onwards.”

For the Homeroom Teacher to speak about fairness while hiding on her own.

Her voice encouraged her students. Sent by her from hiding behind the square desk made from tree.

It wasn’t persuasive at all. Not even one. Not single one of them ever thought so.

“Here’s some detailed explanation. This is from the department heads. Shameless as this may be, please go to the third practice arena. For the zeroth preliminary examination, as usual, will be done from each department.”

One of Takeru’s classmates, a boy with piercing on his mouth raised his hand.

“Say teacher. What kind of exam is it for this year?”

This year? So they change the examination every time? That’s what Takeru thought then the teacher’s desk replied.

“I’m sorry Baker-san. I cannot tell you that yet. Since there still time before the meet up time, those who wishes to participate should go to the third practice arena.”

From that voice of hers, the students stood up and exited through the door.

Every single one of his classmates did. There was no one from them that went back to prepare.

Those students that went out of the class, the teacher’s desk raise some voice.

“If you leave some good results, that will be tied in to your future. To grasp your good future. Do your best and have no regrets! You guys are my prided students after all. I will cheer for you guys okay!!”

The Homeroom Teacher gives out warm words. But seeing that she’s on the teacher’s desk, the thankful ones were reduced in half.

And then, Takeru stands up too and started to converse to no one.

“Right! I should go too.”

Exiting his classroom, there were girls standing in front.

Four girls from the same class went near Takeru.

Takeru was troubled remembering their name. They talked to him with cheerful voice.

“Hey Takeru-kun. Let’s go together. You don’t know the place right?”

“…… Thanks, that would be helpful.”

After Takeru answered, he went to the exam area together with them.

They have arrived to the place their homeroom teacher said, the third practice arena.

It was a different place from when he dueled Noel from the other day.

At that time, it totally looked like it was the ancient Rome. However, this time, only in the plaza. Takeru was reminded by it as a sports ground before. However, it is far, far, far wider than that.

Showered upon by the summer sun’s shine, there are lot of students gathered in the plaza.

Looking at it, roughly around a thousand of them. No, possibly they number more than that.

There are lot of voices around. It was only an incomprehensible noise to Takeru’s ears.

It had the atmosphere of when the school assembly starts. Takeru felt nostalgia about it.

It wasn’t even a week when he came to this world though he didn’t have any good memories either.

Even so, after remembering something, was it because of the place he lived for so long?

He sunk in sentimentality. He then heard a voice from his side.

“HEY YOU! The YOU there. Do you have some time?”

Turning his gaze, it was a voice from a frivolous looking man. Takeru saw a group of them.

They were four boys that looks like they always mess around.

Among these conspicuous bunch, one with a the feel of a “host” stepped on forward to Takeru.

He had a long golden-colored hair. His uniform was opened down to his chest. He also had finger-fitted rings on both of his hands.

“Hi, I am this Academia’s prince man. Name’s Nakkun. A second year.”

He began to strike a pose thinking it’s good.

With his left thumb pointing to the sky, his index and pinky finger were sexily raised towards his lips.

“This is, LOOOOOOOOVE” (TLN: Oh man… Neorika’s(?) full of weirdos… :|)

Next, he crossed his arms. Pointed his right hand towards Takeru and raised his middle finger.

“And this is, DEATH!”

He showed a glittering smile.

“LOVE OR DEATH~ There are two roads open to you. Should I love you, or maybe, should I kill you?”

“…… Haa?”

Takeru was flabbergasted. The boys together with him started to speak.

“Hyaaa!!! As expected of Nakkun!! So cool!!”

“He’s really the chosen one in this Academia!!” (TLN: So they’re like the F4 with this Nakkun being Dao Ming Tzu (the rest are gay to him) and Takeru as San Xai… xD)

“Kuuuuuuh!!! His charisma really makes me wanna wet myself!!!” (TLN: He says 失禁し which means “Incontinence” and I don’t know how to put it in english… xD)

The Academia’s Prince, Nakkun commanded his colleagues with one hand.

“Wai-, Wai-, Waiting~ Yes, yes, I know already. Even if you state the obvious, praises won’t get you anywhere you know? UNDERSTAND?”

Nakkun personally unbuttoning his shirt slowly as he spoke to Takeru.

“YOU are Kisaragi Takeru right? Recently, aren’t YOU shining? You are leaving this me behind. Are you trying to STEAL the seat of the Academia’s PRINCE?”

Takeru answered back with a frown.

“I don’t need that. I don’t really get that kind of stuff.”

“Hmm? YOU. Don’t lie to me, Kisaragi Takeru. Of course everyone wants it. The Prince’s seat that it. There’s no way you wouldn’t want it right? I see. You chose DEATH didn’t you?”

Once again, Nakkun raised his right hand’s middle finger. (TLN: This guy flipped the bird… twice on Takeru.)

“I don’t care about DEATH whatever. If you wanna go, I’ll let you have it. PRINCE.”

After Takeru declared so, Nakkun-senpai had a superficial look on him and whispered to Takeru with a low voice.

“Then, there’ll be no mercy. Maine?” (TLN: He said メーン I have no idea what he meant by that in engrish… xD)

“Oh really now. So, how am I not gonna receive any mercy?”

“Supposedly, for example, an example, If by any chance, we’ll face each other in the zeroth preliminary exams, I’ll show you then. This PRINCE’s radiance.”

Nakkun said so and turned his back around.

With his middle finger rising up to the heavens, he slowly stepped forward.

“See you then, BROTHER. The next time we meet will be the judgment day. Will it be LOVE or will it be DEATH.”

After that, the three schoolboys next to him followed after.

“Sigh. What a weird guy. Still though, he sure has the confidence. Could that guy be great like the others too…?”

Surrounded by clamor, Takeru muttered alone.

『Ehem. Everyone, please be quiet.』

Gripping the microphone, the timid voice from a man echoed in this fair weather.

However, maybe because of the power of his voice, the students didn’t stop talking.

『Umm, everyone. Are you listening everyone?』

Seeing the owner of the voice was a man in a suit standing in top of a metallic podium.

Probably in his late twenties. He wore glasses. He also doesn’t seem to be a confident person.

『E-, everyone. Please listen to me.』

At that moment, he raised his voice.

Then, a teacher with a huge body appeared from his back.

His muscular body becomes bigger as he inhaled then shouted at the microphone.


An eardrum rupturing roar.

Every kind of noise from conversation was dispelled by his loud voice.

Every noise disappeared.

『Ah… Thank you very much. Department Sub-Head sensei. I’m sorry for the trouble.』

The man in glasses thanked while bowing down.

“Department Head, please stop that. It’s a natural thing to do. More importantly, it’s already time.”

As said by the department sub-head, the department head faces the students. He looked around.

『Erm, everyone. I am department head, Bartholomew Valois. I am happy that there are many students participating in Velm Ramina’s preliminary examination.』

He bowed after in front of the students he said that.

『Currently, amongst the gathered ones here, there’s an interested participant from the Lumen Department. Umm… Amongst the one thousand two hundred participants you see. That’s the number of students right now. From middle high to high school. Every students from every school. Almost twenty thousand participants are in this too.』

From what he said, Takeru remembered something.

Ah, right. That’s right. These guys are not the only one participating in it.

Ether Float, the Academia has a strict examination in choosing twenty thousand people to enter.

『To pass this examination, one must defeat a number of opponents. They should amount to twenty-five people. For the Lumen Department’s high school division, there are only two of them.』

Packing inside here are students that amounts to a thousand and two hindered people.

Amongst these numbers, there’s only two.

In case of the school Takeru went in, only one amongst everyone will be chosen. He cannot fathom how big it would be.

Each one of these students are chosen elites in the world.

What an obstacle.

For Takeru, he was one of those possible twenty thousand candidates around the world.

So how far can he take it? How far can he go? Can he destroy the walls before him?

Takeru cannot suppress his hot-bloodedness. He clenched his fist.

『It is a very harsh examination. Do it half-assedly and you’ll die. That’s why, for the remaining ones left here, please do steel your resolve.』

—You might possibly die. A very harsh examination.

He just smiled. Even if it was to mock them, he did not underestimate it. He’s just that happy. That’s just it.

『Those who are afraid from what I’ve just said, please back down now. Renounce that you’re abstaining right now.』

For such a very interesting thing, like who would damn quit it?

『Is there someone who would quit? Seems like a no. Wonderful everyone. Well then, I’ll explain the details of the zeroth preliminary examination.』

The surrounding students held their breaths.

The department head quietly watched. The place had the atmosphere of not missing a single word said.

Whatever kind of examination might come, the air has been filled with the mixture of expectation and fear.

『Everyone, please listen.』

The words they longed for finally comes out.

However, the department head said nothing. Only to incline his neck.

『Oh my. Do you still not get it? Ermm… You, the one standing there. Just stand there. Good. If you manage to stay stand still for five minutes, your examination in the zeroth preliminary is a success.』

Takeru have frowned.

—I’m just to stand here? For five fucking minutes?

He thought it was going to be a harsh examination. Of course, everyone’s gonna pass it if it’s only to stand for five minutes.

Then, one student alone shouted.

“Are you fucking with us?!”

After that, many complaints came one after another.

“That’s right! What’s with that?! Everyone else can pass this!”

“And you say this is a harsh examination. Are you just making a fool out of us?”

“Sigh. You’re really weak for a department head. This harsh examination isn’t harsh at all.”

Were those students misunderstood his words? The department head smiled as he answered.

『Is it that long for you? How about we reduce that to a minute then? Yeah, Let’s do this for a minute.』

There were more booing coming from the students since then.

The senior students who managed to see through had their faces paled.

“Oi. Can you stop with that one minute already?”

While they were looking impatient, the senior students halted their complaints.

The department head pulled out the saber from his waist. It was a beautiful sword that had a light blue hue on the blade. As it was basked in the sun’s light, it shines blinking.

『Well then, please stand there okay? The Zeroth Preliminary Examination now starts. Ah, Department Sub-Head sensei, can you please man the timer? For a minute only. Only a minute.』 (TLN: Oh my f***ing god. He’s one of those RL acquaintance of mine that I hate mingling with… O_O)

The department head turns the blue tip of his 《Replica》 to the students.

The sunlight from some time ago was hot, now it becomes unpleasantly cold.

The student next to Takeru, was gritting his teeth. He then embraced himself with his arms. (TLN: And Takeru’s completely unfazed about this bulls*** xD)

It was as if he were thrown into the midst of midwinter.

No, he was not the only one. The students around him had also caught the attention of his eyes.

The department head announced to everyone with a smile.

『Please cover yourself in Ether. If you lost consciousness, you’ll never get it back. Now that’s a no-no. If you don’t do so now, you might not be able to withstand this with small amount of Ether.』

I see. The examination was this.

The surrounding temperature has dropped dramatically. They must endure the coldness.

There’s approximately thirty seconds left huh?

There’s only lesser than ninety percent left standing.

『Now then. Is it going to come into a conclusion now? Well, let’s go everyone.』

The department head pointed his blue bladed saber 《Replica》 towards the sky.

And then, bakin!!! Something of a clump cracked in the blue sky. Crack, crackle. Crack, crackle. No, this is wrong. The crack was not from the sky. It was an ice covering the sky itself.

『Now then, everyone do your best to endure this okay?』

The department head swung his saber 《Replica》 downwards while saying those words.

And at the same time,

The sky cracked.

The ice that covered the sky broke.

The gravels of the freezing ice, shot down like bullets in a lightning manner.

It made holes down in the ground.

One student got hit and was down in one hit.

The students who endured that one hit, was once again hit for the second and third time. Their bodies bended staggeringly.

—Fifteen seconds left.

Whether it was a girl or a boy, they toppled to the ground one after another. The pinned down students staggeringly moved their arms and legs. Their strength is leaving them, they cannot muster any.

Those students who got hit on the forehead was toppled down looking up to the sky.

The gravels of ice continued to rain down not letting the students take a break or so.

Majority of them are now in a ghostly state.

The students who can still stand are of few numbers.

And then, the gravels of ice rained down upon Takeru.

However, they never hit Takeru. (TLN: Haxx!!! F***ing cheat!!! REPORT TO GARY!!!)

Perhaps, like what the department head said, Ether might protect them.

Takeru stood there while placing his hands on his pockets.

Not even one gravel of ice touched his body.

『Let’s rain more down for the finale.』

After the department head said that, there was a loud thunder. Thunders of eraser size started to rain vigorously.

The students who endured it till now was finally brought down to their knees.

A student defended themselves with a Great Sword. It was fling away by a huge lightning.

—Three seconds left.

It was time to end it. The amount of falling ice gradually decreased.

After that rain, the sky once again lightens.

—It’s over.

Takeru, who can finally see the sky clearing up had a weak mutter.

“Is this it?”

Then, the department head stared at Takeru.

He shouldn’t be able to hear his muttering because of the distance but, as if the department head heard Takeru just smiled.

『Such unpreparedness, you people might have gotten injured. It was supplementary lesson from letting your guard down.』

The next moment he said that, his heart gotten cold. He was emitting an unpleasant feeling.

He made a baseball sized lump of ice on his hand. Of course, it was on a course to strike Takeru.

The next moment before he realized, before Takeru was the lump of ice approaching him.

It would be bad if he got hit by it. It has an overwhelming power on it too. You can be injured if it’s just taken lightly.


Takeru clicked his tongue. Takeru immediately punched the ice.

The ice glistened into pieces then disappeared.

『That’s the end of the Zeroth Preliminary Examination. Only those who kept standing on two feet have passed』

In front of the smiling department head was heaps of lying corpses.

The remaining standing students are roughly in the twenties. Even among those twenty, they only barely stood up. The examination was over. All students crumbled down.

However, there were completely none of the students that were calm and composed. There was a boy who take out chewing gum from his pocket. There was a girl who’s on a crazy spree on her handheld console. (TLN: 余裕綽々 means Calm and Composed/Collected but had the furigana “Nandemonai(Nothing at all)” so double meaning kind of sense. They were fine and all and at the same time, panicking inside… xD)

『For those who have stood still, please come forward. We have to list the names of the successful applicants.』

And there, the Zeroth Preliminary Examination ended.

It only lasted a minute.

However, eighty percent of the examinee failed.

Oh yeah, what about that second year senpai that talked to me? Did he passed?

That’s what he thought as he looked around. However, amongst the ones that passed the examination, he can’t be seen.

What the actual hell was that? Really…

Takeru faces the teacher while thinking. He then catches the figure of Nakkun-senpai lying on the ground.

Nakkun-senpai had his face buried down to the ground as if he was prostrating.

“Oh… My condolences to you” is what Takeru’s gaze meant. He then arrives at the front of the training area.

The grown-ups earlier that was watching was now listing the names of the ones that passed. It’s been going for some time now.

A personnel made an eye contact with Takeru then smiled. It was a person he just met for  the first time.

“Ahh.. So you’re that rumoured Yamato kid huh.”

“That might be so, Is there something you need?”

“No, sorry. I don’t really have any particular business with but, If you ran to some troubles, you can ask me for help. Can you please tell me your name and your class?”

“Year One, surely it was… yeah, Class 9. Kisaragi Takeru.”

And then, the staff slid the pen softly to the paper while nodding.

“I see. Entry complete. Your application is a success. Now please take this bracelet.”

While saying that, he handed a blue colored metal bangle.

“Hee, it looks beautiful.”

Takeru put it to his arm while saying so.

And then, the staff waved his hand in panic.

“Wait! Wait a moment! You don’t need to wear it right now! Haven’t you heard anything from your homeroom teacher?! That’s a special apparatus for the next examination so don’t just use it out of nowhere.”


“Yeah. That’s right. These are tools excavated from the same ancient ruins as the 《Regunare》. They are used with different techniques. Until you’ve been told to do so, never use it okay? Whatever happens to it, I’m not gonna take responsibility you hear?”

Said so by the staff with a serious face.

“And then, the examination starts next week so don’t you dare lose it. Take care of yourself now.”

“I understand.”

Takeru nodded and cursed his homeroom teacher in his heart.

He almost failed a harsh examination.

■The Zeroth Preliminary Examination

One Thousand Two Hundred Eighty people → Two Hundred Fifty-Six people.

The next morning, Takeru having reach his classroom at last, ten minutes before class.

Most students are already in there, talking about yesterday’s story.

‘It was very harsh yesterday.’

‘Did you pass?’ something like that.

‘I totally fell behind.’

‘No, I’m being serious here’ kinda like that.

When Takeru entered the classroom, classmates of his with different eyes than he has looked at it.

A girl with a stature of a small animal approaches him with her small and light body. With the color of her eyes and hair like that of a squirrel, she was a short girl.

Her name was, Cosette was it?

“Hey, hey, Takeru-kun. How did it go yesterday for you? Did you pass?”

“I did.”

After saying so, Cosette’s eyes brighten just like a small animal.

“Right, Takeru-kun, there’s no doubt that you would pass. Totally, yeah. As expected of you.”

“Oh. Thanks”

While Takeru replied to Cosette, he sat on his own seat.

The next one who approached him was a noble of Rushia, a girl with a gentle hair. Her name was surely, something like a name that goes with curl. Oh yeah, Katja.

Because of the small critter of a girl is occupying Takeru’s right side, Katja took Takeru’s left side.

“As expected of my Takeru-san.”

“…… It’s kinda hot so please don’t get too close.”

Despite Takeru showing a grim face, Katja didn’t pay any attention to it.

“Ah, Katja, so unfair! Me too!”

The other right hand was Cosette’s small hand clinging.

“Hey. Are you people listening to what I’ve said? Do you guys have the brain of a squirrel?”

When Takeru rejected her hand, Cosette had disappointed look on her.

Then above his head, there was something placed on it. Then he heard a voice of someone from his back. (TLN: I’m surprised that no boy is antagonizing Takeru in his class xD)

“Takeru-kun did work hard to earn the right of eating my curry! Nice!” (TLN: I feel deplorable for making this line suggestive… xD)

The one who said that was a tanned girl from Lindia…… I can’t remember her name. All I know is that she’s a curry person.

“…… Hey. What are you doing above my head?”

When he thought of turning around, it was impossible for him to do so.

“What is it?!”

“Hey, stop it. Get off my head.”

“Because I have some curry in my canteen, let’s eat it later okay?!”

“Eeh…… You put it on canteen.”

“Anyway! For passing through that zeroth preliminary examination, that was awesome!”

Katja then interrupted her words.

“Anju-san, That manner of speaking, isn’t that a bit too old?”

“Fufufu! A cured curry is also delicious you know! Speaking of it, ‘that’ should be available to use soon. You know, ‘that’. That veeeery, very bad? Was that ‘it’? Something like that.”

Among these girls, Takeru remembered something dreadful.

Just like the other time where everyone was being noisy. Can’t he just be alone?

As when he thought of that, an elegant looking girl with a brown hair came into his sight. She had a puzzled look and restlessly walked towards Takeru’s desk. Totally giving the restless feeling.

Trying to approach Takeru’s right side, the small girl that looked like an animal brought herself close. On his left was the gentle looking Katja. On his back was this curry girl. And this girl on front of his desk.

Takeru was completely enclosed on all sides.

Surely, this unfortunate looking girl’s name was… Rei… Yeah, something like Rei.

“Ah. That’s right……”

This unfortunate looking girl have thought of something than squatted down.

Yoisho, yoisho. As she invaded down below Takeru’s desk.

And then, she appeared in between of Takeru’s thighs.

“…… No way. For me to be coerced in this pose. The people of Yamato surely are brutes……”

“The hell are you on? You’re the one who forced yourself on me! I did not coerced you on anything! You’re being like an octopus sliding down on tight spaces! Yeah, just like an octopus!”

This Rei whatsoever, upon looking at Takeru’s face, had a trembling look on her.

“Haaa………… The-, then, this is not enough for you? You want it just like an octopus? As expected of Yamato’s man…… Imagining of just being entwined together just like what octopus would……”

Tears appeared on the eyes of this unfortunate looking girl as she grumbled. However, the people of Yamato clearly resembles that of a Japanese. If Japanese people were really like that then the people from his old world can definitely tell.

“…… Even so, I’ll definitely not lose…… I’ll entwine myself to you like an octopus……”

When she said so, the glances from the other boys became really painful.

“The hell’s wrong with that guy…… What an earth is he thinking doing in the classroom?”

“Being served upon by girls…… More so, those four are the cutest girls in our class. Un-, unforgivable……!”

“Kisaragi Takeru really’s the lowest.”

“Yeah. The Yamatos really are the worst.”

“Damn it. He’s just not sitting on top, he’s sitting on a throne……!”

That was their misapprehension. Takeru on his tired mind gave a sigh. 『I did not even want this. Just give me a break, please.』 Is what he thought upon looking at the other boys.

However, the boys withdrew their eyes from him. His face paled upon seeing them do that.

“He-, hey. Did he just scowled at us?”

“Kuuh…… That might meant 『Don’t fuckin’ interrept whatever we are doing.』”

“I’m so jealous to death.”

“This damn Yamato guy……!”

“Fucking hell. If only I had the blood of Yamato flowing on my veins……!”

Did he perhaps just made a miscommunication with them? Takeru thought as he frowned.

“Hey guys. Let’s put an end to this already.”

Just as he said that, Takeru halted upon the scene brought upon him.

The unfortunate looking girl have brought her face close. In a totally dangerous way too.

“The people of Yamato are totally perverted aren’t they……”

“O-oi. Stop that. Stop closing in with your face!!!”

“I heard you. This mafia boss of Yamato, what you totally meant to say was ‘For trying to do this, you damn lower of a human being’. As expected of this demonic man…. Ah. Something like that…… Ah, yes. I am the one at fault here. Takeru-san was totally not the bad one……”

Said by the unfortunate looking girl as she brought her face close. As she took Takeru’s left and right hand.

“Sto-, stop it.”

And, at that time the chime rang.

At the same time, the homeroom teacher came in with the same time as the chime rang.

Even the unfortunate looking girl stopped midway from her assault without any thought.

—Sigh. I’m saved.

As Takeru thought so, the unfortunate looking girl pulled her hand away from him.

And then, *rustle* He felt something have slid on his head.

It was the hands of the small girl and the gentle Katja. He didn’t manage to stop them.

What passed above his head was a box of a packed lunch.

It hit directly the head of the unfortunate looking girl.

Then her face directly landed towards Takeru’s chest.

Then, she slid down without change and now totally in a dangerous position.

“That guy! He totally doesn’t care even if the teach comes?!”

Upon that boy’s shout, the whole class roared.

Not to say, even their homeroom teacher gets tired talking to Takeru.

As a result, he escapes from the classroom during recess time.

With that, he got called out by the voice of someone he doesn’t know.

It was during after class, yes.

Avoiding all contacts with his classmates, the moment the class ends, he immediately goes out.

Outside of school, there were lot of people who were waiting for someone.

Takeru quickly got out of the class the moment homeroom ended then got called out by someone that look like from different year.

The color of her hair and from the look of her race, everything has integrity on it.

She carried 《Replica》 both in her waist and back.

As if restraining herself, they stared at each other. Then it happened in an instant.

Not missing a chance, that lone girl promptly shows up in front of Takeru.

With overflowing grace and elegant movements. Her long blonde hair swayed around.

“How do you do? You are Kisaragi Takeru-san right?”

Her movements were calm. Even though she didn’t do anything special, she was standing out. Probably because she’s too beautiful.

This girl so beautiful that she looked like an artificial being made a splendid bow.

The surrounding students were watching her movements had the mood of being allured.

“My name’s Elvira. Elvira Parajanov. An aristocrat from Rushia. Parajanov House’s daughter. A first year high school student of Zamilzani. Kisaragi-san, may I have a word with you?”


Said by this role model of a lady.

Like a human who goes along with the flow, she inquired him through a bow and a smile.

Takeru who was looking at her, replied.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what you want but, I can’t talk with you. Since I have some plans right now. I still have some people that I have to run away from.”

“…… Is that the matter?”

Elvira raised a voice of distress noticed that Takeru passed through her side.

There, Takeru notices the girl behind Elvira with the long muffler.

That, yesterday, she was the one who guided Takeru back to Lumen when he was lost.

The girl bowed slightly to Takeru.

The moment when Takeru wanted to start talking to her, the students that were just watching from the sidelines started to approach. From different departments and from different countries like that. They were inviting him.

Takeru kicked the ground and jumped up as he ignored them.

Jumping above the crowd of people, they fell down to their backs. He ran away without hesitation.

“HEY! HEY YOU! Wait a moment!”

That voice whom was comparable to that of a whale’s cry, was a man with a blonde hair. It was the senpai who introduced himself as Nakkun.

He quickly moved his hand. It was his pose of Left Hand = Love and Right Hand = Death. After that, he opened his mouth while doing a diagonal posture.

“LOOOOOOVE OR DEEEEAAAAAATH!!! The choice is yours to make, Kisaragi Takeru!!”

Snap with a wink. Also, there were three boys behind him shouting.

“Ooooouuuhhh! Nakkun, so cool!”

“If I were a girl, I would’ve fallen in love! No, I’m serious!”

“The summer sun can’t even compare to the deadliness of Prince Smile!”

Nakkun-senpai who had a calm look on his face asks Takeru.

“So, which one is it? To defeat me? Or to outshine me? Or could it possibly be, me outshining you?”

Takeru put both of his hands on his pocket then smiled.

“Sigh. I want neither. Are you perhaps picking up a fight with me?”

“The Prince is not savage man! Could you please rephrase that instead into duel? I will defeat you and shine even more.”

“It doesn’t matter what kind of hunt it is. Do it if you can.”

“YOU… Are you perhaps mocking this Prince? Me, who’s beauty equals to that of a prince?”

And then, there was a jeer from behind.

“Moreover, Nakkun is cooler than any cool man there is!”

“Even if his strength is still incomplete, he’s still strong enough to be called Prince!!”

“In other words, Nakkun is an Elite★Prince!!!”

…… Seriously, what is this? Takeru muttered as he is getting disappointed.

“Then, if you defeat me, I’ll be your henchman.”

“As expected of someone who just shine recently. You’re shining real good,  Kisaragi Takeru.”

When he said that, it was different tone from the persuasive man he was earlier ago.

“Eeh?! Will he really be so if we beat Takeru-san……?!’

After that, he then consecutively heard shrilled voices from the girls one after another.

“Wha-, what did you say? If that’s the case, then, to our department.”

“I won’t let them! He will be mine!”

The crowd were speaking their selfish desires. After that, one of them pulls out their 《Replica》.

After seeing one did it, the others started to pull out their own 《Replica》.

The students started to pull out weapons of one or more. The number of the students getting prepared for a war increased.

After noticing what he started, Takeru have fell into a situation where dozens of students started to surround him.

“The hell. Seriously? Haha……”

This situation is clearly abnormal. And that made Takeru’s heart throb.

And then, they who brandished their weapon, rushed at him at once.

At that moment.

He felt cold from his flank.

He received a gaze.

Just by being there, was the one who tried to talk to him, the girl who introduced herself as Elvira.

She personally brandished her Saber, a 《Replica》 that has a flat blade.

“—Freeze into Quietus —– Vichinosky Lyoto” (TLN: 永久氷枢 means Door to Eternal Ice and have the furigana ヴィチノスチ・リョート in which I TLed as such above. As I am not familiar with Russian naming. I totally need help on this one… Please do so T_T)

Tsuu——– And then, a blue line flashed.

That was, sent not to Takeru but to the students.


To the boy who got surprised, he got hit by the blue line.

Then a cold, white smoke puffed up from where it hit him. Crackle, crackle. He then for frosted.

The cold wave had stopped and all of the surrounding students got frozen.

And just like that, dozens of real ice sculptures were done.

He thought that that place became like a palace of art gallery. Till now, they were nothing but a lively mob but right now, all of them are frozen.

Within this lined up ice sculptures, Elvira walked gracefully.

“Are you unharmed, Kisaragi-san? Any injuries?”

“Nope. Don’t have one.”

“Can we now have some time?”

“Oh, well…… But.”

Takeru looked at the frozen students with a perplexed look on him.

“It is completely fine, Kisaragi-san. I only encased them with ice, the people inside them are fine. Also, they’ll also be freed from the ice in ten minutes or so.”

“Is this really okay?”

He ask with uncertainty. However, Elvira answered with confidence.

“Yes. If they die just being covered in ice, then that just mean that they’re not qualified to be here in Academia.”

She encased their bodies on ice. If it’s just a normal human, that ten minutes will totally kill them. However, the students of the Academia should be fine. Or that’s how it goes.

“Heeh. I thought that they will die. That made me jumpy you know.”

“Such frightening thing, is not possible.”

Elvira hugs her body as she shook herself. As if she looked frightened.

“I only stopped a meaningless fight…… That’s what I did, Kisaragi-san. Because we now have time for ourselves. can’t you please lend me a bit of your time?”

Being modest and reserved to the very end, Elvira bowed.

“Well. Only for a moment.”

Takeru muttered while smiling happily.

“Thank you very much.”

“So, how am I of service to you?”

“Straight to the point aren’t we? Can I please have your choice?”

Takeru nodded. Then, Elvira started to talk without beating the bush.

“As you are from Yamato, my country, Rushia would you like to visit it?”


“Will you let us support you? I mean, I’m inviting you. This is for the sake of Kisaragi-san after all.”

“Aah. That talk huh. I’m sorry but I have to refuse. There’s someone that I can’t leave alone.”

When Takeru said that, he remembered the girl he lives with. For Takeru, she was the girl that brought him to this world. She’s weird but totally nice. With such good impression, that was Takeru had towards Sakuya.

“Then, how about visiting our land at least once? We shall prepare you hospitality of the highest class.”

“I’m sorry. Please stop it.”

As Takeru said so, he saw Elvira looked diagonal to him. There, was a girl with a muffler on her.

“Anya. You also, greet him.”

As told by Elvira, Anya, the muffler girl that was called comes out. She had a long silvery hair. Truly a beautiful girl. She slightly opened her small mouth.

“…… Anya Ilyinsky. First year, from Zamilzani. Pleased to meet you.”

“Aah. I’m Kisaragi Takeru. Thank you from before.”

As he said that, Anya twist her neck.

“It’s nothing.”


“Aside from that Takeru.”

Takeru stared at Anya’s sapphire eyes.

“…… Please come with us?”



Anya had a pleading look to her eyes.

Somehow, Takeru felt like he was in a desperate situation. That’s why, what did he say? He instead took a stance.

Then, Anya spoke.

“……If you come, I’ll grow.” (TLN: When a loli asks you to come to her place so she can grow (in more than one way), will you do it? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))


“You can do whatever you want to me.”

As Anya give the okay, she then dropped her line of sight to her small body.

“Wait, waitwaitwait. I don’t follow this conversation at all!”


She held to Takeru’s arm strongly and pulled it.

Despite her chest being thin, his arm got caught between them.

Even so, because she looks like a child, he can’t imagine it being that way. (TLN: As in Oppai Press… xD)

Takeru just patted the head of the clinging Anya.

“Whether you grow or not, it’s not good to say something like that. Since I don’t know what kind of enemy I’ll face. It would be more okay if you grow more.” (TLN: In other words, Sakuya xD)

As Takeru said that to Anya, after being a little bit offended, she raised her eyebrows.

“……I kind of get what you meant. Besides, I’m already sixteen years old.”


She’s a first year high schooler? Probably because of her height, he thought of her being a middle schooler.

I see. She’s of the same age.

Even if she said so, it was difficult for him to comprehend. As she was more of a loli.

“…… Anyway. Please. Let us go there.”

Takeru shook of her hand.

“I’m sorry. The mood was just gone. Seriously. But, one day, I’ll pay my debt to you. For guiding me back to Lumen, thank you.—- Well then.”

Takeru turns his back towards them.

“Kisaragi-san. It may only be a greeting today but it’s a shame. The next time we talk with one another, I’ll definitely.”

Saying that to his back, Elvira then leaves.


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