I’m back and some news too

Long time no see, Sauri here….

Before anything else, Here’s some updates:

Fumetsu V2 Prologue
Fairy Tale Chapter 1 Scene 2

So here I am…. not really in the best condition. My right leg is really not doing well ’cause it got ran over by a big boulder (Making house is not that easy I tell ya… T_T).

Right now, I can walk again but told by doc to not do any strenuous work. (Strolling is fine though)

Hell, I was also caught up by Summer 2016 Event in KanColle so yeah…. months have passed but I’m still salty not being able to get her majesty, Warspite.

So yeah…. that’s just it and I’ll just post the next updates soon…. or maybe later…. xD
(P.S. There’s a hidden link here…. that’s just a random bonus that serves absolutely nothing whatsoever… xD)

Kicking arses like a boss…


Sauri here!

Finally! Volume 1 is done! Woohoo~!!! Achievement for a slow newbie TLer hahahaha!!! xD

Chapter 4, Epilogue, Afterword is final f***ingly available to be read by everyone… xD

You guys can also view the Colored Illustrations for Volume 2 which features loli!!!!
Everyone adores lolis. Admit it… you guys do adore them… xD

So now I only need editing on the whole stuff… it would be great if someone can help… xD
Then I’ll make PDF and ePub for it afterwards… xD

Last words:
Thank you so much everyone for coming and I appreciate that you guys tolerate my slowpoke pace.

Expect some updates for Fairy Tale and the WN I TLed for fun next week… xD

End is near

Sups! Sauri here.

I wanna just say that I apologize since I screwed up when I posted my last update. I thought I posted everything of Chapter 3 but then realized I didn’t.

So now I added what’s left and added all the missing illustration which was supposed to be present at that time. I also cleaned everything there with my notes becoming a sore to the eyes to read and turned them into footnotes instead. Now it looks much cleaner… xD

Just like what I said from the last post, Chapter 4 and Epilogue will be released together and not in parts so as to avoid cliffhanger and such.

One thing though is that Ter is dropping his TL project. He’s busy with college preparations and I fully know well how much of a pain that is. Translations will be continued by Pengu Taichou. Let’s give our support to him! xD

So see ya soon. Back to working now… xD


Sup! Sauri here!

I’ve gained a job now albeit for a month only. Still, it’s an experience I need when I am fully committed to have a job in the future so yeah, I was busy learning the ropes within the organization.

But that would just sound lame so here‘s your update.

Better late than never~ :P

First of all, I wanna say that I wanna do it. I mean, I want to do it. I’m pumped! I’m PUMPED!

So first, read this.

Then you can the update.

Sakuya with Common Sense and Daichi, the fukou boy

Sup there. Sauri’s here.

I was about to do a small update yesterday but it was my birthday so I had to enjoy the day in bliss.

Anyways…. Here’s the small update:

Fumetsu Chapter 3 Part 5 is here.

Fairy Tale Chapter 1 Part 3 is here.

David = American

I was about to do an April’s Fool prank back in April 1st but then Black Out came… I guess that the electric company trolled my neighborhood. It was really cringe worthy that day.

But that doesn’t matter right now.
Here’s what I promised updates. Although its not that much, I did my end to my promise.

Fumetsu Chapter 3 Part 4 is here.

Fairy Tale Chapter 1 Part 2 is here.

I’m back b****es~~~

Sup everyone. Sauri here.

Stuff that needs to be dealt in school are already done albeit not all of it. Now I’ll be back to my usual TLing pace and expect updates next week (except for Parallel World Alchemist).

Fumetsu Chapter 3 Part 3 is here.

Fairy Tale Chapter 1 Part 1 is here.

Now, I shall have my head relax for a bit. xD

Seriously, I’m happy that I’m back.


Sup, Sauri here.

Just wanna say that I’m still alive and just waiting procrastinating alongside with the panel of the thesis defense. I’ll be back soon and will be back TLing Fumetsu. Though some of you may have been tired already of waiting, I’ll just leave this here (just scroll down. Ignore the Nep part) for compensation. I did this just now. I was tired of waiting for these procrastinating teachers… xD

See you soon! End of nightmare is near. xD

Another update

‘Sup guys. Sauri here. Starting tomorrow will be the real deal. I’ll be out till everything’s over in school so for a bit of compensation, here’s Part 2 of Chapter 3.

To those who has finals, do your best. To those who doesn’t have anything to do, go kill some time. To those who are already busy yet still want to do something fun, eat food.

See ya till I’m back guys.

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